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Sep 28, 2002
Hmm, this bio of Caroline makes her sound a little....whiney. Thoughts? Opinions? Post away!

When Princess Grace died in a 1982 Monaco car crash, her elder daughter Caroline blossomed into the tiny principality's new first lady. At the request of her father, Prince Rainier, she took on a number of high-profile roles, including those she holds with the Princess Grace Foundation and the Red Cross. ''After Grace's death a miracle happened,'' said Prince Rainier the following year. ''Princess Caroline stepped into her mother's shoes. She has the same spirit as her mother. The way she is handling the jobs I have given her is a source of great satisfaction to me."

Caroline, who was born January 23, 1957, was very aware of her responsibilities from early on in life. "I was raised with a sense of duty, obedience and… guilt," she once said of her childhood. "What I had to do always came before what I wanted to do."
It was an approach which the Sorbonne-educated princess presumably drew upon as she hit her first major hurdle in life, the demise of her short-lived marriage when she was just 21. Six hundred guests, including her mother's old friends Gregory Peck and Frank Sinatra, had attended her lavish wedding to Philipe Junot on June 28, 1978 – fairy-tale nuptials for a couple that hoped to live happily ever after. However, the two divorced in 1980. Calling herself "young and in love" she reflected after the split: "Everything happened too quickly. Since I had been little, everybody wanted me to get married." Sources, however, say Grace had disapproved of the union.

Caroline was soon overcome by an even greater tragedy in the form of the death of her beloved mother soon after the split. But on December 29, 1983, she once again found contentment when she wed 23-year-old Italian Stefano Casiraghi, the son of a wealthy businessman whom she'd met a year earlier at a Monte Carlo disco. "Happiness has finally returned to a family which recently has had its share of personal tragedies," said a palace spokesperson after the 15-minute civil ceremony.

The low-key, last-minute nuptials – the wedding was officially announced by the palace ten days before it took place – led to speculation that Caroline was pregnant. And sure enough, Andrea Albert Pierre was brought into the world on June 8, 1984. The young boy, named after a friend of his father who had died in an accident, was followed in 1986 by a sister, Charlotte Marie Pomeline, named for Rainier's mother, and, one year later, a brother, Pierre Rainier Stefano.

However, Caroline's delight in her growing family was cut short on October 3, 1990, when avid sportsman Stefano, aged 30, was killed in a speedboat racing accident. The young widow decided to retreat with her children to Saint-Remy in France, "to move away from the gossip and hoopla of Monaco" explained Prince Albert. There the family lived quietly in a rented villa for years – during which time Caroline's first marriage was annulled – until a controversial romance put the princess back in the spotlight.

Prince Ernst-August of Hanover, a direct descendant of King George III, was a married father of two when rumours sparked of a secret relationship between him and old friend Caroline. The gossip was confirmed in 1997, when the multi-millionaire divorced his wife of 16 years and became the princess' constant companion.

Ernst and Caroline wed in a quiet civil ceremony on her 42nd birthday in January 1999, making the Monegasque royal a Princess of Hanover, to be addressed as Her Royal Highness, a title which outranked her former Her Serene Highness. Caroline's fourth child, Alexandra, was born that June.

Unlike the subdued Caroline, the prince – who was said to be one of Princess Grace's choices as a match for her daughter years before – has demonstrated a volatile personality. In the past he has drawn his share of media attention with a number of public outbursts, including breaking a TV cameraman's nose with his umbrella in 1998 and admitting that he assaulted a disco owner in Kenya two years later.

Despite the intensive media coverage of her life, from the death of her mother through her husband's public antics, Caroline has focused elsewhere, primarily on her continuing duties with the Red Cross and the Princess Grace Foundation. She has rarely given interviews, preferring to let her philanthropic work speak for itself.


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I would love to see more interivews by Caroline as well. I am sure that by now she has much more to say and has many ideas about things.

I would love to hear speak about her children since the majority of them are so much older now and heading towards adulthood very quickly.
Hi galisteo,

I agree that Caroline was under a great deal of pressure to be the perfect princess. I think that sometimes maybe Grace was a little tough on her but Caroline was not exactly an easy going child. I think Grace saw in Caroline some of her own wild behavior from when she was young and this made her nervous.

From what I read in Jeffrey Robinson's book Rainier and Grace Caroline begged her father to let her marry Junot. Of course this is only one side but it is a little puzzling. :unsure:

I think Caroline was probably guilted into duties as a child but she seems to enjoy her royal lifestyle quite a bit. I think Caroline enjoys what her status and money brings her now and I would imagine that some of the quotes that I highlighted were made in earlier days. I also agree that it would be fascinating to have more interviews on Caroline avaliable. All of the Grimaldi children are engimas to a degree. Understanding them better would be a fascinating course of study.
Princess Caroline of Monaco
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Born January 23, 1957, HSH the Princess Caroline of Monaco, a.k.a HRH the Princess of Hanover, is the eldest daughter of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his wife, Grace Patricia Kelly, a former American movie star. She is third in line to the Monegasque throne, after her brother, Prince Albert of Monaco, Marquis des Baux.

Her first husband was Philippe Junot (born 1940), a playboy banker. They were married 1978, divorced in 1980, and the marriage was annulled in 1992.

Her second husband was Stefano Andrea Casiraghi (1960-1990), an Italian industrialist who died in a boating accident. They were married on December 29, 1983, and had three children: Andrea Albert Pierre (1984-), Charlotte Marie Pomeline (1986-), and Pierre Rainer Stefano (1987-). The two younger children are named for their maternal great-grandparents, Princess Charlotte of Monaco and Prince Pierre of Monaco.

Her third and present husband is HRH Ernst August Albert Paul Otto Rupprecht Oskar Berthold Friedrich-Ferdinand Christian-Ludwig, Prince of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg, Prince of Great Britain and Ireland (1954-). A German aristocrat who is a descendant of King George III of the United Kingdom, the prince is a member of the British royal family. He also would be King of Hanover if the country still existed as a sovereign nation. They married in 1999 and have one child, Princess Alexandra Charlotte Ulrike Maryam Virginia, who was born six months later.

Princess Caroline had a liaison from 1990 until 1995 with French actor Vincent Lindon.
Originally posted by moosey60@Oct 16th, 2003 - 11:08 pm

She is third in line to the Monegasque throne, after her brother, Prince Albert of Monaco, Marquis des Baux.

:shock: Princess Caroline is SECOND [2] in line to the Monegasque throne.
Her younger brother, Prince Albert, is first [1]in line. Princess Caroline's son, Andrea is third[3] in line. ;)


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Originally posted by moosey60@Oct 17th, 2003 - 7:34 pm
Hey, I didn't write that article... :p
:rolleyes: I did not say that you wrote the article. I was merely correcting erroneous information. :flower:

Born: January 23, 1957
Time: 9:27 a.m.
Location: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Pisces Ascendant: You may the type of person who frequently asks for advice, because you often lack the confidence to move ahead on your own, and you are so unsure of yourself. Strangely, you rarely take the advice you receive. You tend to dream your way through life, glamorizing situations, people, status, and circumstances. You are a very secretive person, in part because you are somewhat timid, a fact you hide with great skill. You may avoid drawing attention to yourself, and because you do, you may not receive the credit you often deserve. You have a strong inner need to serve others in your life's work and you can be really happy if you can do so. Often this sign denotes involvement or strong interest in music or another form of art. You are likely to set high goals and expect much from yourself and from those around you. Since you expect people to be perfect, you are often disappointed in them. Although you don't at all like being confrontation, you are heavily vested in the idea that you are right all of the time. Living the utopian life, you find it hard to accept that you have miscalculated.

Sun in Aquarius: You're apt to be a superb thinker, and your ideas are frequently advanced, no matter what field of profession you select. Often, your unique approaches to problem solving are viewed as too radical and unworkable, but you prefer to think of them as advanced and progressive instead. Unconventional and outspoken, you see your role as the rebel and the person who rejects worn out traditions and old ways of operating. You like to be with those ushering in the new order and fostering advanced thinking. Paradoxically, you're a good team player, but one who must have personal freedom. You don't like to feel fenced in. While you're headstrong and inflexible in your ways, you can work very effectively within a large group. You have complete respect for the sound ideas put forward by others. You are aloof and detached, and your concerns are directed toward society rather than to the problems of any one person. You are somewhat impersonal most of the time. You're more emotionally involved with your work than you are with people. You can be highly critical and demanding in a position of authority. Nonetheless, you are a strong leader and organizer. You have a deep understanding of human nature, but often you lack sensitivity to the emotional content of many situations.

Sun in Eleventh House: You have many clear-cut objectives and usually achieve what you set out to do. You have a strong desire to gain recognition through mental achievements. You have strong organizing abilities and are usually a leader in any group you are involved with-- societies and groups are an important part of your life. You're apt to be a humanitarian with concern for universal human dignity and brotherhood. You make every attempt to be fair, unbiased and impartial. You have many friends who aid you with their time, money, prestige, and power.

Sun Square Moon: Trouble with your partner may lead to financial hardship or divorce. There may be contention between the domestic and professional aspects of your life. Early family conditions may delay the ability to understand and get along with the opposite sex. You tend to blame your parents, but the trouble lies in sub-conscious patterns. You're your own worst enemy.

Sun Square Mars: You tend to come on too strong, often with a chip on your shoulder, which makes others angry. You're physically strong and any partner must be able to keep up with you. You tend to overwork and have more than the average number of quarrels, which wastes even more energy. You must learn to think before you speak or act, to restrain your anger and aggressiveness and to learn to be more diplomatic/tactful.

Sun Trine Jupiter: You're honest, intellectual, and generous. An outgoing, enthusiastic, and optimistic nature are usually focused on some aspect of religion, philosophy, legal, social and/or community affairs. You're able to gain others help because of your positive and altruistic nature. You usually succeed at what you attempt, often bringing financial, mental and/or emotional wealth. Benefits come through the men in your life and you have an extra share of good luck. You're never completely down and out since spiritual forces protect your basic happiness and safety. Your reactions are based on ethical/religious standards.

Sun Opposite Uranus: You attract self-willed people or arouse others self-will by being too self-willed yourself. Until your self-will is controlled, you'll have disruptive and unsettling conditions in relationships, especially with men in general and your father and/or husband in particular. Your erratic behavior and eccentric ideas hinder your chance of success. You have a tremendous personal magnetism, but you may use it to try and force your moral and/or religious views on others. You tend to be accident prone, and if you don't learn to release nervous tension, your health will suffer.

Sun Square Neptune: You try to hide your excessively emotional nature, often preventing you from seeing clearly when emotions are involved. You're often self-deceiving and may be self-destructive. You're sensitive to suffering and love animals. You may have a weakness in your character and/or be excessively confused psychologically. You tend to become involved in situations where others lean on you. Men are usually the source of disillusionment and relationships with men require much sacrifice.

Moon in Scorpio: You judge people too quickly, and you rarely give them a second chance once those negative vibrations have been received. You react to situations in an abrupt, impulsive and intense manner. You can be vindictive and determined when it come to getting even with someone who has wronged you. Easily hurt or offended, you are apt to hold a grudge and take revenge. With an executive flair, you are a very determined person, achieving whatever goal is set. You're always searching for new challenges. You react to sense impressions with great accuracy, and can usually see through situations, and through people, with an extremely acute judgment. You insist on thinking for yourself, and you're not one to ever be pushed around. An extremist in much that you do, you never pursue anything halfheartedly. Even when a situation turns out to be detrimental to your well-being, you may still refuse to give it up. Emotional stubbornness marks your nature and natural reactions.

Moon in Ninth House: You have a strong recognition of the need for spiritual and moral values in your domestic life and you have a deep emotional attachment to the values you learned as a child. This may limit your spiritual understanding for if you change your religion, parental disapproval follows. You're able to study serious subjects deeply, but tend to learn more unconsciously or by osmosis. You're a natural teacher in almost any field. You love to travel and often settle far from your place of birth, or even emigrate.

Moon Sextile Mercury: You're able to communicate ideas and concepts to others, especially the public and you have good family communications. You're shrewd and intuitive yet honest and logical. You have quick perception, an alert mind, a good memory, ample common sense and usually good health despite too much nervous energy. You're tactful, efficient in handling the small details of life and motivated to put thoughts into action. You're sensible about your diet, health and personal hygiene.

Moon Sextile Venus: You're charming, affectionate, popular, calm, refined, optimistic, cheerful and loved by animals and children. You have good perception and a steady, rational viewpoint. You have a productive imagination and artistic ability, especially in home-related fields. Any career should allow your creative powers full sway. You're able to communicate easily with family, friends, and groups, handling people well. You're at ease in social relationships. Your marriage and home life are usually good. Women with this placement have grace, sweetness, domesticity, great love and the ability to support their husband's interests and activities.

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Moon Conjunction Neptune: You hide your real feelings and have an inner longing for love and freedom. Your body and health are delicate, especially in your early life and you have an adverse reaction to any drug, even anesthesia. You tend to identify with those less fortunate than you and often help them in a hands-on way. You may prefer seclusion which may become escapism. Secret enemies can cause problems.

Mercury in Capricorn: You have such very good powers of concentration, dignity, and an earnestness that can make you seem too serious. You can have a tendency toward moodiness and sulking, and you may have to work at showing any spirit of optimism.

Mercury in Eleventh House: You seek associations that stimulate your mind and increase your knowledge, but your thinking is strongly influenced by your friends thinking. You can teach and learn from friends but if you're indiscriminate in choosing them, you may encounter problems or scandal. You love truth and are able to think objectively and originally. You're concerned with scientific investigation, astrology, advanced occult philosophy and humanitarianism. You can have profound insights into larger social issues. Many of your friends will be younger.

Mercury Conjunction Venus: You have literary talent, often in poetry, and are able to speak and write gracefully. You usually do and say the right thing at the right time. You can make money writing or in communication. You enjoy people and your mental endeavors often involve some sort of partnership. You usually have goodwill towards others and are able to understand relationships. Your actions are based on what will produce the most beauty, harmony and balance and you can actually improve your health this way.

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Saturn Square Ascendant: You have few close friends since others find you cold and unresponsive. You feel inhibited and self-conscious, and often have difficulties in marriage or finding a suitable spouse.

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Pluto Opposite Midheaven: You need to regenerate domestic affairs and family relationships, especially with your parents. You can be daring and foolhardy and an overactive sex life may be the result of restrictive childhood conditions.
Originally posted by Julia@Mar 28th, 2003 - 1:24 pm

I think what Caroline means when she says "Everything happened too quickly. Since I had been little, everybody wanted me to get married," was not that she didn't want to marry and everyone else wanted her to, but rather that living with Junot was not an option, it was marriage only, that her parents would accept. I read a later interview with her where she said that had she lived with Junot for a year instead of marrying him, the relationship would have run its natural course and they would have split up do to incompatibility and gone their separate ways.

What is interesting to me is that-what-seven? years later, Stephanie was refused permission to marry her boyfriend at the time, so she took off for Los Angeles and lived with him there, until they split up, all the while without losing loving contact with Rainier. He even visited them and bought them stuff for their house. So it may well have been Grace who would not have tolerated Caroline living with anyone outside of marriage. It would fit in with the total picture of Grace's very tight supervision and control of Caroline.

Then again, Stephanie was indulged and spoiled far more than Caroline ever was - something Grace admitted freely - and Caroline understandably had a sense of frustration over this. She always felt a responsibility to do the "proper" thing, while Stephanie did her own thing.
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Caroline's Godparents

Does anyone know who are Caroline's godparents ?
Caroline's official roles?

I am trying to think of all of her official roles..... I'd love it if someone would correct me/help me because I am working on a book and this information would be most helpful.

So here goes:
She is Chairman of the Princess Grace Foundation (USA)

She is President of AMADE (a charity that I donate to, by the way)
AMADE is the Worldwide Association of Children's Friends. She's had this role since 1993

Since 2003, she has been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador

Honorary President of BCM, the Monte Carlo Jumping Association ????

Anything else? Surely there is more?
What are all of her titles and does she belong to any Orders?
Doesn't she work with the Monte Carlo ballet in some way also? Or maybe that is part of the Princess Grace Foundation, I'm not sure.
caroline's official roles

CasiraghiTrio, you can check out the palace website and you will find a profile on Princess Caroline there. It is both in English and French. I think all her affiliations are indicated there. It is also updated, btw.

Good luck with your book!
Caroline's official roles?

Ah, thanks for the suggestion to look there. I suppose that should have been the first place I checked. Here are the roles I didn't mention before:

Caroline is......

President of the Guides and Scouts of Monaco Association since 1983 (was the Guides of Monaco until 1992 when it became Guides and Scounts.)

President of the Prince Pierre Foundation since 1992

High Patron of The Peter Le Marchant Trust

In 1981, she founded Jeune J'Ecoute

President of the Garden Club of Monaco since 1982

President of the Organizing Committee of the Springtime Arts of Monte Carlo association since 1984

It is interesting that she added the Prince Pierre Foundation to her resume not so long after Stefano died, during her supposed "retreat" from official life. I wonder if the addition of roles was a way of coping with the loss. Diana, Princess of Wales had said that the problems she experienced in the British royal family prompted her to take on more duties because it gave her a reason to endure the problems, a sense of purpose and of pride. On a similar note, Caroline may have wanted to keep herself busy as a way of dealing with the lonliness and depression that must have resulted from Stefano's death.

Caroline, Princess of Hanover

The Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco (Caroline Louise Marguerite Prinzessin von Hannover), formally styled Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover (nee Her Serene Highness Princess Caroline of Moncaco) , formerly Mme Stefano Casiraghi, formerly Mme Phillippe Junot and née Grimaldi, born 23 January 1957) is the eldest child of Prince Rainier III of Monaco and his wife, Princess Grace. She is the second wife of Ernst August V, Prince of Hanover and, since her father's death on April 6, 2005, has been again heir presumptive to the throne of Monaco (she was in 1957 and 1958 between her own birth and the birth of her younger brother), bearing the title The Hereditary Princess of Monaco. She was educated at the Sciences Po in Paris, and Princeton University in the USA.
Her husband's title was abolished by Weimar Republic Germany after World War I, along with all royal and noble German titles, so the title 'HSH The Hereditary Princess of Monaco' is her only only undisputed title. Additionally, the Kingdom of Hanover has not existed since it was annexed by the Kingdom of Prussia during the Austro-Prussian War of 1866. Her husband is, however, legally entitled to use "Prince of Hanover" as a surname, so she is likewise permitted to call herself "Princess of Hanover" - but as a surname and style, not as a royal title. Neither she nor her husband enjoy any royal rank in modern Germany, the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland as Prince or Princess of Hanover or the United Kingdom.
The Princess of Hanover has a younger brother, Albert II, the current Sovereign Prince of Monaco, and one younger sister, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco.

First marriage

Princess Caroline's first husband was Philippe Junot([1940), a Parisian banker. They were married on June 29, 1978, and divorced in 1980, a period of time that had been predicted by the bride's mother, who disapproved of Junot's age and his reputation as a playboy. In 1992, the Roman Catholic Church granted the princess an annullment.

Second marriage

Her second husband was Stefano Casiraghi (1960-1990), the sportsman heir to an Italian oil fortune. They were married on December 29, 1983, and had three children: Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi, Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi, and Pierre Rainier Stefano Casiraghi. The two younger children are named for their maternal great-grandparents, Princess Charlotte of Monaco and Prince Pierre of Monaco whilst Andrea was named for a childhood friend of his father's. The marriage ended on October 3, 1990 when Stefano Casiraghi was killed in a speed boating accident.
Princess Caroline had a liaison from 1990 until 1995 with French actor Vincent Lindon.

Third marriage

Her third and present husband is Prince Ernst August of Hanover, the head of the House of Hanover. They married in January 23, 1999, after his divorce from the former Chantal Hochuli, and have one child, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, who was born six months after their wedding.
On June 24, 2004, the Princess obtained a judgment from the European Court of Human Rights condemning Germany for non-respect of her right to a private life. The seven judges who examined her request ruled that German jurisdictions have misunderstood this right by refusing to forbid publication of photographs depicting Caroline in scenes of her daily life.

Succession issues

Because her brother Prince Albert remains unmarried and has no legitimate children, it is possible that Caroline will one day become the second Sovereign Princess in Monaco's history. Her ancestor Louise-Hippolyte Grimaldi held that title for a few months in 1731. There is precedent, however, for a Sovereign Prince to adopt an illegitimate child and thereby place that child in the line of succession, as was done with Princess Charlotte, Duchess of Valentinois.
Although Albert has publicly acknowledged at least one child born out of wedlock Alexandre Coste, ( son of Togolese flight attendant Nicole Coste), an illegitimate child has no right to succeed under the current Constitution of Monaco.
Albert's lack of legitimate children prompted a constitutional change to try to ensure a successor, which had the consequence of strengthening the place of Caroline and her descendants in the line of succession. On April 2, 2002, Monaco passed Princely Law 1.249 which provided that if the Sovereign Prince assumes the throne and then dies without a legitimate direct heir, the throne would pass to his siblings and their descendants under the rule of male-preference primogeniture. Before this change, the crown of Monaco could only pass to a direct descendant of the reigning prince, and Caroline would have become ineligible to inherit the throne upon Albert's ascension.
Unlike most other countries, not only the heir-apparent to the Monegasque throne is Hereditary Prince/ss, the heir-presumptive would also be the Hereditary Prince/ss. Thus, Princess Caroline is the Hereditary Princess.

Styles & Titles from birth to present

  • Her Serene Highness The Hereditary Princess of Monaco (1957-1958)
  • Her Serene HighnessPrincess Caroline of Monaco (1958-1999)
  • Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover(1999-2005)
  • Her Royal Highness The Princess of Hanover, Hereditary Princess of Monaco (2005-present)
Caroline adopted her present style, Princess of Hanover, upon her third marriage. Hanover royal and noble family titles are legally abolished as per German law, so although she is styled as a Royal Highness and a Princess of Hanover, she otherwise does not actually hold the rank or title of either - Princess of Hanover is her surname. She is, therefore, Caroline Prinzessin von Hannover (lit. Caroline Princess of Hanover); only her title as a Princess of Monaco is of undisputed legal standing. However, the style of HRH The Princess of Hanover is officially used in Monaco and by courtesy elsewhere.
Other styles accorded to the Princess of Hanover as the wife of Prince Ernest August of Hanover are: Princess of United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Duchess of Brunswick-Lunenburg, Duchess of Cumberland and Teviotdale. None of these titles (except the Monagesque) have been legally recognized since the end of World War I by any of the countries that once granted them: United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland. However, among her styles, only Princess of Hanover is actually in common use in media reports and official Monaco palace press releases.
A 5th Child?

Is Princess Caroline expecting her second child with Prince Ernst of Hanover? I just wondered because that's what I've been the same time, you never know what's true and what's not about royals! ;)
Leslie2006 said:
Is Princess Caroline expecting her second child with Prince Ernst of Hanover? I just wondered because that's what I've been the same time, you never know what's true and what's not about royals! ;)

no, she is not. she went skiing so that prived she wasn't pregnant.
I wouldn't say that proved it en. These days women are doing things like flying into their ninth months!

But no, Caroline is not pregnant. A few pictures were taken with her rubbing her tummy and having kind of a poochy belly so speculation went wild. In the USA, even Entertainment Tonight reported it as fact and normally they are very careful to check things for fear of reprisal.

I think the Palace issued an official denial.

Suonymona said:
I wouldn't say that proved it en. These days women are doing things like flying into their ninth months!

But no, Caroline is not pregnant. A few pictures were taken with her rubbing her tummy and having kind of a poochy belly so speculation went wild. In the USA, even Entertainment Tonight reported it as fact and normally they are very careful to check things for fear of reprisal.

I think the Palace issued an official denial.


haha i <3 ange.

and yeah she has an awesome figure now too so that definitely disproves it.
caroline idols

do u know who are or were caroline's idols??
Does anyone know where caroline had studied?
i always believed she went to Rosey but im not sure...
Does anyone know where caroline had studied?
i always believed she went to Rosey but im not sure...
I know that she spent some years in an English School, Saint Mary or similar for her baccalaureat.<After she went in Sorbonne but I'm not sure if she graduated.
I know that she spent some years in an English School, Saint Mary or similar for her baccalaureat.<After she went in Sorbonne but I'm not sure if she graduated.

I thought she had studied in the same school as her father, Cuz Ranier always told he had great memories of the time he studied in Institute le Rosey in swiss as a child.
Thanks for the answer! ;)
Caroline pregnant?!:eek: While not impossible (she has had 4 healthy children), age certainly is a major factor, since quality of eggs declines, and she continues to smoke - it would probably be by invitro fertilization. But, I suspect it's only rumor. There was a re-surfacing of old pictures from an old vacation, at one point, where she was shown in a swimsuit, and her belly was shown up close (possibly distorted - like they tried to do w/Charlotte), and there was rumor that she was pregnang - based on that photo. Many savvy users of this site found the old photos (taken some 2 yrs earlier), re-ran them, and put the rumors to rest.
Caroline pregnant?!:eek: While not impossible (she has had 4 healthy children), age certainly is a major factor, since quality of eggs declines, and she continues to smoke - it would probably be by invitro fertilization. But, I suspect it's only rumor. There was a re-surfacing of old pictures from an old vacation, at one point, where she was shown in a swimsuit, and her belly was shown up close (possibly distorted - like they tried to do w/Charlotte), and there was rumor that she was pregnang - based on that photo. Many savvy users of this site found the old photos (taken some 2 yrs earlier), re-ran them, and put the rumors to rest.

Oh no, not more Caroline preg. rumors. She is 51 and as you pointed out so well, while it's not impossible, it is highly improbable.
I know that she spent some years in an English School, Saint Mary or similar for her baccalaureat.<After she went in Sorbonne but I'm not sure if she graduated.
I'm not sure if it was Saint Mary or not :confused:, I'll have to check one of my books, but I do know she attended an English school. She had trouble fitting in and wanted to drop out, but stayed at the insistance of her mother. Because Kelly's don't quit. ;) It talks about it in True Grace.
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