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Sep 9, 2008
Saint Paul
United States
Hello to everyone, this site is so interesting, I am always interested on royalty and nobility. But I think there is some persons to denigrate titles selling to the best buyer.
I would like ask. Previuosly, recently I found on E-BAY a funny auction of several Nobility Titles, from "The Duke of Bohemia", I start searching about this. So, his name y is Herzog Stephan V. Rosemberg Ripps, he lives in Nevada USA, and he afirm to be the holder of the title as trademark, and he afirms also that Ringo Star, was named "Prinz Von Bahmen".
How could be this posible? Some one, know about this?

Welcome aboard Gabriel. Every time I fly on British Air I can find in their in flight magazine lots of titles for sale. Usually one pays good money to buy the right to carry the title but no land or privilege comes with it.......Still a lot of people buy them....I had no clue Ringo Star is a Prince........
Thanks for your answer, however, it seems funny. Because there is no court to verify the authenticity of your claim, even if your House is in exile. How someone might create NEW titles. (for money I understand)
I hope when you mention "you" you speak generally, since I neither bought nor sold any titles...LOL Yes money is the only motivator on the seller's part and snobishness on the buyers' side....
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