Hello from New Jersey

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Apr 18, 2019
Jersey City
United States
Hi, I'm Cheryl and finally decided to join. I have been lurking since about 2015.
Welcome Cheryl. It's great to have some more people from the Tri-State area on the boards.

Isn't it refreshing to sometimes to be out of lurkdom? Enjoy the forum, and I look forward to interacting with you.
Warm welcome to TRF Cheryl! As a lurker, you probably realize that a good cup of tea and a snack is handy to have before perusing the threads. I spent many, many hours just lurking myself before taking the plunge into posting and I will warn you right now that once it gets in your blood, you're hooked.

Hope you enjoy these forums as much as I do. :D
Bonjour, Cheryl! There is a lot of royal history to learn. :belgiumstandard::norwayflag2::bruneiflag::imperialaustria:
Glad you came out of lurking and joined,welcome!
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