Haakon's official visit to Chile - January 22-26, 2008

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Agenda for day 24

09:30 (Local Time)
His Royal Highness The Crown Prince attends opening of business seminar

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince lays the foundation stone for the water power project La Confluencia

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince visits the Vinyard Odfjell

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince visits the peace park Villa Grimaldi

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince attends concert with jazz musicians Solveig Slettahjell and Sjur Miljeteig

kongehuset.no - Official engagements
During a statement to the press offered by the President and the Prince of Norway, Bachelet valued the strong presence of the Norwegian investments for Chile for apiculture, infrastructure and energy. In the matter she affirmed that " we have repeated the Prince that the high juridical safety and the macroeconomic stability of our country favor the foreign investments ".

In the same way, stood out that both nations should promote " the respect to the human rights, to the democracy and the construction of the most just international and equitable system " emphasizing that " we believe in the multilateralismo and in the role of United Nations ".

.::. Dirección de Prensa - Presidencia de la República .::.
Great work, Paty! Thanks for sharing all the links and pictures!
Haakon surely looks great during this trip. He really seems to enjoy it!
Crown Prince Haakon visits opening of the water power project La Confluencia


Haakon visited the instalations of Villa Grimaldi that were used for the interrogation and torture of political prisoners by the Chilean Secret Police during the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1989).
In this pictures Prince Haakon with the president of the Villa Grimaldi Peace Park Foundation, Rodrigo del Villar observe a model of the former Villa Grimaldi torture center and pose in front of photographs of missing detainees of former Villa Grimaldi torture center

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I think Prince Haakon is fantastic,he reminds me of my dad.
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Does he speak English or Spanish? What other languages he speak?
Thank you for the pictures Paty! He is so handsome.

YES! Very handsome! When he was younger he looked too boyish and a little girly. He's gorgeous now.:wub:
This seems like a very interesting trip. It looks like he is enjoying himself and it is nice to see him taking part in a variety of activities, not just the typical press conferences and government meetings.

Thanks for the great pictures and info.
Great pictures Paty! He looks so nice in the suit that he wore to the seminar on aquculture.
Maybe the Crown Princess is just covering with a stomach flu. Perhaps she is hiding something else.. It would be wonderful if another pregnancy was announced.
Can some one tell us what it said!
Haakon møtt med protester og politi

It's about a couple of visits to aqua culture business that the CP was visiting but got cancelled. He went to a seminar someplace else, and was met by demonstrants and police. The demonstrants said that the CP as goodwill ambassador, should consider human rights and how these aqua culture business treats the indigenous people of Chile. The indigenous people claim that the fish farming ruins the natural fish stock and thus the way of life for them. It also mention work conditions and the low salaries for the people working in the aqua culture business.
Thank you KikkiB!

All the information from Kongehuset of the Official visit!

His Royal Highness The Crown Prince’s official visit to Chile commenced on Wednesday. The Crown Prince is visiting Chile 23 – 26 January at the invitation of President Michelle Bachelet.

kongehuset.no - Official visit to Chile
i just love this pictures of the Prince on Isla Negra.
kongehuset.no - Kronprinsen på Isla Negra
I would love to be there with him. :rolleyes:
He looks more then handsome during the whole trip and really seems to enjoy it.
I love the Portrait showing Haakon with the blue sky and sea in the background! (Pic 2)
Maybe the Crown Princess is just covering with a stomach flu. Perhaps she is hiding something else.. It would be wonderful if another pregnancy was announced.

Funny, that thought crossed my mind too! Would be nice.....
I thought the exact same thing! Maybe there will be an announcement?:)

It could also actually just be the flu, since it's flu season in Norway right now, and there has been a tummy bug "epidemics" going since Christmas.
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