HRH Duke Carlos Hugo (1930-2010) and the Royal House of Bourbon-Parma

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I am not coming back with " old stories". I posted a thead and I believe that the forum is a place to discuss.

As for Lucien I am sure he will give his opinion, which will be very harsh to me.

May I remind that many Kings or Royals had illegitimate children, from Henri IV to.... Prince Bernhard of Netherlands or to ....the present King of Belgians

Many of these persons were extremely honorable.
I am not coming back with " old stories". I posted a thead and I believe that the forum is a place to discuss.

I agree with you, this story is worthy some discussion. Actually thanks for strarting this thread because I had never heard about this story.
On the forum, there are threads whit hundrends of posts for simple press speculation, here we have a statement by princess Margarita.
I've merged the new "Late Duke of Parma's children" thread into the thread for Duke Carlos Hugo as the obvious intent and focus of the thread is directed at the late Duke's out of wedlock son rather than "his children".

It is also the case that once the existence of the child has been (re)established, there will be little of substance to add as mother and child lead private lives.


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On October 1st and 2nd the children of the late duke visited Parma and Piacenza. The ball (that was planend) was cancelled due to mourning for the late Duke, and instead they attended a musical performance.

I can't find any pictures, maybe an Italian poster will be able to get more info.

Borbone Parma - Eventi 2010
Princess Françoise had 3 sons , he is the only one still living. Is he married ?
Charles-Henri de Lobkowicz is not married.
She was married, from 1988 to 2007, to Gilbert Becaud.
Why did only one of Duke Elias' children marry?
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On the 18th of August there will be a Requiem Mass for the late Duke at the Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata in Parma.
Joseph de Bourbon de Parme (younger son of Prince Philipppe of Bourbon-Parma and his wife Annette Smith) announced his engagement to Anna Louise Bøgeløv Budd (daughter of Leo J. Budd and his wife Lilla Vibeke Bøgeløv and granddaughter of Mrs. Birte Bøgeløv).

Descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark
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