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sara1981 said:
what about Maxima's baby will chose as godparents? and Mary's baby? Merit-Marit's baby for godparents?

Sara Boyce

we do not know yet who will be the godparents this is a thread we talk about who are the godparents to born royal children when the christning is we will know more
I was just thinking about the current Greek royal family and the children's godparents.

I know that Prince Pavlos had most of the crown princes and crown princesses of Europe be godparents to his eldest son (can't remember the name) which I found interesting. I know that most of them are his relatives but it kind of sends a message (sort of saying 'my son is heir to the throne too'). Does it make sense? Heck, I'm not sure if I even understand myself!

In contrast to this, Princess Elisabeth of Belgium has her aunt and her cousin as her godparents. I find this quite intimate and sweet.
who were the godparents of catharina amalia finally?
carlota said:
who were the godparents of catharina amalia finally?

Prince Constantijn
Princess Victoria of Sweden
Mr. H. D. Tjeenk Willink.

what about the luxembourgian five?

who are godparents of Guillaume, Félix, Louis, Alexandra & Sébastien?
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Tina said:
Prince Constantijn
Princess Victoria of Sweden
Mr. H. D. Tjeenk Willink.

also Samantha Deane (now Barones Rengers) and Martin Zorreguietta. I believe a friend of Willem-Alexander as well but I am not sure about that one. MR Tjeenk Willink is the chairman of the counsil of State.
Marengo said:
also Samantha Deane (now Barones Rengers) and Martin Zorreguietta. I believe a friend of Willem-Alexander as well but I am not sure about that one. MR Tjeenk Willink is the chairman of the counsil of State.

are you sure? koninklijkhuis.nl said Constantijn, Victoria & Tjeenk :confused:
i read that samantha was as well godmother, but i don't know anything about martin. were alexia's godparents announced?
I am absolutely certain of it. In the dutch version it says that 'among others' Prince Constantijn, Crownprincess Victoria and Herman Tjeenk-Willink were godparents, which means that there are more. I remember these two, but the 6th one I forgot. I did a quick google search yesterday but I could not find it. I am however certain that the 6th one is a (dutch) friend ot the crownprince.

Alexia's godparents are not announced yet. Everybody assumes that Princess Laurentien will be one of them. Probably she will also have a crownprince(ss) a her godparent.
Alexia , Luana , Felicia , the babies of Mathilde , Mary , Letzia , Mette-Marit and Claire , they all need godparents .Who do you think that their parents will choose ? :)

I think :

Princess Alexia : Princess Laurentien , Prince Johan Friso , The youngest brother of Maxima (Juan ?) , prince Filip or Princess Mathilde

Baby of Mathilde and Filip : Elisabeth ( sister of Mathilde ) and maybe a cousin from Luxembourg

Baby of Mary and Frederick : Prince Felipe , Princess Victoria

Baby of Letizia and Felipe : Infante Elena , Prince Haakon

Baby of Mette-Marit and Haakon : Prince Charles , Prince William , Princess Laurentien , Infante Christina

Babies of Claire and Laurent : Princess Mathilde , Princess Maria-Laura, Nicolas( brother of Claire) Pieter of Holland
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I think:
For Alexia Juliana: Laurentien, Mathilde, one of Maximas siblings and Prince Haakon

For Fredrik and Mary: John Donalson, Haakon, Victoria, Amber Petty(i think she is going to be a godparent but i hope she donsn't), Joachim or Henrik

For Felipe and Letizia: Telma, Alexia,Pavlos, Fredrik, Haakon, Cristina or Juan Carlos

And since Felipe, Victoria and Fredrik alredy is some of the godparentss of Ingrid Alex, I think this can be some of the seven godparents for the new baby to Haakon and Mette-Marit: Edward or Sophie, Rosario or Kyril, Kristin Höiby Björnöy(MM's sister), Queen Sonja, Maxima or WA, Morten Andressen(A friend of Mette) and Marie-Chantal or Pavlos. Here is a thred of the guess of the godparents for Norways new prince or Princess: http://www.theroyalforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=7319
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For Denmark id say Crown Princess Victoria , John Donaldson Frederiks Brother (cant spell his name ) and Crown Prince Haakon also Marys sisters

For Crown Prince Haakons child id say
Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine plus Felipe, Letizia Kyril of Bulgaria and Nikolous of Greece
For Felipe : His Sisters and Brothers in law And Prince William and the Prince of Wales and Prince Harry for whom the Earl of Wessex will stand proxy Letizias sisters
Alexia: Laurentien, Johan Friso, Felipe, Ines or Juan Zorreguieta, Haakon or William
Letizia: Cristina, Willem-Alexander, Maxima
Mary: Victoria, Haakon, Jane or John Donaldson
Mette-Marit: Willem-Alexander, Máxima, William, mary
Luana: Willem-Alexander
I dont think any of those couples will ask Prince William to be godfather for one of their babies, as William seems does not have any close/ friends to any of them.But i would say:
Princess Alexia : Princess Laurentien(i would love to see Princess Laurentien to be Alexia's Godmother), Prince Johan Friso or Mabel, one of Maxima's siblings, Prince Haakon.
Princess Mary's baby: Princess Victoria of Sweden, Haakon, Jane Donaldson and Prince Joachim but i would love to see if Mary loves to ask Alexandra.
Princess Letizia's baby: Queen Sofia, Princess Cristina, or Infanta Elena.
Princess Mette Marrit's baby: The Earl and Countess of Wessex, Princess Mathilde of Belgium, Princess Mary of Denmark.
Princess Alexia's of Greece baby: Infanta Chrisina (Alexia is godmother of Pablo, son of Christina), Prince Haakon, maybe Letizia
Princess Letizia's baby: King Juan Carlos, one of the Infantas, her grandmother Menchu
Princess Mette-Marrit's baby: Letizia, Victoria
Helena said:
Princess Elisabeth:
- Archduke & Prince Amedeo of Austria-Este & Belgium
- Countess Hélène d'Udekem-d`Acoz

Prince Gabriël:
- Count Charles-Henri d’Udekem-d’Acoz
- Baroness Hans-Ulrich von Freyberg, née Maria-Christina Rossi di

Prince Emmanuel´s godparents:
Countess Elisabeth D´Udekem d´Acoz
hereditairy Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxemburg
Any Godparent Guesses
Princess Marthe Louise of Norway's godmother Queen Margarethe of Denmark
And finally the godparents of HRH Princess Alexia Juliana Marcela Laurentien of The Netherlands:

HRH Crownprincess Mathilde of Belgium
HRH Pince Johan-Friso of Orange-Nassau
Jonkheer Mr. Frans de Beaufort
Mw. Drs. Alexandra Jankovish de Jeszenice
Juan Zorreguietta
and we know now that King Juan Carlos and queen Sofia will be godparents to the little infanta
And finally little Luana has godparents too:

The godparents of HE Countess Emma Luana Ninette Sophie of Orange-Nassau, Jonkvrouwe van Amsberg are:
HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg
Eveline Wisse Smit
Sophie, Baroness von der Recke
Emma Bonino
Two of Olga Nikolaievna's Godparents were Queen Olga of Greece, and Maria Fyodorovna
About the 11th generation of the Spanish House of Borbon here is the complete list:

Felipe Juan Froilán: King Juan Carlos and Countess Concepción Saenz de Tejada (paternal grandmother)
Juan Valentín: Infanta Elena & Mikel Urdangarín (Iñaki's younger brother)
Victoria Federica: Prince Felipe and Ana de Marichalar (Jaime's sister)
Pablo Nicolás: Princess Alexia of Greece and Prince Kubrat of Bulgaria
Miguel: Prince Felipe and Lucía Urdangarín (Iñaki's sister)
Irene: Rosario Nadal, Princess of Preslav and Pedro López Quesada (husband of Cristina de Borbón-Dos Sicilias)
Leonor: King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofía
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Baby Denmark : CP Haakon , CP Victoria , Prince Joachim , one of mary's sisters , Oueen Margrethe

Sverre of Norway : Maruis , Martha-Louise , Prince Carl-Phillip

Twins Laurent and Claire : CP Mathilde and Nicole or Maria-Laura , Claire's brother , Nicholas
Marius is too young to be a godparent. In the Lutheran churches, the minimum age is 14, I think (at least it is in the Faroes, as far as I know).
Gloriana said:
Marius is too young to be a godparent. In the Lutheran churches, the minimum age is 14, I think (at least it is in the Faroes, as far as I know).

In the Norwegian Lutheran Church, it is 15, as you're confirmated around that age. Thus Marius can't be Sverre Magnus' godfather. And all of Mette-Marit's siblings are godparents of Marius - so it depends on if Haakon and Mette-Marit wants to "reuse" them.
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how aboy the queen of denmark who did she get as godperents
I recently came across this info from worldroots.com on Peter and Zara Phillips christenings and their godparents.

Zara Phillips (b. 15 May 1981) was christened Zara Anne Elizabeth on 27 July 1981 in the Private Chapel, Windsor Castle, by the Dean of Windsor, the Rt Rev. Michael Mann. Her godparents were: her uncle the Duke of York; the Countess of Lichfield; Mrs Jackie Stewart; Colonel Andrew Parker- Bowles; and Mr Hugh Thomas.

Peter Phillips (b. 15 November 1977) was christened Peter Mark Andrew Phillips on 22 December 1977 in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Donald Coggan. His godparents were: his uncle the Prince of Wales; the Rt Rev. Geoffrey Tiarks; Captain Hamish Lochare; Lady Cecil Cameron of Lochiel; and Mrs Timothy Holderness-Roddam.
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