Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 2: February 2016 -

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What a great photo all the Royal family by the Christmas Tree !
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My God the king looks so frail.
The Kings and Prince Nikolaos attend at the start of the race and celebration of the 50th International Sailing Struggle of Andros, Ioannis B. Goulandris, was declared. The Struggle set up by John B. Goulandris and became an institution celebrates this year's golden anniversary, and for the second consecutive year it is held with the Sailing Week of the Navy Club of Greece.
The race, honored with the name of John B. Goulandris, will take place this year on June 2-5 and will take the lead in the sailing week of the Greek Navy Group, which will take place on 10 & 11 June 2017.
Prince Nikolaos organises to much Events with King Constantin Attendance. The Guest are old people and the King is too frail for that.
Are this Celebrations mentionned in the front page of the Greek Newspapers ?
the press has reported, Ant1, published this news in the news, and other newspapers also collect photos of this sporting event, which was the Kings . In Ant1 the king was interviewed.

On the other hand I see that Prince Nikolaos wears the necktie of nautical club member, the same as his father, and Alexander Papadogonas I imagine he is a member of nautical club of athens.

in this photo , the man next to king constantine is Ulises Eskitzoglou, he was a member of the crew that won the Olympic medal in Rome with King Constantine
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The king looks very frail holding onto the arm of the Crown Prince.
Is there no vacation photos site?
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I wonder if anyone on holidays in Mykonos recognised the Crown Prince/Princess and Prince Phillipos or if they just simply blended in!
Great photos Eya and wonderful to see them all on holidays in Greece!
Alexia and family seem to have disappeared completely
Havent seen them for month meanwhile:cool:
I was actually thinking where is Princess Alexia and family and if they are in Spain?
Princess Alexia will arrives this week to Porto Heli, she is at summer, but in August. I've been looking for these photos for days, because I knew that this photos had been to made, I was anxious about it, and this afternoon in a Facebook group I saw the photos, it has made me illusion, it is curiosy, and I wrote a message of thanks to this person, and I think she has been even more surprised by my illusion hahahahah thanks , I was hoping to see these kind of pictures. Seriously, these pictures have brightened my day. I think this is because it has become a custom, and now we are waiting for them to be published.
Thank you to Stef for that info about Alexia.
Would like to see a closeup of her children once again
In any photo of the last few years they are hardly recognizable IMO.
Great fairy tale pictures. The King of Greece is frail and not in good condiion. What happened before and after these pictures ? and the two younger children are not there
Queen Anne Marie looks always perfect, but I am sure She is not his nurse , they have certainly a medical staff.
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