King Simeon II and Queen Margarita current events

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King Simeon and Queen Margarita talk about the wedding of their granddaughter, Mafalda:

Simeon: "Very nice, thank you. I have come from Bulgaria just for that and we are delighted".

Margarita: She has highlighted that the most exciting thing about the wedding for her was "when the priest gave them his blessing". "Mafalda was very pretty. She is a very pretty girl and a beautiful dress. All very pretty."
"I don't know what I can say. She's very good, very cute and what she composes is very nice; I'm her grandmother, what can I say".
King Simeon met with the Ambassadors of Palestine and the Slovak Republic in the Vrana Palace

The King visited the residence of the Spanish Ambassador in Sofia and met with a delegation of General Staff officers who graduated from the Spanish National Defense School. Kitin Munoz where present also.
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Queen Margarita gave an interview to ¡HOLA!, where she confirmed that she already knew about Princess Miriam's wedding and that she is happy for her.

Interview translation:
- Doña Margarita, how have you and your family spent the summer?
Actually, quite well.

—Last September 3, Miriam de Ungría, his daughter-in-law, got married. Did you already know about this important event?
—Yes, I knew he was marrying her and I was very happy for her. Of course I'm very happy and, besides, he deserves it. She had some very bad years with my son, who was very sick. I am very happy, really.

- Were you and her husband invited to the wedding?
—No, we didn't go to the wedding, it was too far to go, too far.

—I imagine that he couldn't have congratulated Miriam in person, because she didn't come to Spain?
- He's not in Spain now, he must be quite far away.

-Miriam has always been very close to her family, a few months ago, she attended the wedding, in Mallorca, of her granddaughter Mafalda. Will he always be another member for you?
-Of course. I repeat that I am very happy and I just want her to be very happy.
King Simeon II sent a letter of condolences to King Charles III on the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

"Your Majesty, dear Charles,

I'm completely devastated. We hoped that your beloved mother would continue to set an example for all of us forever.

The universal sadness we are witnessing proves that no one in history has had such a positive influence on so many people. Your faith and unshakable sense of duty over three generations is extraordinary!

I will always be grateful for Your inspiring example of a Monarch who served her people until her last day! A light that led irrevocably and confidently in the right direction.

With my deepest condolences to you and your dear family, I embrace you.

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An hour-long conversation with HM Simeon II, recorded a fortnight ago at the Cliveden Literary festival, UK, on the occasion of the launch of the English-language version of His Majesty's autobiography "A Unique Destiny"

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It was nice of the king to accompany his former daughter in law to the Funeral Mass :previous:
King Simeon received Metropolitan Antony of Volokolama in the "Vrana" Palace and a delegation from the Russian Orthodox Church, which is in Sofia for the 70th anniversary of the Podvorie and the celebration of the Church of St. Nikolay Mirikiski".
Yeah, we've always known he was a KGB agent.

The Metropolitan he received was an object of a protest in front of the Russian Church in Sofia. This "man of God" actually made the universal sign that we protesters were not right in the head. Right before he went to Simeon, together with the Russian ambassador who insulted the Bulgarian people numerous times before.

Shame on Simeon, not for the first time. He's a shame for his father and grandfather.
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