HRH Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Princess Clotilde and Family 5: May 2008-March 2010

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It depends on the timing. Magazine interviews and photoshoots aren't generally done on the spur of the moment. We need someone to advise us when it became known the wedding date had been set (we only found out on 19/20 September that they were married on the 16th).
Warren, when Filberto was interviewed by D&D, he said that Clotilde had gone to Paris with the girls, so the pictures carried with the article were shot previously. Anyway, it may be just a coincidence.
Pics 29.9.2008

Thanks a lot for posting these nice new private pics, Tosca. :flowers:

Here are some from yesterday evening:

Clotilde Courau attends the Patrick Demarchelier's exhibition Party on
September 29, 2008 in Paris, France

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
Clotilde Courau is always present in this kind of events and that's part of her job as an actress.
Clotilde Courau is always present in this kind of events and that's part of her job as an actress.

Yes, but she is also a princess. The latest photos are awful - she looks terrible. Clothilde can look fabulous or she can look like a real "fashion victim"
She and EF are a very unusual couple and seem to have an unusual relationship.
With his shenanigans and her film "career" - I don't see how the two of them can expect any sympathy from their critics.
Contrasting them with Aimone and Olga - there is no contest. Aimone and Olga (so far) seem to be discreet, private and classy.
Apart from his summer friendship with the unknown lady, whatever goes on between these two has been kept private. I agree that they seem to have a long distance marriage but for some it works perfectly well. Perhaps they will last longer than the others who are glued to each other..who can ever tell??
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Pics 4.10.2008

Prince Emanuele at an event in Rome on October 4, 2008.
It was organised by Rashid al Habtoor and had something
to do with a documentation about polo.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
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Thanks for the link Giov!. She looks distraught.
Are these two (C & FE) ever in the same city?
She had a relationship with Guillaume Depardieu when she was younger. She is still good friend with his sister Julie who was invited at the show Vivement Dimanche with Michel Drucker
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Thank you assia for the information. I did not know they were in a relationship. Still, she has not appeared with her husband since those summer holidays at the beach.
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Here's another funny video about Prince Emanuele Filiberto from the satyrical news programme "Striscia la notizia".

Since the city council of Gaeta have claimed the Savoy family for damages, for the bombing the city suffered back in 1861. The sum requested goes up to € 500.000.000. EF told the interviewer he doesn't have that sum of money, but that he can remedy by doing some community service.


Isn't that guy loosing his face, in the attempt to be well liked by the Italians, is he?:ermm: (the video starts automatically: just be patient!;))
Prince Emanuele Filiberto attending the birthday party of anchorman Michele Cucuzza. The man on the right is Prince Carlo Giovanelli


There's short article saying that Emanuele Filiberto will be taking part in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars as a contestant.
I like pics of prince Emanuele Filiberto, he is so charming.
Clotilde Courau attends the OTM Association dinner hosted by Babeth
Djian and Pierre Pelegry, to raise funds for the children of Rwanda, at
Espace Cardin on November 30, 2008 in Paris, France

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
Thanks a lot for posting these pics, giov :flowers:

I add some more from that same gala dinner:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **

With the change of her hair colour to a darker tone again,
she looks so much younger in my eyes.
I only seem to comment on this thread when Clotilde has done something with her hair.. I'm really not that shallow!!
But I totally agree with Iceflower; Clotilde does look younger and better with darker hair! She also appears much healthier and fresher, since the blonde colour made her look so pale and tired IMO.
By the way, it's nice to see them out together again.
There's a EF article in this week's mag DIVAeDONNA where the Prince of Venice denies the rumors of his matrimonial squabbles.
Here you can find some videos for Prince Emanuele Filiberto presenting his own line of sunglasses. Click on the crown to enter the website.;)

In an interview given to the Italian TV just few days ago, Clotilde and E. Filiberto denied any rumors about of a separation or even a divorce.
Another quick interview by EF today to Italian broadcast "la vita in diretta". He denied rumours of separation, but in doing so he used a coarse language that was pretty shocking and managed to mention the "bon ton" at the same time.... :ROFLMAO:
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Why does he feel the need to go to interviews to deny rumours?? If they had a sit down already he should leave it at that and go on to prove all these are just that......rumours.....
Do you have the 5 second delay on Italian TV or you could hear everything he said uncut?
Why did he feel the need to use coarse and vulgar language? :nonono:
If you would know personally the Savoy family, you would not be surprised from the use of coarse language or gesture...

Do you have the 5 second delay on Italian TV or you could hear everything he said uncut?
We have not the 5 secs delay in Italy...
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