King Simeon II and Queen Margarita current events

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King Simeon validated a postage stamp with his portrait on a 1943 banknote. On the occasion of 140 years of Bulgarian levs and 135 years of Bulgarian banknotes, a postage stamp with a portrait of the King was printed from the BGN 200 banknote, which was in use from 1943 to 1947.
King Simeon voted in the parliamentary elections for the 45th National Assembly at the Bulgarian Embassy in Madrid.
He is in Spain to see his family. As in most countries, in Spain, 4 April is a holiday and the grandchildren of the King and Queen are on Easter vacation.
After voting, the King gave a short interview to BNT, in which he called on more people to fulfill their civic duty by exercising their right to vote.
Yesterday Tsar Simeon II received at Vrana Palace the newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bulgaria HE Mrs. Eleonora Mitrofanova. During the meeting, the need to preserve the good relations between the Bulgarian and Russian people, the development of inter-church dialogue and cultural cooperation was discussed.
The visit was part of the regular meetings that His Majesty holds with the ambassadors accredited in Bulgaria.
King Simeon met with Mr. Simeon Georgiev, who was born like him on 16 June 1937. Before his 84th birthday, the King received in the Vrana Palace at his request Mr. Simeon Georgiev, who was born on the same date as King Simeon.

For the fifth consecutive year under the patronage of King Simeon was held the fencing tournament "Valor and Nobility"
The competition is organized on the occasion of the 84th anniversary of King's birth
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