General News & Information about Albert, Charlene & Family 5: July 2020 - Jan. 2022

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At least Albert seems to give his children plenty of attention.
It's admirable, with Charlene so sick.

The children need normality and wonderful to see them on holidays.
I agree with all who have mentioned that Albert could easily pass off parenting duties to nannies and other staff. However it does appear to me that he is doing his best to provide some continuous and daily support to his two young children who have experienced a major disruption in their very young lives. I like how he and the children have obviously received support from his sisters and their children too.

Yes he's seen in public with his children and on occasion they are photographed however this is only a tiny fraction of their day to day routine.
He probably is, because clearly there are serious issues. He may well feel the need to give the children as much stability as possible while they wait for their mother to recover....
The Feast of St. Devote (Patron Saint of Monaco) is I believe celebrated on the 27th January ,so about 2 weeks away.
Happy news. Just hope she is fully recovered. The princess will also celebrate her birthday soon.
I really hope we will get to see her soon in good health, it is especially important for her children.
They recently said she wouldn't be back for months now there's reports she'll be back for St. Devote. This story is all over the place. To even say months in the first place means she is extremely ill with something. I am actually very worried about her and I feel the situation is being hugely played down.
The palace should have by now released an updated bulletin on the Princess' health.
Maybe the Princess will be choosing which events she attends depending on how she feels, with both her doctors and husbands input, much like CP Mette Marit currently does.
I wish for Princess Charlene to feel better and do what she can.
She wasnt a very active princess in the past anyway. I think that her illness was physical last year but she has also had a breakdown which may mean its a long time before she does any engagemennts
Palace of Monaco reports on the state of health of Princess Charlene
"The convalescence of Her Serene Highness Princess Charlene continues in a satisfactory and very encouraging manner. Her recovery, as well as the follow-up of her oral care, still need several weeks, the princess will unfortunately not be able to attend the Santa Devota festivities this year. She is, together with her husband, His Serene Highness Prince Albert II, very close to all Monegasques and residents on the occasion of these celebrations. As soon as her health allows, the Princess will share moments of happiness with them again. this period, the royal couple asks that their privacy and that of their children continue to be respected."
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I'm glad that the Prince's Palace are updating the general public on the health of the Princess Consort.
she looks pretty ill

The picture from the last Daily Mail article was taken in Oct 2021 from S. Africa. I don't know that we even have a recent photo. Wishing all the best to the Princely Family especially to Charlene for a full recovery.
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