General News & Information about Albert, Charlene & Family 2: March 2012 - May 2015

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:previous: Oh my! Thank you very much Iceflower! Whic magazine were those pics in?:flowers:

You're welcome! :flowers: It's been last week's issue of Spanish "Semana".
Very precious pix.... I am really looking forward to the baptism.... at last we will be able to see them properly !
Thank-you very much iceflower, for sharing these pictures with us.
I wish the babies were less wrapped up but I am gald to see them nontheless!
Even though they are wrapped up it's easy to see that they've grown a lot. BTW why is it ok for this forum to publish freelance pictures of these royals in their private time and not William and Kate. These ones seem to have even been taken of C and A in their garden but the recent ones of Kate and George in a PUBLIC place were not allowed.
I can see little Gabriella's legs dangling in the photo with Charlene carrying her. The twins appear to have grown considerably.

I cannot wait to see them at their baptism in a few weeks!:p
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Thanks, melina p, for the above article. I wonder if they will make the guest list available before the event. Also, will only the couple walk back to the Palace and greet the crowd or will they have the children with them? Really looking forward to this event since we haven't seen much of the Princely family lately. The live broadcast will be in the middle of the night here, which is just perfect as my family will be asleep and I will be left to watch the proceedings in peace!

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Yes, the excitement is certainly building for the baptism of the twins. It promises to be a huge event for the Monegasques and we are happy that we will be able to join the festivities via the live broadcast. Mike Wittstock has confirmed that his family will be present as will, no doubt, P Albert's family. The godparents? Still no word on that.

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Is it customary to have a baptism on Sunday in Monaco or France? I thought Sundays are for high mass only for catholics, but maybe it's more a regional thing than a religious one?
The christenings are always on sunday in France , it is rarely during the week.
Do you know which TV canal will broadcast the christening?
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I know that Monaco Channel will broadcast live. Not sure about other channels. Maybe the French posters will have more info on that.

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