It's a 4th boy for Marie-Chantal, June 29 2008

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Princess Robijn

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Jul 15, 2005
Crown Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie-Chantal are pleased to announce the birth of their fifth child, a boy, born 4 kgs, at 6:45am on Sunday June 29th, at the Cedars-Cinai Hospital, Los Angeles.

This is the ninth grandchild for King Constantine and Queen Anne-Marie and the eleventh for Mr. and Mrs Robert Miller.

The couple also have a daughter, Princess Maria-Olympia, born 25 July 1996, and three sons, Prince Constantine Alexios born 29 October 1998, Prince Achileas Andreas, born 12 August 2000 and Prince Odusseas-Kimon, born 17th September 2004.

Mother and son are doing very well.

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Princess Robijn thanks for sharing the news!
What a nice news!Congratulations to the family!:flowers:
Congratulations to the couple!!!!! Do we know his name yet?
Congratulations to Marie-Chantal, Pavlos & their children! :flowers::flowers::flowers: What wonderful news - another boy for the family!
Congrat's to the family. Glad to hear mother & son doing well.
Does anybody know the name of the baby?
Any reasons why the child was born in Los Angeles rather than London which is where I thought they lived? Perhaps Cedars Sinai has some type of special neo-natal unit -- you remember that Marie Chantal had some complications with her fourth child. Although I can't imagine there isn't a similar type of facility in London?

Anyway ... good news!
Congrats to the family!! Does anyone remember how long it was after Odysseas' birth it was until we heard his name?
Congratulations to that charming family for the birth of their son. I´m looking forward to see the new baby and learn its name.May he be very happy.
congrats to the family;) wow it's a big baby, certainly not fun delivering a 4kg baby:D.
Congratulations to Crown Prince Pavlos, Maire Chantal, Princess Maria-Princes Olympia, Constantino-Alexios, Achillea-Andreas, Odysseus-Kimon on the birth of their new baby boy!
Congratulations to the entire family! I'm thrilled that mother and son are doing well. I can't wait to find out his name!:flowers:
I'm glad to hear mother and son are doing well. But I'm a bit disapointed it wasn't a girl.
Congrats to the family!!best wishes for the baby
:clap: Congratulations to the whole family! :clap:
Wonderful news! Congrats to the family!! :flowers:
I'm glad to know that they're both doing well.
Great news! Can't wait to hear the names. Maria olympia sure is outnumbered:flowers:
:greeceflag:Congratulations to the lovely Royal couple,cant wait to see his pictures!!!:flowers:
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