Hi all (:

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Dec 28, 2009
I just joined.. and well I wanted to make my presentation!
I have just started building my interest in the royal families, so I guess you could say Im a beginner but I joined this forum hoping I could be welcome and could learn more as I go along...

Also, Im from Uruguay,female and i am 15 years old.
Thanks for the time :)
Wellcome to The Royal Forums Romii. You are in the right place to learn more and more about the current and old monarchies all over the wolrd

I hope you enjoy your time here!
Hi Romii!


Of course you are welcome, here you can find information about anything regarding Royal Families from all over the world. I hope you'll enjoy this forum as much as I do. Greetings! :flowers:
Thanks to you both :D I am enjoying looking around already..
:rose:Hi Romii! :rose:
Welcome to the Royal forums. I am sure that you can find information and many friends in here. greeting from Iran
Welcome to the Royal Forums! I hope you enjoy it here- Happy Posting!
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