Good Morning from California

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Feb 11, 2011
Huntington Beach
United States
Hello there....
I'm new to The Royal Forums and just wanted to say "Hi" for the first time. I've been a royal watcher for years, somewhat less so since the passing of Princess Diana, but now that the upcoming wedding of William and Kate is almost upon us I have renewed interest!
I'll be looking forward to hearing all the news and making new friends, too.
So for now,


Victoria (my real name)
Hi Victoria & :welcome:
Its great having you with us & you've joined right I time before the big royal wedding.
Hi Victoria . Welcome and best wishes from Ankara/Turkey
Hello, Victoria! I'm in California right now myself, we get very little royal news - so this form is the bomb! Welcome!
Hi and welcome from Roseroyal!
Cześć Victoria!
Just wanted to say "hello!" and send warm greetings from Poland :):rose:
Welcome from just down south from you!
Welcome Victoria and best wishes from Texas! I know you will enjoy the forum!
Hello to everyone!

Thanks so much to all of you from all over the world for taking the time to welcome me to The Royal Forums! I'm excited about "The Wedding" and will love to be able to share it will all of you. Take care...
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