King Simeon II and Queen Margarita current events

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Just wondering, ho much is King Simeon still involved in Bulgarian politics these days? Does any of his sons live in Bulgaria or do they all stick to Spain (can' t blame them if they do).
If I click on the link, it says it's HTTP 403 Forbidden and I don't have the authorization to view the page.

Ahh, I refreshed it and it worked. What a charming family! Can anybody ID who each of the King's sons and grandsons are? I can tell where Kalina is with baby Simeon :)
King Simeon's biography

Do you know if there is a good biography of King Simeon in English. He has been leading a very dignified and fascinating life. I like his son Kyril very much. He is handsome and looks like his father. He seems to show an interest in Bulgaria, unlike his other brothers. Please let me know. What about the Queen? She is very discreet. Does she speak Bulgarian and is she sctive in the Bulgarian social life?

I couldn't find a biography in other language but bulgarian. Bulgarian press doesn't like "king" Simeon very much. As a former prime-minister he is unpopular here and there are no materilas about his family. Sometime appears historic notices, but nothing special.
The Feast of the Rose - with the permission of the photographer, who is a friend of mine:


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King Simeon's biography

Have your read his new biography? Do you know an English version of it? Where can we find it? I live in the US.

НДСВ - Галерия - Албума „Дългът преди всичко” може да намерите в книжарницата на БАН -

Thanks for your help. I contacted his staff a month ago in Madrid and Sofia but they have never replied to me as of today which is very surprising as they have been very helpful to me in the past especially Mia Morero and Alida Rizova. I do not have the contact information of the Royal Family Spokesperson, I think she is a lady. If someone has her professional e-mail address or phone number (professional numbers only) I would be happy to have it. I think Galya is her first name.

Press center NDSV (Simeon's party):

Liudmila Videnova

Tel.: (+0359) 2/9218-106, 183, 184, 186

fax: (+0359) 9218 - 110

Тhe Royal Family Spokesperson's name is Galia Dicheva, but I couldn't find any mailadress ot phones, sorry
King Simeon's biography.

Thank you so much, Mila. It's very kind of you. You are always willing to share information with us. Thank you again.
Does anyone have a postal adress of the Bulgarian royal family?
The Bulgarian Royal Family address is as follows:
Alida Rizova is great. She is very responsive. She is on vacation. She'll be back next week. I order the King's biography in English from her. She is very professional. She'll provide you with whatever information you may need on the Royal family.

NMSS Headquarters

Sofia 1000
23 Vrabcha Street

Mrs. Alida Rizova
Head of International Relations and Protocol Department

+359 2 9218169
+359 2 9218119
Thanks a lot for the good photos! And for the official website of the Royal Family of Bulgaria!
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Court Fails to Present Former Bulgaria Tsar with Birthday Gift
16 June 2009

The District Court in the city of Plovdiv decided Tuesday to postpone for October the so-called "Krichim palace" ownership case.

Bulgaria's former Tsar, Simeon Saxe-Coburg, and his sister Maria Luisa seek to regain ownership on the former Krichim royal residence, and were hoping to hear the decision of the Court on the issue within a month.

The Court was expected to give a clear indication of how they would rule as early as Tuesday, which happens to be Simeon's 72nd birthday.

Full article: Sofia News Agency

Saxe-Coburg accepts heavy defeat, says not leaving Bulgaria
5 July 2009

A ruffled Simeon Saxe-Coburg refused to pass blame on the evening of July 5 after exit polls gave his party, the National Movement for Stability and Progress, no chance of winning any seats in the next legislature.

"This is not the time for deep introspection and drawing conclusions. I did not expect this result, but the voice of people is the voice of god," Saxe-Coburg said.

Asked whether his party's poor showing was the result of controversies sparked by the two partners in the ruling coalition, Saxe-Coburg said: "I don't think it was our partners, but may be our participation in the triple coalition. People wanted a change, it happens".

Full article: The Sofia Echo
Bulgaria Former Tsar Denies Gambling Addiction Allegations

Bulgaria's former Tsar and Prime Minister, Simeon Saxe-Coburg, 72, denies ever being a gambler saying he has visited casinos 3 times over his entire life.

In an interview for the Jewish daily “Maariv”, the former PM says he went to casinos over curiosity and all thee visits have been documented by video cameras.
Is it true that Simeon de Saxa-Coburg left politics?
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