General News & Information about Albert, Charlene & Family 2: March 2012 - May 2015

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Can't wait to see the babies at the christening! :flowers: Will that event be on this thread? I suppose it will have it's own.

Of course this great event will have an own thread :flowers: Hopefully they'll release the date and details soon! :)
I think that these type of magazines are full of untruths. They write these type of articles just to increase their circulation. I do not believe a single word.
That house is not Roc Agel, I wonder if someone can indetify it?
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She is probably visiting her parents or brother. They have one or more homes in France near Monaco.
There are works of renovation at the palace and at Roc Agel and all the family moved in a house and a garden.

Here is the video of the palace which is restaurated, a lot of work and Paris match and it is why the family moved in an other house

Monaco Matin said that the works have began in January and will stop end of april. These works will begin again in september and will stop middle november . It will be a big restauration.

Paris Match said in his article that all the family Albert, Charlene and the baies moved in this house not only Charlene and the babies. These photos were taken during the day, Albert is not seen , he works in the palace

article of Purepeople

Albert et Charlene de Monaco : Jacques et Gabriella déménagent à la campagne !
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I found this paparazzi photo of the twins with the nannies... You can also spot Charlene


There is also this article with the rumours A&C live in separate homes, but I 'll post in only for the pics:

Exclusivo: Charlene e Alberto vivem separados
Unfortunately :bang: we cannot any longer see the paparazzi pic:sad: I'd love to see the babies more often !!!! They change everyday at that age
I think we will have other photos of the family because now the paparazzis know where the princely family is living and they will try to take photos and the family will not be quiet. Perhaps, they will move again and find an another place.

I remember that Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson went in holidays in the South of France with their chidren, they could not stay because there were a lot of photographs even in the trees to take photos of them in the swimming pool or in the garden

An another article of the french gala which said as Paris Match or Purepeople that the couple moved because there are works in the palace

The french sites of magazines are all saying now that the entire family moved in a house near Monaco because there are works in the palace.

The paparazis took some photos of Charlene with the twins in a house, already the tabloïds writte the couple lives apart without knowing the reason. Now it is a moving because there are works in the palace but Charlene may want to take some days out of the palace with the twins, it is not worst , but the tabloïds will writte horrible rumours. It is sad.
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Gosh, no, I appreciate why you posted the link :flowers: I always want to see pics of Charlene and clan too.

All in all we only could spot two bundles of blankets in the arms of their nannies, but it's better than nothing:lol:
And paparazzis always find the way how to reach private properties where not everybody is admitted.
I just read the interview! First: is people a reliable source? It seems strange to me that Prince Albert would talk like this and there is no source at all. Second: if true, I love that we get to know more about the twins. And third: I wouldnt have comment on such a matter, honestly. Frantically denying rumours again and again has not point IMO, of course
The source is the 'people', the site which told that Prince Albert did not want to know the gender of the babies.this story was true. Do you remember?
Why the prince would not give an interview to this site people. and he is right to deny this false rumors . when the tabloïds will leave the couple quiet and living their life of couple with the babies ?
He gives us news about the babies Jacques and Gabriella and it is nice to have these news;
He gave the same interview to Paris Match saying that the babies are wonderfull that he gives the bottles

I just think that it is better to keep quiet because this could just fuel the rumours even more! the press is horrible
No, he is right to deny these rumours , he is angry to always to justify themselves. there was a break during the pregancy and the paparazzis did some photos of Charlene with the babies in a house and already they published false rumors. each time Charlene will spend holidays with the kids somewhere as Princess Grace did it in Paris, in Gstaadt without her husband, there will be rumours on their couple, it is unblievable. I hope that the couple will sue the tabloid 'Caras' Happilly Prince Albert gave an interview , princess Charlene gave an interview in off where they said they moved in a house near Monaco. the rumours did not spread a lot.even Hola said that they moved because there were works in the palace.
The Grimaldis have done several interviews for People magazine going back to Princess Grace. I think this interview is legit.
A very relaxed Charlene , La Turbie is the large village where there is Roc Agel, Her brother lives in this village with his family, her parents are living also here when they came to Monaco., Charlene is very often seen in the Streets of La Turbie.
Princess Grace was also very seen in La Turbie when she was in Roc Agel.
We already saw the first photo of Charlene in the Streets of La Turbie in a tabloid before the privat manifestation of her foundation, because her mother , her brother and her sister in law and son did notstay along moment near here and there was a little photo of Lynette and her sister in law at the aeroport of Nive in departure for South Africa on january 28th 2015. and the title of the tabloid was, Charlene of Monaco left by her family.

Charlène de Monaco « abandonnée » par ses parents ?

I don't find Charlene pale and very tired, she seems to be fine for a mother busy with twins.
Marty, I think you will have not the time to be used to the sporting clothes ofprincess Charlene because she will attend with Albert to the bal de la rose next week. Here is the announce of the bal de La rose for 2015

The 2015 Rose Ball

Aftern there will be tournemant of the sainte devote rugby on april 11th 2015, after there will be the master tennis and after the big event of the christening of the princely children in may 10th..

On fevruary 21th there was the privat cocktail for the foundation of Princess charlene wore pants and top who fitted very well, the other photos were taken a month ago during her maternity leave ,

Article in purepeople about the interview of prince Albert denying the false rumours about her couple

Albert et Charlene de Monaco : Le prince dit tout sur leur déménagement...
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