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Jan 30, 2006
Port Of Spain
Trinidad and Tobago
Unofficial Trinidad and Tobago Royal Family

my name is ravi and im 19 years old i reside on the island of trinidad which is the twin republic of Trinidad and Tobago, the most Southernly of the caribbean islands. closest to venezuala apart from our natural beautfy flora and fauna we pride our selves in being the caribbeans most fast paced industrial economy. with oil and natural gas as our main resource we are also one of the largest supplier of natural gas to the americas.

apart from those facts our business community is one of the most thriving with international invenstments at its highest. we also pride out selfves in high social and ethnic back ground since trinidad is a melting pot for diffrent races and cultures from caucasian, to syrian to african, chineese and middle eastern to east indian orgin that i come from.

i came across this website quite by accident looking for information on the russian royal family and i thought that i would be perfect to sign up to which did.

ever since i was a young child not a long ago, my parents always branded me diffrent since i had what they called a aura around me, that also to me in my teenage years that i still have till this time. i had and still have a particular way that i conduct my self and carry about my self on my daily activites not snobbish but as my grand father calls it an air under me that gives people the feeling that im royal or rich or somthing like that. im from a middle class working family and i dont think that i have any traces of royalty in my blood in this life time at least i dont think so.

however, my guru ( hindu presit ) told me that i may have been born into a royal family in my pervious birth. now i am not that kind to belive in that stuff since my parents are hindu and so am i but the idea of being born over and over just didnt add up, however what else reason can there be?

my family comes from a traditional east indian trinidadian family where classical music and class and coture was something forgein to them all , yet i founf my self attracted to fine arts, and my articulation and posture was somthing that i never trained for but it came me naturally. what else expalination can there be.

most people say that im snobbish but that is far from the truth i belive in charity and helping those that are less fortunate. and i do that to be best of my ablilty.

im gay im not sure if that counts for anything lol and im all out to my parents since once again they were both left in shock when i calmly and confidently told them while never once stuttering as my father said as if the queen her self was making a declaration and no one dares oppose her. but they accept me and so does the rest of my family and in trindad it is not legal to be gay but i dont care i carry about my self with the same respect and dignity and i show it to everyone else and everyone in my work place knows about me and respect me also.

i hope to one day interact with memebers of a royal family to just get to know what a life as a royal is like since its something that i have pondered for a very very longtime since childhood

have a great day pics of me are avalible are www.faceparty.com/prince_of_trini
Just want to say hello :)

As I haven't found the 'Introductions Forum', I just dropped in here to say hello to you all. Since yesterday, I have been a new member of this forum which I found while searching the internet for news about my favourite Royal family of Monaco, especially the Casiraghi Trio :) But of course I'm also interested in other Royal houses.

So - here I am and hope to have a lot of fun in this forum ;)
to all of you... Happy posting....
I'am also new, I live in the U.S. and have been a royal watcher for quite some time. So, I would like to say Hello and it is nice to be here.
This is my first post ;)...
Hello to everyone! My name is Anja and I'm from Germany. I like Queen Rania and the Royal Familiy of Spain, especially Leonor...
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