Greek Royal Family current events & pictures 2: February 2016 -

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It seems that all the family spend these days together in Porto Heli.

Some pictures in Afroessa from King Kontantinos, Prince Philppos and Princess Theodora with her boyfriend.


Hoping for more pictures to come!

More pictures from this day back July
Sorry to sound like an ignorant person. But, is the Greek Royal family related to Mountbatten family in any way?
The Mountbatten family is a branch of the German princely Battenberg family.
To this family belong Princess Alice who married Prince Andrew of Greece and she was mother of Prince Philip the husband of Queen Elizabeth. No other connection.
Princess Alexia's kids are getting so grown up!
Prince Nikolaos is really a nice Person. Sad he is the second Son.
I agree with you, Maria-olivia, Prince Nikolaos is nice person. Anne-Marie , the daughter of princess Alexia is like her great grandmother , Queen Ingrid. Arrietta, Amelia and Anne-Marie are very beutiful .
I see in Princess Theodora's instagram that she was with her boyfriend and some friends in Spain, Ibiza-Barcelona and Madrid. She has published, today a photo in Greece, she has returned with her parents to Greece, in the photo is in Afroessa. I read on facebook that Prince Nikolaos and Princess Tatiana were in Porto Heli last week.This year I have not seen published any pictures of Prince Pavlos and Marie Chantal and family in Porto Heli, with the Greek Royal family......
These photos have been shared by Princess Theodora in her Instagram, in the stories section. Princess Theodora, her boyfriend, prince philippos, prince Nikolaos and princess Tatiana and Crown prince Pavlos were in this wedding.
How is the photo of the Christmas card of King Constantine and Queen Anna Maria ?I have been reading comments from people who have received it weeks ago, but I have not seen the photo and I do not know how it is . I hope this is not again with their grandchildren, I would like to see the whole family or the King and Queen

I don't see it so far me neither.

On Monday 17 December in Athens Prince Pavlos gave a reception on the occasion of two years of presence of Prince's Trust International in Greece. He is the chairman of the Consultative Committee of this institution.

Except Prince Nikolaos who is in the picture above was also pesent the King Konstantinos with Queen Anna Maria.
Was the Crown Princess on holidays again or at a fashion show with her daughter?

Nice to see Princesses Tatiana and Theodora at the reception with the Prince of Wales at St James Palace.
I would like to specify, in December the project was presented in Athens at an event,were the King and Queen, Prince Nikolaos and Prince Pavlos . the Crown Prince Pavlos talked about the search for strategic partners to manage the project, The Hellenic Initiative is one of those strategic partners. Princess Tatiana is the International Ambassador of the Hellenic Initiative, she was present at the event by this motive. And I think that Princess Theodora has been present at this event as a representative of the Royal Family who also participates in the project .
Princess Theodora wish her mother for the Mother's Day with a lovely old picture!

"Happy Mother’s Day Mama... sending you a big kiss ��"

Princess Tatiana commented:

"Love this! Reallly made me amid - Especially @philippos9 grumpy expression xxx"

and Theodora replied:

"his expression is everything! ��"

and Philippos take part:

"haha not grumpy just so much volume in my cheeks I had no real choice ��"
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On the web, the main photo of the article is badly linked, because when you open it you see the small church that is in the cemetery, but it is the laurel wreaths of the Greek Royal Family.
Princess Irene was not in this memorial, she was in Mallorca in a musical concert with Queen sophia. In Spain is the Holy Week
Where was the Crown Princely couple on holidays/fashion show or shopping again?
Where was the Crown Princely couple on holidays/fashion show or shopping again?

It's such a disappointment that they have so little to do with the Greek people
Absolutely,Nicholas would make a far better Crown Prince.

I totally agree!

Nicholas and Tatiana are so down to earth and have such a genuine affection for Greece and it's people

Can King Constantine change the succession?
Truth. It is noted that Prince Nikolaos likes Greece and the Greek people. He would make a much better heir to the throne.
Constantin will be the last King of Greece.
Nor Pavlos or Nicholas would be heir of the Throne.
It's such a disappointment that they have so little to do with the Greek people

Eeeeermmmm... The Greek have desposed them, you remember?
Even in the recent immensely deep crisis, with the Greek state on the verge of bankruptcy and collapse, there was zero zest for a return of the monarchy.

If this kleptocratic, nepotist, corrupt, dysfunctional and bankrupt Greek state survives all this, we can finally conclude that the monarchy is dead and buried indeed.
Pavlos is the Crown Prince of the Royal house of the Hellenes, the Royal house exists, and the rest of the royal houses will continue inviting him like Crown Prince of a Royal house.
Pavlos can also be the custodian of the Crown, even though there is no throne.

Prince Pavlos is a businessman, his work forces him to live far from Greece, he lives in New York, is constantly traveling for his work, it is reasonable that he can not travel to Greece to see his parents as he would like, but he is in constant contact with them. He is the crown Prince of a Royal House.

Duc_et_pair Welcome to Greece. A country of lefts .
However, this does not prevent monarchists from existing. If we have come this far, I believe that we can continue to exist.we can continue with our dream and illusions.
:previous:Prince Pavlos, he is a Crown Prince of a Royal family as you say, that's true ... But I ask you, Is Crown Prince Pavlos and his family committed to the Royal Family?

I am a monarchist, I appreciate King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie.
But I do not think that Prince Pavlos and his family are committed to the Royal House, its history, its ancestors.... I personally do not believe it.
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