Empire and Kingdom of Haiti

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I was doing a basic search in Haiti's royal history, the first nation in the Americas that eliminated slavery and did not found a separated RF thread that some interesting links could be posted in. Hope anyone here researching for curious or short-lived monarchies in the present or future take advantage of the links.

The Empire of Haiti: Jean-Jacques Dessalines - Wikipedia

What was the Kingdom of Haiti: Kingdom of Haiti - Wikipedia

Many, like the second one, would be a great source of inspiration if you are doing a master's thesis or any form of degree on a subject rarely tackled.

My first ever approach to Haiti's royal history was as a kid, reading a book published in Cuba in 1949, and owned by my grandmother in Spain, titled El Reino de Este Mundo. That is The Kingdom of This World. As a kid I was mesmerized by the narrative and my favorite part was the story telling of the visit of Napoleon's sister, Pauline, to the island.

The great paragraph that was the section that named the titled of the book using a biblical reference because The Kingdom of This World refers to the Bible's line Kingdom on Earth. I even remember the first lines because I memorized the paragraph, too: (paraphrased from my memory of the lines I read 50-55 plus years ago!) the greatness of men does not reside in the kingdom of heaven but on their deeds on the kingdom on Earth.

Here's more on the book and I bet is also available in Kindle or PDF our there
link: The Kingdom of This World - Wikipedia


1. The life of King Henry Christophe was distorted, re-adapted and portrayed in the play and movie Emperor Jones. The premise of the Eugene O'Neal play is at parts very prejudicial and lacks the information to tie this fantasy play to the extraordinary events that happened in Haiti.

Play adapted into a Movie: Emperor Jones:

2. The Christophe royal family remained in power even after the end of the monarchy:

His grandson Pierre Nord Alexis was the president of Haiti in 1902 Pierre Nord Alexis - Wikipedia and King Henri's great-great-great granddaughter Michèle Bennett (born 15 January 1950) was the former First Lady of Haiti/ ex‑wife of former President of Haiti, Jean‑Claude Duvalier.
This is a great source of free information about royal titles in the kingdom of Haiti. Haiti's version of Almanach Gotha. The royal family starts on page 21 and the rest is all nobility titles created and the list of responsibilities or areas of these new aristocrats.

The book can be downloaded for free and let us know if anyone in the Royal Forums wants to consider it as a great research project for school or for re-publishing it!

The book is available online and free to read. to move the pages just mouse-click on the right side of the screen:
the Almanach Royal d'Hayti
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