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Duchess Sophie

Oct 2, 2003
On the border...
Can anyone help me with my study of godparents of royals??

Who were the godparents of princess Victoria, queen Beatrix. Prince Andrews, etc. etc. I know a few, but I would like to complete the whole image :)

Thanks in advance!!

I know that leopold 3of Belgium was godfather for queen Beatrix, and that Haakon of Norway is godfather to Eloise.
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the godparents of Queen Beatrix are at least King Leopold III of the Belgians, Grand Duke Adolphe of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (brother of Princess Juliana's father) Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone (cousin of Queen Wilhelmina) and the Countess de Kotzebue (related to Prince Bernhard)

GD Adolph was not a good choice and during & after WW2 the members of the dutch royal family broke all contacts with him, during the Olympics in Finland in 195? they even turned their backs towards him. They had a good reason to do so btw; One of Prince Berhards best friends Jhr. Roëll -husband of the nanny of Beatrix and father to Beatrix best friends Renée Smith-Roëll who is a godparent of Prince W-A- was arested by the Nazi's as he was in the resistance. Bernhard wrote his mother Armgard, who still lived in Germany and she made contact with Adolph who had a function in the Nazi-party. Adolphe refused to do anything and Jhr. Roëll was shot! The dutch royals also broke contacts with their Waldeck & Saxe-Coburg relations, which caused Pss Alice some pain (as her brother was the duke of Saxe-Coburg & a Nazi). I believe that the old wounds have healed a little as Prince Wittikinfd & his wife did attend the wedding of the crown prince on 02-02-02

Pss Victoria has at least Queen Beatrix as a godmother. The godmother of her father is Queen Juliana of the Netherlands. A while ago I asked the same question on the benelux royal MB, but I saved it on another computer, I will try to post it later on.
Prince William is godfather for baby greece i hope so he will become godfather for his baby cousin

Sara Boyce
A, thank you guys for the first replies. I just thought it could be interesting to research. I have pen and paper near me and I'm writing it down!!
from the top of my head some other prominent godparents:

Irene of the Netherlands had Queen Elizabeth, thew queen-mother. Pss Margriet the famous FD Roosevelt and Pss Christina the immortal Sir Winston Churchill.

Queen Margarethe II was a godparent to prince Willem-Alexander, just as the above metioned Renée Smith-Roëll and the Fürst Bismarck (and I believe PM Zijlstra and another man); Prince Johan-Friso has King Harald as a godfather and King Constantine II of Greece is a godfather to Prince Constantijn. I believe that an austrian Archduke of the hungarian branch (Michael?) is a gofather to one of Pss Margriet's sons. And HM Queen Beatrix is of course a godmother to the horrible Princess Margarita de Bopurbon-Parma who caused her so much grief in the last year!
from https://www.angelfire.com/de/verenasroyalty/godparents.html

Princess Anne of England: Lord Louis Mountbatten (uncle of her father), Princess Alice of Greece (her paternal grandmother), Princess Margarita of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (her paternal aunt)

Infanta Elena of Spain: Countess Maria de la Mercedes of Barcelona (her paternal grandmother), Prince Alfonso of Orleans

Infanta Cristina of Spain: Infanta Maria Cristina of Spain (her paternal grandaunt), Duke Alfonso of Cadiz (cousin of her father)

Crown Prince Pavlos : Prince Charles of Wales

Prince Felipe of Asturia: Count Juan of Barcelona (his paternal grandfather) and former Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain (his paternal great-grandmother)

from https://www.angelfire.com/de/verenasroyalty/godparents.html

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden: Crown Prince harald of Norway, Crown Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands, Princess Desiree of Sweden (her paternal aunt), Ralf Sommerlath (her maternal uncle)

Prince Carl Philipp of Sweden: Princess Birgitta of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (his paternal aunt), Prince Bertil of Sweden, Queen Margarethe II. of Denmark, Prince Leopold of Bavaria

Princess Madeleine of Sweden: Princess Christina of Sweden (her paternal aunt), Walter Sommerlath (her maternal uncle), Prince Andreas of Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha (cousin of her father), Princess Benedikte of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Prince Philippos : Princess Diana of Wales

from https://www.angelfire.com/de/verenasroyalty/godparents.html

Maria-Olympia (born 25.07.1996) has her aunt Princess Alexia of Greece (sister of her father), Prince Michael of Greece and Prince Charles of Wales as godparents.

Don Felipe Juan Froilan de Todos los Santos de Maricharlar y Borbon (born 17.07.1998) has 2 of his grandparents as godparents: King Juan Carlos I. of Spain (his maternal grandfather) and Concepcion Saenz de Tejada (his paternal grandmother)

Constantine Alexios (born 29.10.1998) has 8 godparents: his uncle Prince Nicolaos of Greece, his aunt Princess Alexandra of Fürstenberg (born as Miller), Crown Prince Felipe of Spain (cousin of his father), Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark (cousin of his father), Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, Prince William of Wales, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslayia and Doris Robbs (fried of his mother)

Princess Alexandra of Hannover (*20.07.1999) are: Princess Alexandra of Leiningen (her paternal aunt), Charlotte Casiraghi (her half-sister), Ulrike Umschneider, Maryam Sachs, Virginia Gallico, George Condo, Eric Maier

from https://www.angelfire.com/de/verenasroyalty/godparents.html

Prince Nikolai William Alexander Frederik of Denmark (*28.08.1999) has 5 godparents: his paternal uncle Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, his maternal aunt Nicola Baird, Camilla Flint, Peter Steentrup and Earl Edward of Wessex.

Count Friedrich RICHARD Oscar Jefferson von Pfeil and Klein-Ellguth (*14.09.1999) has the following godparents: his maternal uncle Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Prince Nicolaos of Greece, Prince Philipp of Hesse (both cousins of his mother), Princess Märtha Louise of Norway, Countess Andrea von Pfeil-Haag and Nadine Keltaneh-Farah.

Juan Valentin de Todos los Santos Urdangarin y de Borbon (*29.09.1999) has two godparents: his maternal aunt Duchess Elena of Lugo and his paternal uncle Mikel Urdangarin.
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well, as promised, here the list of the Benelux royals as far as I could trace, so not complete; if anyone could fill in the blanks.. :rolleyes:


Princess Joséphine-Charlotte:
- Prince Charles of Belgium, Count of Flanders
- Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg

King Baudouin:
- King Albert I of the Belgians
- Princess Margrethe of Bourbon-Parma, born Princess of Denmark

King Albert II:
- Prince Felix of Luxembourg
- Queen Elisabeth of the Belgians

The duke of Brabant:
- King Leopold III of the Belgians
- Donna Luisa Ruffo di Calabria

Princess Elisabeth:
- Archduke & Prince Amedeo of Austria-Este & Belgium
- Countess Hélène d'Udekem-d`Acoz

Prince Gabriël:
- Count Charles-Henri d’Udekem-d’Acoz
- Baroness Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg, née Maria-Christina Rossi di

Princess Astrid:
- Don Fabrizio Ruffo di Calabria, eldest brother of Paola
- Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg (later on Grand Duchess)

Archduke & Prince Amedeo:
- Prince Filip of Belgium
- Princess (actually Queen) Paola of Belgium

Archduchess & Princess Maria-Laura:
- Archduke Gerhard of Austria (eldest brother of Lorenz)
- Archduchess Maria Beatrice, Countess von Arco-Zinneberg (eldest sister of Lorenz)

Archduke & Prince Joachim:

Archduchess & Princess Luisa-Maria:
- Archduke Martin of Austria-Este
- Pilar Escriva de Romani (niece of Queen Fabiola)

Archduchess & Princess Laetitia-Maria:
- Archduke & Prince Joachim (her brother)
- Princess Nora of Liechtenstein

Prince Laurent:
- Don Bettino Ricasoli (married to Paola's second sister Donna Laura)
- Duchess Sophie of Arenberg, born Princess of Bavaria----------


Grand Duke Jean:

Princess Marie-Astrid:
- King Leopold III of the Belgians
- Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg

Archduchess Marie-Christine:
Archduke Imre:
Archduke Christoph:
Archduke Alexander:
Archduchess Gabriëlla:

Grand Duke Henri:
- Prince (now King) Albert of Belgium
- Princess Marie-Gabrielle of Luxembourg

Prince Guillaume:
- Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (*1963)
- Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg andArchduchess of Habsburg

Prince Félix:
- Maria Teresa's sister, Catalina
- Prince Jean, Henri's brother

Prince Louis:
- Henri's sister Margaretha of Lichtenstein
- Xavier Sanz (the mutual family friend who introduced Henri and Maria Teresa in 1976)

Princess Alexandra:
- Henri's cousin Prince Michel de Ligne (son of Princess Alix)
- Princesss Maria-Anna Galitzine (nee Austria)

Prince Sebastian:
- Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (his brother)
- Archduchess Astrid of Austria-Este, Princess of Belgium

Prince Jean:

- Prince Felix of Luxembourg
- Princess Margaretha of Denmark, born Princess of Sweden (eldest sister of Queen Astrid)

Princess Marguerite:
- Prince Felix of Luxembourg
- Princess Margaretha of Denmark, born Princess of Sweden (eldest sister of Queen Astrid)

Princess Maria-Annunciata:
Princess Marie-Astrid:
Prince Joseph-Emmanuel:

Prince Guillaume:

Prince Paul-Louis:
- Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg (*1981)

Prince Léopold:
- Elvire Paste de Rochefort (ex-fiancée to the son of Benedikte of
- Archduke Martin of Austria-Este

Princess Charlotte:
- Dona Pilar Mendez de Vigo y Löwenstein (now duchess of oldenburg)
- Philippe Jaczynski

Princess Elisabeth:
Princess Marie-Adelaide:
Princess Marie-Gabriëlle:
Prince Charles:
Princess Alix:



Queen Juliana:

Queen Beatrix:
- King Leopold III of Belgium
- Duke Adolf of Mecklenburg-Schwerin
- Princess Alice, coutess of Athlone
- Countess de Kotzebue

The prince of Orange:
- Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
- Gosta von Amsberg née Freein von dem Bussche
- Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
- Fürst Ferdinand von Bismarck
- Mrs Renée Smith née Lady Roëll
- Prof. Dr. Jelle Zijlstra (prime-minister at the time)

Princess Catharina-Amalia:
- unknown

Prince Johan-Friso:
- Queen Juliana
- Crownprince (now King) Harald of Norway
- Christina von Amsberg
- Johan Christian Frieherr von Jenisch
- Dr. J.H. van Royen

Prince Constantijn:
- Aschwin Prince zur Lippe-Biesterfeld
- Axel Freiherr von dem Bussche-Streithorst
- Mrs. C. de Beaufort-Sickinghe
- Dr. Max Kohnstam (founding father of Europe)
- King Constantine of Greece

Princess Eloïse:
- CP Haakon of Norway
- Prince Johan-Friso of the Netherlands
- Princess Maria-Carolina of Bourbon-Parma
- Sophie de Wouw

Princess Irene:
- Queen Elizabeth of the United Kingdom of Great-Britain & Northern
Ireland (the Queen Mother)

Prince Carlos jr.:
- Queen Juliana of the Netherlands
- Prince Xavier de Bourbon de Parme

Prince Jaime:
- Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
- Princess Madeleine de Bourbon de Parme

Princess Margarita:
- Crown Princess Beatrix (now Queen)
- Prince Sixte de Bourbon de Parme

Princess Maria-Carolina:
- Prince Claus of the Netherlands
- Princess Christina of the Netherlands
- Princess Maria-des-Neiges de Bourbon de Parme

Princess Margriet:
- FDR Roosevelt
- Crown princess Märtha of Norway (née Princess of Sweden)
- Dutch merchant fleet

Prince Maurits:
- Princess Christina of the Netherlands
- Hereditary Prince Aloys zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
- Jkhr. G. Krayenhof
- The Dutch Merchant Fleet

Prince Benrhard jr:
- Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
- Mrs C. Evelein née Baronesse Bentinck
- Ms. J. Fleischman
- Mr. J. Baron van Boetzelaer
- The Royal Air Force

Prince Pieter-Christiaan:
- Crown Princess Beatrix
- Mr. P. van Vollenhoven (paternal grandfather)
- Archduke Michael of Austria
- Mrs. M. Drabbe née Lady de Graeff
- Jkhr Mr. J. Reuchlin

Prince Floris:
- Princess Irene of the Netherlands
- Archduchess Maria Christine of Austria (wife of Archduke Michael)
- Mr. Robert McChesney
- Dr. J.W. de Pous
- Drs. F. Philips (thé Frits Pilips)
- Mr. F.A. Bierman

Princess Marijke:
- Sir Winston Churchill
- ?

Bernardo Guillermo:
- Princess Irene of the Netherlands
- Prince Claus of the Netherlands
- Ms. M.A. McTague
- Mr. J. Chapin

Nicolas Guillermo:
- Princess Margriet of the Netherlands
- Lady C.E.B. Roëll (lady-in-waiting & friend of HM Queen Juliana)
- Mrs. E. Pardies
- Mr. T. Daily
- Mr. F.O. Kielman
- Mr. S. Sesink

Juliana Guillermo:
- Queen Bearix
- Ms. S. Ryan
- Mr. Ch. Huyskamp
- Mr. J. Behlau

Prince William's godparents are:
The exiled King Constantine of the Hellenes, who lives in London
Lord Romsey (the grandson of the late Earl Mountbatten)
Princess Alexandra (a stalwart member of the Royal Family, who has undertaken royal engagements since she was a teenager)
The Duchess of Westminster (a member of the Wernher family)
Lady Susan Hussey, almost certainly the closest of the Queen's ladies-in-waiting
His father's spiritual mentor, Sir Laurens van der Post

Prince Harry's godparents are:
The Duke of York (his uncle)
Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones (daughter of Princess Margaret)
Lady Vestey
Bryan Organ, the portrait painter
Mrs William Bartholomew (a former flat-mate of the Princess of Wales)
Mr Gerald Ward (an old friend of Prince Charles)

Princess Beatrice's godparents are:
Viscount Linley (Princess Margaret's son)
Peter Palumbo (now Lord Palumbo)
The former Duchess of Roxburghe (the Yorks got engaged while staying at Floors Castle)
Mrs Harry Cottrell
Mrs John Greenall

Princess Eugenie was given:
James Ogilvy (son of Princess Alexandra)
Captain Alastair Ross
Mrs Ronald Ferguson (the Duchess's step-mother)
Mrs Patrick Dodd-Noble
Miss Louise (Lulu) Blacker
from: http://www.angelfire.com/de/verenasroyalty...godparents.html

the godparents of members of the house of Orléans (for which I have a week spot as my mothers (french) family is a (fierce) supporter of this family. For others it might be interesting awell, many nice titles are to be found ;)


1932: Princess Isabelle of France
- Duke Jean de Guise (her paternal grandfather)
- Princess Elisabeth of Orleans-Braganza (her maternal granmother)

1933: Prince Henri Philippe Pierre Marie of France (today Count of Paris, Duke of France)
- Prince Pedro of Orleans-Braganza (his maternal grandfather)
- Duchess Isabelle de Guise (his paternal grandmother)

1934: Princess Helene Astrid Leopoldine Marie of France
- King Leopold III. of Belgium
- Queen Astrid of Belgium

1935: Prince Francois of France (later Duke of Orleans)
- Prince Pedro of Orleans-Braganza (his maternal uncle)
- Princess Francoise of Greece (his paternal aunt)

1938: Princess Anne of France
- Duke of Aosta (husband of her paternal aunt)
- Countess Anna Dobrzensky (1st cousin of her mother)

1940: Princess Diane of France
- Prince Joao of Orleans-Braganza (her maternal uncle)
- Princess Maria Francisca of Orleans-Braganza (later Duchess of Braganza, her maternal aunt)

1941: Prince Michel of France (today Count of Evreux)
- all workers of France represented by M. Peyret and Mme Plumier

1941: Prince Jacques of France (today Duke of Orleans)
- all peasants of France represented by M. Ambruster and Mme Pere

1943: Princess Claude of France
- Count Juan of Barcelona
- Countess Maria de las Mercedes of Barcelona

1946: Princess Chantal of France
- Prince Alfonso of Bourbon-Sicily
- Princess Alice of Bourbon-Sicily

1948: Prince Thibaut of France (later Comte de la Marche)
- King Umberto II. of Italy
- Queen Amelie of Portugal


1957: Countess Catherine Isabelle Marie Francoise Xaviere of Limburg-Stirum
- Count Thierry of Limburg-Stirum (paternal grandfather)
- Countess Isabelle of Paris

1959: Princess Marie Isabelle of France
- Duke Philipp Albrecht of Württemberg (paternal grandfather)
- Countess Isabelle of Paris (paternal grandmother)

1959: Count Thierry Henri Francois Xavier Christian of Limburg-Stirum
- Count Henri of Paris (maternal grandfather)
- Countess Marie-Immaculée of Limburg-Stirum (paternal grandmother).

1961: Prince François Henri Louis Marie of Orleans
- Count Henri of Paris (paternal grandfather)
- Duchess Rosa of Württemberg (maternal grandmother)

1961: Duke Friedrich of Württemberg
- Duke Philipp Albrecht of Wurttemberg (maternal grandfather)
- Countess Isabelle of Paris (maternal grandmother)

1962: Count Louis of Limburg-Stirum
- King Léopold III of Belgium (also godfather of his mother)

1962: Duchess Mathilde of Württemberg
- Prince Giovanni of Bourbon-Siciles (cousin)
- Duchess Marie-Antoinette of Wurttemberg (paternal aunt).

1962: Princess Blanche Elisabeth Rose Marie of France
- Mr Michel Coulanges (friend)
- Princess Elisabeth of Bourbon-Sicilies (maternal aunt)

1963: Duke Eberhard of Württemberg
- Prince Alois of Liechtenstein
- Duchess Rosa of Wurttemberg (paternal grandmother)

1964: Duke Philipp of Württemberg
- Count Karl v. Maldeghem (friend)
- Princess Anne of France (maternal aunt)

1965: Prince Jean Charles Pierre Marie of France (Duke of Vendome)
- Duke Carl of Wurttemberg (maternal uncle)
- Princess Chantal of France (paternal aunt)

1965: Hereditary Count Damian v Schönborn-Buchheim
- Count Georg of Schönborn-Buchheim (paternal grandfather)

1965: Duke Michael of Württemberg
- Archduke Heinrich of Austria
- Archiduchess Ludmila of Austria (Heinrich's wife)

1966: Count Bruno of Limburg-Stirum
- the late Count of Limburg-Stirum (head of the house and cousin)
- Countess François du Chastel de la Howarderie, né Régine de Liedekerke (friend).

1966: Princess Cristina of Bourbon-Sicily
- Marquis of Laula (husband of her paternal aunt)
- Countess Isabelle of Paris (maternal grandmother)

1966: Princess Bianca of Savoy-Aosta
- Count Henri of Paris (maternal grandfather)
- Duchess Irene of Aosta (paternal grandmother)

1966: Count Vincent of Schönborn-Buchheim
- Count Erwein von und zu Eltz gen Faust v Stromberg

1967: Princess Maria Paloma of Bourbon-Sicily
- Don Manuel Prado y Colon de Carvajal
- Dona Paloma Eulate, Marquesa de Zuya
(both friends of her parents, who later married!)

1967: Prince Aimone of Savoy-Aosta (Duke of Apulia)
- King Juan Carlos I. of Spain
- Princess Hélène of France (maternal aunt)

1968: Countess Lorraine of Schönborn-Buchheim
- Count Henri of Paris (her maternal grandfather)

1968: Prince Eudes Thibaut Joseph Marie of France (Duke of Angouleme)
- Prince Thibaut of France (paternal uncle)
- Mme Patricia Bemberg, née Brian (friend)

1968: Prince Pedro of Bourbon-Sicily (Duke of Noto)
- Count Juan of Barcelona
- Princess Alice of Bourbon-Sicily (paternal grandmother)

1968: Clotilde d'Orleans
- Prince Charles-Philippe of Orleans, Duke of Nemours (cousin)
- Jacqueline O'Neill (maternal grandmother)

1969: Princess Mafalda of Savoy-Aosta
- Prince Heinrich of Hessen
- Queen Giovanna of Bulgaria
(Mafalda was named after Heinrich of Hessen's mother Mafalda, born as Princess of Italy like her sister Giovanna!)

1969: Countess Claire of Schönborn-Buchheim
- Duke Jacques of Orleans
- Countess Elisabeth of Schönborn-Buchheim, Mme Karamat (paternal aunt)

1970: Princess Diane of Orleans
- the duke de Sabran
- Duchess Diane of Württemberg (paternal aunt)

1971: Princess Ines of Bourbon-Sicily
- Duke Robert of Parma (brother of her paternal grandmother Alice)
- Princess Inès of Bourbon-Sicilies, Mme Morales (paternal aunt).

1971: Adelaide Jeanne Marie d'Orleans
- King Juan Carlos I. of Spain
- Miss Marie-José Menche de Loisne (now countess Geoffroy d'Aumale).

1972: Prince Charles-Louis of France (Duke of Chartres)
- Mr Daniel-Georges Courtois (friend)
- Countess Marie Solange de Odiel (Bavaria-Spain)

1973: Prince Charles-Philippe of Orleans
- Mr Jean-Louis Masurel (friend)
- Princess Isabelle Murat (daughter of princess Isabelle of France, count of Paris' eldest sister)

1974: Prince Foulques of Orleans (Duke of Aumale)
- the present Duke de Sabran (maternal uncle)
- Princess Marie-Louise de Robech

1976: Axel de Sambucy de Sorgue
- Baron Blaise de Sambucy (uncle)
- Duchess Mathilde of Wurttemberg (his cousin)

1976: Prince Robert of Orleans (Comte de la Marche)
- Viscount Paul de la Panouse (friend)
- Princess Claude of France (paternal aunt)

1977: Count Melchior of Schönborn-Buchheim
- Countess Isabelle of Paris (maternal grandmother)

1977: Duchess Fleur of Württemberg
- King Juan Carlos I. of Spain
- King Simeon of Bulgaria
- Fürstin Marie Charlotte von Quadt

1978: Alexandre de Sambucy de Sorgue
- Duke Jacques of Orleans (maternal uncle)
- Baronne Louis de Sambucy (paternal grandmother)

1979: Prince Louis-Philippe of Orleans
- Count Charles de Bourbon-Busset (friend)
- Countess Isabelle of Paris (maternal grandmother)

1979: Kildine de Sambucy de Sorgue
- Count Valdemar of Rosenborg (son of Aage of Denmark)
- Countess Isabelle of Paris (maternal grandmother)

1982: Prince François of Orleans
- Count Friedrich-Karl of Schoenborn-Buchheim (husband of his paternal aunt Isabelle)
- Baronne Rosario de Manda-Grancey.


1989: Céleste Galrao
- Luis-Felipe Tome and Baron Eric d'Huart
- Béatrice Deleu

1989: Countess Marie-Therese of Waldburg-Zeil
- Count Peter v u z Eltz
- Countess Georgiana of Quadt (cousin of her father)

1990: Princess Leopoldine Eleonore Therese of Liechtenstein
- Prince Eudes of France (maternal uncle)
- Princess Eleonore of Liechtenstein (paternal aunt)

1990: Countess Elisabeth of Waldburg-Zeil
- Duc Friedrich of Württemberg (maternal uncle)
- the Princess Fugger von Babenhausen

1991: Contessa Viola Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
- Count Giangaleazzo Visconti di Modrone (cousin)
- Princess Anna-Lucia of Furstenberg

1991: Princess Maria-Immaculata of Liechtenstein
- Prince Jean of France (maternal uncle)
- Princess Amdegunde of Liechtenstein (Adelgunde?, paternal aunt)

1992: Countess Marie-Charlotte of Waldburg-Zeil
- Count Anton Keglevitch von Buzins
- Countess Adelheid of Waldburg-Zeil (paternal aunt)

1993: Prince Johann-Wenzel Karl Emmeran of Liechtenstein
- Prince Emmeran of Liechtenstein (paternal uncle)
- Princess Blanche of France (maternal aunt)

1993: Contessa Vera Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
- Duke Aimone of Apulia (maternal uncle)
- Verde Visconti di Modrone

1993: Countess Gloria of Limburg-Stirum
- Antony della Faille de Leverghem
- Countess Christian de Limburg-Stirum, née Css Colienne d'Oultremont

1993: Countess Helene of Waldburg-Zeil
- Duc Michael of Württemberg (maternal uncle)
- Cristina Longarini (friend)

1993: Orian Galrao
- Dr Jean-François Buiyschaert
- Countess Hélène of Limburg-Stirum (maternal grandmother)

1994: Duchess Sophie of Württemberg
- Duke Eberhard of Württemberg (her paternal uncle)
- Countess Maria Assunta Huyn

1994: Duke Wilhelm Friedrich of Württemberg
- Prince Wilhelm zu Wied (his maternal uncle)
- Hereditary Count Erich of Waldburg-Zeil and Trauchburg (husband of his aunt Mathilde)
- Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

1995: Princess Marguerite Franziska Daria of Liechtenstein
- Prince François of France (maternal uncle)
- Princess Daria of Thurn und Taxis (first cousin of her father)

1995: Louis-Nicolas Crépy
- François Dubrule (friend)
- Stéphanie d'Alcantara de Querrieur, Mme Favre d'Echallens (friend)

1996: Duchess Marie-Amelie of Württemberg
- Duc Philipp of Württemberg (paternal uncle)
- Countess Stephan-Georg of Waldbourg-Zeil, née Diana zu Lodron-Laterano

1996: Charles-Edouard Alvaro Marie Crepy
- Contess Tatjana of Blanckenstein
- Alvaro de Mora Narvaez

1996: Count Gaspard/Melchior of Limburg-Stirum
- Count Christophe de Limburg-Stirum (first cousin of his father)
- Countess René-Michel de Looz-Corswaren, née Css Marina de Lannoy (maternal aunt)

1996: Countess Marie-Gabrielle of Waldburg-Zeil
- the Prince of Windisch-Graetz (first line) and wife, Angelika Bovenschen.
- Duchess Fleur of Württemberg (maternal aunt)

1997: Duchess Pauline of Württemberg
- Countess Adelheid of Rechberg (cousin of her mother)
- Princess Helene of Bavaria (maternal aunt)

1997: Duchess Sophie-Dorothee Martina Johanna Charitas Maria of Württemberg
- Hereditary Countess Martina of Quadt
- Count Johannes of Schaesberg

1997: Archduke Johannes Rudolph Antonio Maria of Austria
- Archduke Rudolf of Austria (his paternal grandfather)
- Duchess Anne of Calabria (his maternal grandmother)

1997: Contessa Mafalda Arrivabene-Valenti-Gonzaga
- Emmanuele Gamma (friend)
- Princess Mafalda of Savoy-Aosta (maternal aunt)
- Countess Gianmaria Visconti di Modrone, née Princess Violante Carracciolo

1998: Prince Philippe of Orléans
- the Vicomte de Noailles

1998: Archduke Ludwig of Austria
- Fürstin Maria Anna Galitzine (his paternal aunt)
- Senora Cristina Lopez-Quesada (his maternal aunt)

Count Henri of Paris as godfather for his grandchildren:
1959: Count Thierry of Limburg-Stirum
1961: Prince Francois of France
1968: Countess Lorraine of Schönborn-Buchheim

Countess Isabelle of Paris as godmother for her grandchildren:
1959: Countess Catherine of Limburg-Stirum
1959: Princesse Marie Isabelle of France
1961: Duke Friedrich of Württemberg
1966: Princess Cristina of Bourbon-Sicily
1977: Count Melchior of Schönborn-Buchheim
1979: Prince Louis-Philippe of France
1979: Kildine de Sambucy de Sorgue

That means: Isabelle (2x), Henri (2x), Helene (2x), Anne, Diane, Chantal and Thibaut choose their parents as godparents for their children!!!

Crown Prince Haakon
His godparents included the three Scandinavian monarchs, King Olav of Norway, King Carl Gustav of Sweden and Queen Margrethe of Denmark.


Maud Angelica
godparents included two of Ari's best friends, actor Kaare Conradi and Labour party politician Trond Giske, as well as his sister, Anja Sabrina Bjoershol, and Martha Louise's close confidente Marianne Ulrichsen.
PS, thank you Josephine for showing me this site as I was trying to collect as much info as poossible on godpaents of the members of the house of Orleans (retreaved the Wurttemburg ones by reading Pss Diana's biography (strange woman)

...now I have to rush, all these royal godparents kept my boyfriend waiting (well, he is udes to that by now :p
Crown Prince Frederik
His godparents were Queen Anne-Marie of Greece née Princess of Denmark, Grand Duchess Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg née Princess of Belgium, Prince George of Denmark, Etienne de Laborde de Monpézat, Birgitta Juel Hillingsø, and Baron de Watteville-Berckheim.
Wow, thank you Josefine!!!

And Helena!!!

I'm already quite far (optimistic me: I still have to do a lot of researching families)

Has anyone more info or resources for me??
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what about Countess of Wessex become godparents?

Sara Boyce
Originally posted by Helena@Dec 12th, 2003 - 2:34 pm
King Constantine II of Greece is a godfather to Prince Constantijn.
I think Constantijn was named for his godfather King Constantine, too, wasn't he?
well, it appears to be so, but the queen never said so. She only commented that she liked the name (which is not uncommon in dutch, one of our most famous scientists from the golden age was named constantijn huygens). But maybe he is named after the king & beatrix did not want to say it because it would cause trouble to the RF as King Constantine was far from popular in Europe in those days because of his alleged sympathies for the horrible 'colonel-regime' in Greece. And it might had caused some diplomatic incident between Greece and The Netherlands as well because the greeks just had disposed their king.
Out of curiosity, are princes, princesses, Queens, et. al who have been bestowed such titles ever chosen as godparents? With the exception of Princess Diana and Prince Bernhard (husband of Queen Juliana), it seems that the royal godparents chosen are all of royal birth rather than those who have become royal through their marriage.

For example, King Harald, King Gustav, Queen Beatrix and Queen Margrethe II are the godparents of multiple royal offspring. But I don't see their spouses, Queen Sonja, Queen Silvia, the late Prince Claus and Prince Henrik respectively, named as the godparents of any royal offspring listed here.

In the future, could we see Mary, Letizia, Maxima, Mette-Marit, Prince William's wife and Crown Prince Victoria's husband, etc. be chosen as the godparents of any royal offspring?

Or are spouses who marry into royal families not chosen as godparents of royal offspring because they might divorce out of royal families (so to speak) as was the case with Diana, and the godparents might no longer be considered royal anymore?

Another example: With the birth of Catharina-Amalia, might Willem and Maxima choose Laurentien or Mabel, Marilene or Annette (wives of Willem's cousins Maurits and Bernhard, Jr.) as godmothers for the baby princess?
Prince Albert of Monaco: Prince Louis de Polignac and Queen Victoria-Eugenia of Spain

Princess Stephanie of Monaco: John Brendon Kelly Jr. (brother of Princess Grace) and Elisabeth de Massy (niece of Rainier)

Pablo Urdangarin y de Borbon: Prince Kubrat of Bulgaria and Princess Alexia of Greece

Princess Sofia of Bulgaria: Crown Prince Felipe of Spain

Prince Michael of Kent: President Franklin D. Roosevelt

Godparents of Queen Elizabeth II: King George V (paternal grandfather), Queen Mary (paternal grandmother), Princess Mary [Viscountess Lascelles] (aunt), The Duke of Connaught (great-great-uncle), The Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne (maternal grandfather), Lady Elphinstone

Godparents of Zara Phillips: Colonel Andrew Parker-Bowles and Mrs. Jackie Stewart (wife of the racing driver)

Godparents of Prince Achileas-Andreas of Greece: Infanta Elena of Spain, Princess Theodora of Greece, Prince Kardam of Bulgaria, Princess Rosario of Bulgaria, and Prince Guillaume of Luxembourg

Godparents of Maria Fernandez y Gomez-Acebo: Olga Fernandez-Sastron (paternal aunt) and Crown Prince Felipe of Spain

Godparents of Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones: Lady Bruce Dundas, Nigel Harvey, Nick Powell, Orlando Rock, Lucinda Cecil, and Rita Konig

Godparents of Prince Georg of Liechtenstein: Prince Constantin of Liechtenstein (his uncle)

Godparents of Elisabeth von Lattorff: Princess Angela of Liechtenstein (her aunt)

Godparents of Lady Alexandra Mountbatten: the Countess of Wessex

Godparents of Countess Leonie zu Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems: Crown Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands and Archduchess Maria Paloma of Austria

Godparents of Princess Marie-Caroline of Liechtenstein: Duchess Elisabeth of Bavaria (her aunt)

Godparents of Lady Ella Mountbatten: the Earl of Wessex

Godparents of Prince Joseph Wenzel of Liechtenstein: Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein (his uncle)

Godparents of Duke Wilhelm of Wurttemburg: Prince Wilhelm zu Wied, Hereditary Count Erich zu Waldburg-Zeil und Trauchburg, Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein

Godparents of Archduke Alexander of Austria (son of Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg): Archduchess Constantza of Austria and Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein

Godparents of Archduke Imre of Austria: Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein

Godparents of Lady Helen Taylor: the late Princess Margaret, Sir Angus Ogilvy, Mrs. David Butler, Sir Philipp Hay,

Godparents of Princess Theodora of Greece: Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, King Michael of Romania, Crown Prince Alexander of Yugoslavia, and Queen Margrethe II of Denmark

Godparents of Prince Philippos of Greece: Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh, Diana the Princess of Wales

I forgot to add the godparents of Princess Maria Carolina of Bourbon-Two Sicilies: Prince Laurent of Belgium, Prince Pierre de Arenberg, Anna Maria Pisanu, and Ines Sastre

also the new godparents of Countess Ingrid von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth:
Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Princess Alexia of Greece, Countess Bettina von Pfeil und Klein-Ellguth, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, Prince Geo zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Hohenstein, and Mr. Martin Bleyer.
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Question- what's the point of choosing DIFFERENT godparents for your kiddies? Yes, it might have a diplomatic approach if you choose one friend for one and another friend for the other but...what's the point? I mean if you kick the bucket would you really want your kids to be separated? And if there are 4 godparents for your kids and they're in different countries, how do they decide who the kid's gonna' go to? What if there's a tug of war?
Godparents are meant to ensure the spiritual guidance of your child, not necessarily to take care of your child(ren) in case of an untimely passing by you or your spouse. That would be the role of a guardian. So, some of these royal offspring could have one set of godparents and another set of guardians. Or their godparents could also be their guardians.

For example, I have a goddaughter who also has an older sister. But I am also the legal guardian of both girls should anything (knock on wood) happen to their parents, even though I am not the godparent of the elder sister.

In the case of Konstantinos, the eldest son of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal, who has many godparents, if something were to happen to the couple, he and his siblings, who have other godparents altogether, might be placed in the care of Nikolaos, who is only the godfather of one (? - at any rate, he is not the godfather of all three children) or even the King and Queen.
I know what godparents are. I'm still confounded. What's the point of giving 10 godparents to your kids? I.e. with Constantin-Alexios of Greece: Willie of Wales, Vickan of Sweden...etc. Is he ever really going to see those people? My stars...Wouldn't it be better to keep the godparentship to your close friends/family? How would they decide who the kids go to in the event of "kick the bucket-...ing"?
Princess Ragnhild Alexandra of Norway was christened in Slottskapellet (the Palace Chapel) in Oslo on 27 June 1930. Her godparents were King Haakon VII of Norway; Queen Maud of Norway; Prince Carl of Sweden; Princess Ingeborg of Sweden; King Gustaf V of Sweden; Princess Victoria of the UK; Princess Margaretha of Denmark; and Prince Albert (later King George VI) of the UK, Duke of York.

Princess Astrid Maud Ingeborg of Norway was christened in Slottskapellet (the Palace Chapel) in Oslo on 31 March 1932. Her godparents were King Haakon VII of Norway; Queen Maud of Norway; Prince Carl of Sweden; Princess Ingeborg of Sweden; Princess (later Queen) Astrid of Belgium; Elizabeth, Princess (later Queen) of the UK, Duchess of York; Princess Thyra of Denmark; Prince Eugen of Sweden; and Prince George of the UK (later Duke of Kent).

Prince Harald of Norway, later King Harald V of Norway, was christened in Slottskapellet (the Palace Chapel) in Oslo on 31 March 1937. His godparents were King Haakon VII of Norway; Queen Maud of Norway; Prince Carl of Sweden; Princess Ingeborg of Sweden; King George VI of the UK; Queen Mary of the UK; King Léopold III of the Belgians; and Crown Princess (later Queen) Ingrid of Denmark

Princess Märtha Louise of Norway was christened in Slottskapellet (the Palace Chapel) in Oslo on 19 October 1971. Her godparents were Princess Margaretha of Denmark; King Olav V of Norway; Dagny Haraldsen (grandmother); Haakon Haraldsen (uncle); Princess Ragnhild of Norway; Count Flemming of Rosenborg; Nils Jørgen Astrup (friend of parents); and Ilmi Riddervold (friend of mother).

Prince (later Crown Prince) Haakon Magnus of Norway was christened in Slottskapellet (the Palace Chapel) in Oslo on 20 September 1973. His godparents were King Olav V of Norway; King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden; Queen Margrethe II of Denmark; Princess Astrid of Norway; Princess Anne of the UK; and Prince Carl Bernadotte.

Children of Princesses Ragnhild Mrs Lorentzen and Astrid Mrs Ferner:

Haakon Lorentzen was christened in Asker kirke (Asker church) in Asker on 25 September 1954. His godparents were Princess Ingeborg of Sweden; King Haakon VII of Norway; Crown Prince Olav (later King Olav V) of Norway; Princess Astrid of Norway; Ragna Lorentzen (grandmother); and Erik F. Lorentzen (uncle).

Ingeborg Lorentzen, later Ingeborg Lorentzen Ribeiro, was christened in Slottskapellet (the Palace Chapel) in Oslo on 24 April 1957. Among her godparents was Princess Ingeborg of Sweden.

Ragnhild Alexandra Lorentzen was christened in Asker kirke (Asker church) in Asker on 2 September 1968. Her godparents were King Olav V of Norway; Princess Margaretha of Denmark; Luciano Machado (Brazilian friend of parents); ______ Machado (wife of Luciano Machado); Gunnar Sønsteby (friend of father); and Bitten Nordstrøm (friend of mother).

Cathrine Ferner, later Cathrine Ferner Johansen, was christened in Holmenkollen kapell (Holmenkollen chapel) in Oslo on 4 October 1962. Her godparents were King Olav V of Norway; Princess Ragnhild of Norway; Princess Margaretha of Denmark; Prince Georg of Denmark; Hereditary Grand Duchess (later Grand Duchess) Joséphine-Charlotte of Luxembourg; Ragnhild Ferner Jacobsen (grandmother); Finn Chr. Ferner (uncle); and Knut Ferner Robson.

Elisabeth Ferner, later Elisabeth Ferner Beckman, was christened in Holmenkollen kapell (Holmenkollen chapel) in Oslo on 30 May 1969. Among her godparents was Crown Princess (later Queen) Sonja of Norway, Countess Ruth of Rosenborg and Countess Madeleine Ullens de Schooten.

Gustaf Magnusson (son of Pss Cristina of Sweden) has Queen Sonja of Norway among his godparents
Sibylla Ambler (daughter of Pss Margaretha of Sweden) has Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands amng her godparents
Prince Hubertus of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen (son of Prince Johan Georg and Pss Birgitta of Sweden) has his uncle King Carl Gustaf among his godparents
and soon we will know what godperents there will be for the new born princesses...
I have asked the following question here: Crown Princess Victoria, News Part 7 in regards to Victoria of Sweden being chosen as one of Ingrid Alexandra of Norway's godparents.

Out of curiosity, what is the role royal godparents play in the lives of the children to whom they are godparents to? Aside from the baptism day of Konstantin Alexios, has Victoria spent more time with him? Or is she a godmother in name only? I have an 8-year-old goddaughter and see her at least once a week and we spend a lot of time together. But considering busy schedules and geography, how much time does Victoria get to spend with Konstantin Alexios?

More on Ingrid Alexandra of Norway's godparents and her baptism here: Ingrid Alexandra's Baptism
For Catharina-Amalia:

Crown Princess Victoria, and hopefully other Royals!
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