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Mar 31, 2008
Red Wing
United States
Hello everyone. I am new to The Royal Forums. I saw a commercial for the American Princess show and heard a prince named that I have never heard of before so I "googled" his name to find out who he is and where is he from. This forum site came up in the results so I thought I would check it out.
My grandmother was part of the Irish royalty for a long time- or at least I am told this. Something happened to her mom and dad and they came to the United States and had my grandmother. She is pure Irish blood and a Fitzgerald. She is gone now- but I remember the stories she used to tell me about when she would visit her "family". She did love Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth as well.
I myself had always wanted to meet Princess Diana and Mother Teresa. I thought that the both of them seemed to espouse and strive for things that made them majestic to me. It almost seemed that with the two of them they could have changed the world.
I was disappointed that the US has a show called American Princess. I think that it is foolish to have these women compete to be labeled with something empty. They all were saying on the "teaser commercial" I did not have confidence until this show. I was completely in shock. How could a woman go through life without confidence in her life. Of course as a human we all have doubts about little things here and there; but we have to believe in ourselves, we can not depend on others to feed us who we are in life.
I'm not saying fill our heads until they are large with an ego infestation; but how about learning more than confidence- how about they learn ettiquitte, poise that is uncommon in today's US society, how about exposure to fine arts and learning that it can be fun and amazing experiencing a life that little girls in the US are told of in fairy tales.
My family always told me that all little girls are Princesses no matter what background they have- royal or not. Some little girls have the title in reality, and some may carry themselves in their adult life as if they were worthy of the title. A title is a name- it is not everything. In your heart you must be able to care for others and support your community- not be selfish and self involved and spoiled. That is just rude and in that case we have enough of those kind of people in Paris Hilton and her kind.
What about being down to earth, being polite, using ettiquite, but also being able to let your hair down respectably and be approachable. The funny thing is sometimes I still think of myself as a princess- especially when I remember my grandmother and her stories, the castle she used to stay in summer time at, I sometimes see myself standing in the architectual beauty of the history and the green grass surrounding the castle in Ireland.
My grandmother stopped going when she was 12 to Ireland. Her parents broke off family ties, I never got a chance to know any of my relatives and as far as I know- they do not even know I exist. I dont care about the title- it is just wonderful to know there is family out there- in a world far from mine that I could learn from, hear family history from, trace my roots with and maybe experience something a couple weeks out of the year by visiting.
I may be a bit of an idealist and somewhat of a universalist with some of my thinking; but I pursue my dreams on a daily basis and strive to carry myself above what is normal for society. I do not drink, go to clubs, smoke, do drugs, be seen with many men and date- I am quiet and reserved and help others as much as I can in my community and state. I am not saying I dont have a beau- but I do not flaunt it- nor do I hide it. I am respectful and I do not enjoy making a spectacle of myself. I have never committed a crime and I will never do such a thing.
I have a favorite poem by WE HENLEY, it is called Invictus- I have it written in calligraphy, framed and hung on my wall. I read it daily because it speaks the truth and in truth there is peace.
I hope that I can become more educated on the world leaders and representatives by reading the information in this site- as least I can gather who is what from where :flowers:. Nice to meet everyone. Take care of yourselves.
Welcome to the forum, AnnaNatalie! There's a lot of information here, so I hope you enjoy reading and participating. We don't have a lot of stuff on Irish royalty, though, so please feel free to help add some information about the Irish kings.
Hi AnnaNatalie & :welcome: I hope you have a good time with us
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