Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 2: February 2016 -

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Constantine and Achileas were in Porto Heli, because Olympia and Marie Chantal, have shared photos of them , but I do not know what they were doing on the concrete day of this photo.

They have been over a week with the Kings, after, the family of Prince Pavlo has gone to Mykonos.

Princess Alexia and her family must now be in Porto Heli starting their vacation. Before leaving Greece the Prince Pavlo and his family usually return to Porto Heli and spend a few days the whole family together.
Queen Anne Marie wient to Gärsten for the family picture without children and grandchldren !
I'm sorry,:bang: but I think both should have been in the picture, I think there is no excuse,:bang: they know that every year, the photographers take this photo. Prince Pavlos did not seem to be very happy, and possible that he expected his two children to be in the photo.
With regard to Maria Olympia, when she is with her grandparents, she is totally different, no sign of those poses of model that shows in her Instagram. She's totally different.This is Maria Olympia that I want to see....?

Queen Anne-Marie is wonderful:p
Gärsten :
This is a meeting of the Three Sisters, the first week of August, has become a custom, I have read an interview with Queen Anne Marie where she said that the three sisters met to spend a few days remembering her mother the Queen Ingrid, is a custom.?
Her grandchildren are not invited to this meeting;);)
Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie Chantal were in Mykonos in the presentation of the jewellery collection of Eugenia Niarchos and the Lebanese-born designer, Noor Fares, at the Belvedere Hotel. In this event was Alexandra Von Furstenber and Dax , she is sister of MC.

Alexandra and Dax
This event is in greek Hello! magazine
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thank you!!!!!
Belvedere is the Hotel where the food menu of Princess Tatiana's book is served. This event is from last week, I see in their Instagrams that the family of Prince Pavlos is in London now.
Did I notice Princess Micahel of Kent in the above photos Eya?
It WAS NOT in Athens, I have seen the report in magazines. This is badly located, the party was in a private club in London, TRAMP (in central of London). It was a 80s party, the guests had dressed like 80s. The party was by 50 years birthday of three greek friends, Pavlos, Chicco, Nassos. It was in London in private club, Tramp.
Queen Ingrid's Suns in law are really frail . How kind Prince Nikolaos is for his Father.
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Alexander Lykourezos is the husband of Zoi Laskari, he is the best criminal lawyer of Greece. A. Lykourezos is friend of King Konstantine and Prince Nikolaos, A. Lykourezos and Z.Laskari were in wedding of Prince Nikolaos in Spetses and they were in Golden wedding of King konstantino and QueenAnna-in Athens.
This photo is 18 september of 2014 at Golden Wedding of King konstantino and queen Anna-Maria.

I saw her in a play in 2012, she acted very well, King Konstantino and Queen Anna-Maria with Prince Nikolaos, i remember that thay had been at the premiere of this play of teather with Alexander Lykourezos . RIP
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Τhe annual Memorial Service in honour of King Pavlos and Queen Freideriki was held today, April 18th, in Tatoi cemetery headed by His Eminence the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr. Ieronymos II.
King Constantinos, Queen Anna-Maria, Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana attended.

Memorial Service at Tatoi - Royal Greek Family
Τhe annual Memorial Service in honour of King Pavlos and Queen Freideriki was held today, April 18th, in Tatoi cemetery headed by His Eminence the Archbishop of Athens and All Greece, Mr. Ieronymos II.
King Constantinos, Queen Anna-Maria, Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana attended.

Memorial Service at Tatoi - Royal Greek Family

I was very surprised not to see the Crown Prince there!
I love to Queen Anna Maria, she is wonderful, and Princess Marie Chantal, thank to Prince Pavlos by this photo, I want more photos like this.
These photos are last week, I know that these photos were published in a magazine, but I do not know the magazine, thank you for sharing.
Mattew is obvious that he knows King Constantine. Prince Philippos I see that he was alone. Queen Anne- Marie was not because Saturday July 21, she was in Denmark at the annual meeting with her sisters in the palace of Grästen. But I have a question to you, Was Queen Sofia in Greece last Weekend?

I ask this because it is a very rare summer in Spain, Queen Sofia always arrives in Mallorca on July 15 and on the 20th she always poses to the photographers with her grandchildren, but this summer is being diferent. I thought that she would be with King Constantine
Stef the article mention that these photos is from magazine Gala who turns out every sunday with the newspaper Protothema.

IRIS1983, yes possible Queen Sofia spent some days here in Porto Heli. We have very few or at all pictures from the Greek Royal Family in Porto Heli.

For example Princess Alexia came every summer in Porto Heli and rare we have pictures of her and her family. Currently she is here and today celebrating the 13th birthday of her son Carlos! Princess Theodora posted a video in her instagram stories!
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Obviously she not find it necessary to learn the Greek language.
stef, I do not think that Marie-chantal is elegant in this photo, I think that the woman that this next to MC, is more elegant than MC
Today I read in a Greek media, that Prince Pavlos and Princess Marie Chantal are on holiday in Mykonos with their children, and that they have been sailing on the Valentino designer's yacht, with the designer and with some friends. The medium publishs photos taken on the yacht.

On the other hand, Princess Alexia , her family are spending their holidays with the king and Queen, the Princess Theodora and her boyfriend and Prince Philippos.
The Princess organized 13th birthday party for Carlos, ??:wub:the son of the princess, in the house of Constantine and Anne-Marie. At the party of Carlos was his grandparents :wub: , the King and Queen. It publishs this photo of Carlos, have covered the face of the child, because as you know, it is not allowed . I think that this photo is of instagram, and it has to be of a member of the family...???
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Yes i wrote about the birthday of Carlos at 30 July in my above post #85. The photo is from the video that Princess Theodora posted in her Instagram Stories.

We have better cover this year from the holidays of the family.

Yesterday 8 August King Constantinos, Queen Anna-Maria, and Princesses Alexia and Theodora boarded the "Afroessa" from Porto Heli for a day trip in Spetses!
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:previous: On this day in Spetses, in addition of, King Constantine and Queen Anne-Maria and Princesses Alexia and Theodora, there was also Mattew, Theodora's boyfriend. I have read it in a photo agency that has published these photos. It is obvious that he is integrated at the family.
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