HRH Duke Carlos Hugo (1930-2010) and the Royal House of Bourbon-Parma

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My condolences to his family.
What an odd date for his funeral, 8 April, it will also be the 80th birthday of Duke Carlos Hugo.

Edouard and Françoise's eldest son, Edouard-Xavier, died in late april 1984; he was missing since early April. The young Prince was shot at the throath. I don't know the reasons nor who the killer was.
Also their second son, Robert, died very young, he was 27, due to cancer if I remember correctly.
The other two children are Charles and Marie-Gabrielle, who is a nun.
his firstborn died from gunshot. Was it a murder? A suicide? Is this issue discussed on the forum already?

Here is an old article (8 May 1984) from the italian newspaper "La Repubblica" on the death of Prince Edouard-Xavier.
There is said that the guesses of the killer(s) of the young Prince are all linked to the activities of the Ducal Family, making referrals to members of Bourbon-Parma Family involved in gunrunning, to the activities of him and his parents in support to Lebanese Phalange, and finally to Montejurra massacre.
Thank you MAfan, I also came across to that article. By the way I also noted that some websites like (supporting Sixte-Henry) report of muslim terrorist as certain.
HRH The Duke of Parma celebrates his 80th birthday today.
i read about his passing in le figaro's columns. it seems he was extremely active in the humanitarian front. my condolences to the family, who seem to have suffered much previously with the death of their two sons.
have the causes of these deaths been confirmed?
My sympathies to the family of Prince Edouard. A great gentleman.

MAfan - my recollection of the tragic divide of the Bourbon-Parma family was that the parents, Prince Xavier, Princess Madeleine, and their eldest daughter Princess Francoise supported the youngest member of the family, Prince Sixte-Henri. I think that is correct.
Was Princess Irene or her children at Prince Edouard funerals ??
My sympathies to the family of Prince Edouard. A great gentleman.

MAfan - my recollection of the tragic divide of the Bourbon-Parma family was that the parents, Prince Xavier, Princess Madeleine, and their eldest daughter Princess Francoise supported the youngest member of the family, Prince Sixte-Henri. I think that is correct.

It is and it isn't; I explain better; the family was (and it seems still is) divided, on a side were Carlos Hugo, Marie-Therese, Cecile and Marie-des-Neiges, on the other side were Madeleine, Françoise and Sixte-Henri.
What is not clear is the position of Duke Xavier, because both the groups claimed that Xavier was supporting them.
In the last weeks of his life, Xavier "signed" (I guess that "was made signe" is more correct) several declarations, and the one contradicted the previous.
Was Princess Irene or her children at Prince Edouard funerals ??

I don't think, I didn't see her mentioned in the lists of the mourners.

Among them, were Prince Lorenz of Belgium, Prince Jean and Princess Diane of Luxembourg, Prince Guillaume and Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg, Prince Nikolaus and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein, Archduke Carl Christian and Archduchess Marie Astrid of Austria, Princess Napoleon, Princess Beatrice of Bourbon-Two Sicilies.
Bourbon-Parma Family was represented only by Prince Charles-Emmanuel and Princess Costance.
Were also present members of a lot of noble Houses.
In Noblesse et Royautés someone wrote that the BP family were split Françoise and Sixte against Charles- Hughes, Marie-Thérèse and Marie des Neiges. Françoise got two castles belonging to her mother Princess Madeleine de Bourbon-B.
Altough Françoise and Edouard had 4 children , their two eldest sons died in tragic circumstances , their still alive son is unmarried and their only daughter is a nun. Who will inherit Princess Françoise's Estate. She is in the eighties..
Perhaps her Lobcowitz relatives or her youngest brother?


Princess Antonia of Bourbon-Parma married Martin Krusbak, in Ledreborg Castle in Denmark. She is the daughter of Prince Eric of Bourbon-Parma and Countess Lydia of Holstein-Ledreborg. Her Maternal Grandmother is princess Marie Gabrielle of Luxembourg, sister of Grand Duke Jean.

Some pictures on the excellent blog of Noblesse & Royautes:
Mariage de la princesse Antonia de Bourbon-Parme | Noblesse & Royautés
The House of Bourbon-Parma is fascinating to me, for the lines of descent from Robert I.

The only currently living grandchild from Robert I's first marriage is Infanta Alicia, daughter of Elias- she has issue through her marriage to Infante Alfonso, Duke of Calabria. Her aunty Princess Beatrice also had children.

From Robert I's second marriage, 7 of his 12 children from that marriage bore children of their own. Through Felix and his marriage to Grand Duchess Charlotte, all living members of the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg thus directly descend from him.
Very sad news from the duke Le duc de Parme, hospitalisé, diffuse un communiqué | Noblesse & Royautés
The duke informs that his health conditions are critical and ask his supporters to support his sisters Maria Teresa, Cecilia and Maria de las Nieves and his children, calling Carlos Javier, the dynastic heir. It is clear that the distances with his siblings Francoise and Sixte Henry are still there. It is not, probably intentionally, solved the problem of the dinastic qualification of the marriage of his son. We can only notice that his future daughter-in-law is not mentioned.
The duke is in hospital in Barcelona, Spain, fighting a cancer.
Very sad indeed.Any dynastic qualifications are un-important now in light of the serious condition of HRH.
In the manifesto the Duke refers to his eldest son as the future Chef of the House and mentions his four
children and three sisters attend to him at the hospital at present.The preparations for the wedding later
this month might be postponed.Really very sad.

The Duke not only is a great uncle to the many children of his former wifes sisters,but also a warm and truly
dear friend to HM Queen Beatrix.As such the Duke has always been invited to major family affairs,and,always
remains in our hearts as "one of us"" meaning one of our RF's sympathetic members.Realy sad
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What a sad news, but not unexpected though...
My thoughts and prayers are with the dying Prince, Princess Irene, their children, the Bourbon de Parme family and the Dutch Royal Family.
I wonder if the royal wedding of his eldest son will go ahead if the Prince dies in the next couple of days.
I hope the Dutch Royal Family will turn out in force at his funeral; they kept a close bond with Carlos Hugo.
I'm very sad to read about the Duke's grave condition. My prayers go out to him and his family.:sad:

Due to the critical health of HRH The Duke of Parma,his son Carlos and Princess Anne Marie have decided
to postpone the religious service which was scheduled for august 28th in Brussels.

Please include Carlos Hugo Duke of Parma in your thoughts and prayers.

With the death of HRH Duke Carlos Hugo the Headship of the Royal House of Bourbon-Parma falls to his eldest son, HRH Duke Carlos Xavier (Javier).

A thread for the new Duke of Parma and Piacenza can be found

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Late Duke of Parma's children

Now that the Duke reposes peacefully it may be possible to talk about his illegitimate child.

If this young man has the same qualities of sympathy, warmth and intelligence than his Father he must be somebody quite interesting.

Does someone know something about him?
I guess you're referring to Duke Carlos Hugo; forgive me, but what illegitimate child?
Personally I've never heard anything about illegitimate child(ren) of the late Duke.
Late Duke of Parma's other son

Why is it tasteless to ask if the dukes illegitemate son will attend the funeral? As far as I read it seems the duke actually took care of him and he was part of the duke's life. I don't see the need why it should be swept under the carpet.

I just know that he exists. That is the reason why I ask about him.
If I correctly remember, the child Marengo was referring to is not Carlos Hugo's illegitimate son, but Carlos Hugo's grandson, the illegitimate son of Duke Carlos Xavier.
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Late Duke of Parma's other son

No I do not think so.

Marengo' s reply was related to Lucien's previous post concerning my question.

I am speaking of the child to whom Princess Margarita referred in her so much controversed interview somme years ago.

It si not Carlos Klynstra, who although not legitimate is well known.
Ok, in this case my apologies, I had mistaken person (there are too many Carlos in that family for my taste...)
So, what about this son? What did Margarita sey about him?
Some posts I read previously:

From a member of another Board ( 4 september 2010)

" During the so-called 'Margarita-gate' (the conflict of Princess Margarita and her former spouse Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn with the Orange-Nassaus and the De Bourbon de Parmes) she accused the Queen's Treasurer for transferring US $ 100.000.-- towards her father without her permission. (The Treasurer declared that he has sought permission by telephone and got it from Carlos Javier, Jaime, Carolina ánd Margarita).

This anecdote learned the public that the late Duke of Parma was financially supported, with big amounts, by his children. The new Duke of Parma and his siblings can rely on a capital which their mother Princess Irene inherited and was placed in the Lys Fund (named after the Bourbon Fleur-de-Lys)."

From Marengo ( 12 december 2007 , on this Forum)

"Carlos Hugo himself has lived in NYC., with a lady who used to be the maid of him and Princess Irene when the family lived in paris in the 70-ties.He has a son with this lady (Princess Margarita was once complaining about the money her father asked for with his children, to which Princess Maria Carolina was overheard responding 'you know bloody well for who that money is', apparently for their illegitemate half brother (I forgot the source for this btw)."

From Régina ( 13 december 2007, on this Forum)

"I remember when Margarita caused a scandal revealing "secrets" about the Dutch Royal Family. She attacked on all fronts.

About her own father she said in an interview: "He has double moral standards. He disagrees with my husband but he himself has a son by his former Dominican housekeeper: my dark skinned half-brother Zavier."
What Margarita said in the past it was under the influence of his first husband a strange man , I don't trust.
I was deeply impressed by the sorrow of ALL the late Duke's children.
They were some difficult years for Margarita in the past and her relationship with her father suffers about that.
THECLERCK , why do you come back with old stories ??
I wonder if Lucien will give any opinion about this thread.
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