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Who are QMII's, Queen Anne-Marie's, and Princess Benedikte's godparents?
Prince Michael of Kent also had President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a godfather.

Queen Elizabeth II:
Lady Rose Leveson-Gower (Sister to the Queen Mum)
HRH Prince Arthur, Duke of Connaught (Son of Queen Victoria)
TM King George V and Queen Mary

The Earl of St. Andrews' eldest child, Lord Downpatrick, has the late Diana, Princess of Wales as a godmother.
Does anyone know who Lady Davinia Windsor's godparents are?
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Does anyone know who Lady Davinia Windsor's godparents are?
According to a clip in the Court Circular (Times,) Davina's baptism took place at Barnwell Church on Febr 19, 1978. Her godparents included Mark Phillips (the then husband of Pss Anne), the Earl of Dalkeith. Lady Camoys Roger Wellesley Smith, Baroness Caroline Rosenorn and Mrs Michael Wigley.
And Prince Filipe of Spain and Prince Charles?
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And Prince Filipe of Spain and Prince Charles?
Felipe was baptised on Feb 8, 1968 -his godparents were his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia of Spain and his grandfather, the count of Barcelona

Prince Charles of Edinburgh, as he was then styled, was baptised on 12/15/1948
his godparents were George VI, Queen Mary, Princess Margaret, Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven, Lady Brabourne, David Bowes Lyon, the King of Norway and Prince George of Greece.
Lord Athlone represented the king and the duke of Edinburgh represented Prince George.
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Has Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II been godmother of anyone else? :flower:
Queen Elizabeth II has 30 godchildren.
Prince Jean of Nassau (son of Guillaume and Sibilla) was christened yesterday. His godparents were Andre Correa do Lago (brother-in-law of Princess Sibilla) and Grafin Gabriella von Waldburg-Zeil.

Does anybody know who the godparents of Guillaume and Sibilla's other children are?
im not sure about Princess Louise of Belgium's godparents yet!

her mother's grandmother wanted more private or secret i have no idea why kind her grandmother told in the newspaper! needs more friendly to Royals and friends than family!

Sara Boyce

Who are Nikolai and Felix godfathers and godmothers ???

The godparents were Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Edward of Great Britain (He didn't attend the christening though.), Nicola Baird (Princess Alexandra's sister), Camilla Flinth (a friend of Alexandra) and Peter Steenstrup (a friend of Prince Joachim).


The godparents were Martina Bent (sister of Princess Alexandra), Count Christian Ahlefeldt-Laurvig (friend), Annick Boel (lady-in-waiting of Princess Alexandra), Oscar Davidsen Siesbye (friend of Prince Joachim and Damian Sibley.

Information found at http://www.nettyroyal.nl/.
samitude said:

The godparents were ... and Peter Steenstrup (a friend of Prince Joachim).
We know him :D He's really nice!!!

We think that they both have great god-parents, though it's kinda rare that there's not more Royalties!
thank you all for the great help you do when listing different Godparents
Thought I would list the godparents of Princess Louise of Belgium:

Marie-Claude Solvay and HSH Princess Margaretha of Liechtenstein (nee Luxembourg)

I also have some names I don't have godparents for. If anyone can help with any of these names thanks in advance!

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark
Prince Joachim of Denmark
Princess Benedikte of Denmark
Prince Gustav zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Princess Alexandra zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Princess Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones
Arthur Chatto
King Constantine II of Greece
Queen Anne-Marie of Greece
Prince Nikolaos of Greece
Princess Irene of Greece
Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg
Prince Rainier III of Monaco
Princess Caroline of Monaco
Pierre Casiraghi
Queen Sofia of Spain

Thanks again for any help!
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Yeah! I wanna know who the God parents of the Danish ladies are (QMII, Princess Benedikte, and QAM)!!!
Pope Benedict XV was the godfather of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg.

Grand Duchess Charlotte of Luxembourg was godmother of Grand [size=-1]Duchess Josephine-Charlotte.[/size]
soure: https://www.geocities.com/luxroyalty/jean1.html

Infanta Elena Maria, Isabel, Dominica de Silos de Borbon y Grecia
Her godparents were her paternal grandmother, Maria de las Mercedes de Borbon y Orleans, the Countess of Barcelona, and His Royal Highness Alfonso de Orleans y Borbon.

Infanta Cristina, Federica de Borbon y Grecia
Her godparents were Don Alfonso de Borbon, the Duke of Cadiz, and her Royal Highness Cristina de Borbon y Battemberg.

Prince Felipe de Borbon y Grecia
His godparents were His Royal Highness the Count of Barcelona, Juan de Borbon, and his great-grandmother, Queen Victoria Eugenia.

Andrea Albert Pierre Casiraghi
His godparents were his aunt Stephanie (Princess Caroline's sister) and his uncle Marco Casiraghi (Stefano's brother).

Pierre Rainier Stephano Casiraghi
His godparents are his uncle Prince Albert of Monaco, and his paternal aunt Laura, wife of his uncle Daniele Casiraghi and mother of cousin Fernanda.

Princesse Caroline de Monaco
Her godparents were the then 10-year-old Margaret David (1st cousin) and Seine Durchlaucht Georg 3. Fürst Festetics de Tolna, whose father is a half-brother of Caroline's great-grandfather Son Altesse Sérénissime Louis II Prince Souverain de Monaco.

Princess Irene of Greece
The South African leader, General Smuts, was her Godfather. (I don't know if she has more.)

For the British royal, try this site https://mypage.uniserve.ca/~canyon/christenings.html.
It's a good one.
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Is it possible to get the dates for the Christenings of all these Royals? I would love to see those.

Nicholas Trahan
Crownprince (later King) Frederik of Denmark, crownprincess (later Queen) Juliana of The Netherlands and Princess Sybilla of Sweden were godparents to Prince Friedrich-Wilhelm of Prussia (eldest son of Prince Louis-Ferdinand and his lovely wife Grand Duchess Kira Wladimirovna of Russia)
correction: make that the lovely Grand Duchess Kira Kirillovna.
Miguel urdangarin,Felipe de Borbon and Lucia Urdangarin
Victoria Federica De Marichalar,Felipe de Borbon and the sister of Jaime de marichalar
Recent updates:

HRH Prince Odysseas Kimon of Greece:
HRH Prince Philippos of Greece, Nassos Thanopoulos, Arki Busson, Chris Thomsen, HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, HRH Princess Olga of Greece, HH Princess Alexandra zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg

Leah Isadora Behn:
Espen Bjorshol, Didrik Vigsnaes, Jon Andreas Hatun, HRH Princess Laurentien of the Netherlands, Gry Brusletto, Katharina Salbu

Irene Urdangarin y de Borbon:
Pedro Lopez-Quesada, HRH Princess Rosario of Bulgaria
what about Maxima's baby will chose as godparents? and Mary's baby? Merit-Marit's baby for godparents?

Sara Boyce
Prince Floris of the Netherlands also has the Canadian Legion as a godparent
Does anyone know who the godparents of Luana are ? ( daughter Prince Friso)

No. But I suppose it is gonna be her sister (Nicoline) of Mabel, because Mabel is the godparent of her sisters daughter (Lotte) and maybe Constantijn (Friso's brother)
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