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King Carl Gustaf and Carl Philip are honorary members of Sällskapet Club

Since 31 March 1870, Sällskapet Club has had its premises in the property Arsenalsgatan 7, which was built for the purpose and which became completely owned by Sällskapet on 31 March 1877. The property was designed by architect Johan Fredrik Åbom. (..)

Om klubben – Sällskapet
Bilder – Sällskapet
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Official Salute Days in Sweden:
The King's name day, 28 January
The King's birthday, 30 April
Sweden's National Day, 6 June
The Crown Princess's birthday, 14 July
The Queen's name day, 8 August
The Queen's birthday, 23 December
Salutes are fired at 12:00
A ceremonial greeting - Kungliga slotten
Three Andiata outfits on one state visit: The court in ​​Sweden is a regular customer of a Finnish company
Jenni Haukio, Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Sofia represented the Finnish clothing brand during the state visit. Andiata's founder and chief designer Tarja Rantanen has designed all three outfits.
- This is absolutely amazing, we are proud and happy about this. The event was valuable, significant and historic in the Nordic countries and around the world. It's great that Andiata can be involved, says Nita Salo, responsible for sales and marketing at Andiata.
Victoria and Sofia have been seen in Andiata's outfits several times before. Nita Salo thinks that they appreciate the fit and feminine but restrained models.
The princesses regularly acquire Andiata outfits. Salo tells that the acquisition is relatively normal: The court receives the Andiata look Book, a portfolio presenting the collection, on the basis of which clothes can be ordered.
Jenni Haukio, kruununprinsessa Victoria ja prinsessa Sofia pukeutuivat Andiataan. - Viihde - Ilta-Sanomat
King Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria attended today a confirmation at Medevi Brunn in Motala. Several of the confirmands were children of close friends of the royal family, one of them was Victoria's goddaughter Diana Engsäll, Andrea Brodin's daughter.
The confirmation priest, Hans Rhodin, was also the confirmation priest in 1992, 1994 and 1997 when Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine were confirmed. Hans Rhodin has had a confirmation camp in Medevi every summer for over 30 years.
Exklusivt! Victoria på guddotterns konfirmation _*Svensk Dam

Photo from the confirmation, the royals sitting at the first row.
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More photos from the confirmation, queen Silvia having nice time with her lady-in-waiting Christina von Schwerin.
Silvias fina stund med väninnan – se de exklusiva bilderna! _*Svensk Dam

Victoria with Andrea Brodin (on her right)

In addition to Diana Engsäll, among the confirmands was John Taube, son of the king and queen's friend Per Taube.
And Hugo Philipson, son of the king and queen's friends Aje and Bathina Philipson, photo:

A lot of hugs at the confirmation, when friends met eachother
Kramkalas! Kungaparets privata sommardag med vännerna _*Svensk Dam
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Expressen has talked with Margareta Thorgren about Oscar and Alexander both starting their preschool year on 18th August.
Oscar started with Estelle at Campus Manilla on Djurgården. Alexander started instead at Djurgårdsskolan, which is just over 2 km away, also on Djurgården.
- As always with children, it is the parents' choice, says Margareta Thorgren about why the princes do not go to the same school.
It doesn't have to do with two princes not being able to go to the same school or class at the same time?
- No absolutely not. There are many good schools to choose from and in this case the prince couple have chosen Djurgårdsskolan for Alexander and the crown princess couple have chosen that Oscar goes to the same school as his sister.
Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip and Sofia have been with their children during their children's first day. How the first day of school has been for the princes, Thorgren has not received information about yet but she says that as always, it's exciting and fun to start preschool class.
Madeleine's children go to local school in Florida. But the court doesn't tell which school they attend.
- We have now gone out with the schools in Sweden because we understand that there is an interest when the children start their schools. But Princess Madeleine lives abroad and we do not disclose which schools they attend.
Därför går prins Oscar och prins Alexander i olika skolor – hovets svar

Aftonbladet writes also about the children's school start and tells also that Gabriel and Julian go to Skogshyddan's Montessori preschool (nursing school).
Prins Oscar på Campus Manilla - kungabarnens skolor
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Hänt Magazine:
When the children return after their summer holidays for the start of the semester, it can always mean a lot of illnesses and colds.
But what does the royal family actually do if illness occurs among one of the children? The court's information officer Ulrika Näsholm answers the question in a message to Hänt. And it turns out to be a little different for the royals.
"When the royal children are sick, they stay home from school and preschool. As members of the Royal Family do not raise any professional income, they do not seek compensation for the days they are at home with sick children."
Hovets besked om kungabarnen i skolan – går emot andra _ Hänt
Svensk Damtidning:
News Agency Siren writes about the government's decision that Carl Philip will be temporary regent from 29 October to 7 November. The King and Queen Silvia are then abroad on a private holiday in Brazil.
The decision means that Victoria will at the same time be outside Sweden's borders, and that she will then be so far away that she cannot act as temporary regent. Unconfirmed information claims that the Crown Princess family is also going to Brazil for the autumn holiday. Is this right?
Margareta Thorgren is reticent, but confirms, that it is a holiday trip for the royal couple, which for Queen Silvia is then combined with work:
- The Queen has an official program in Brazil at the beginning of November, together with Childhood.(..)
Carl Philip hoppar in som kung – hovet om Victorias plötsliga frånvaro _*Svensk Dam
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Queen Silvia and crown princess Victoria attended last Sunday at the Cathedral of Palma the christening of Amalia Sommerlath Sohns, the daughter of queen Silvia's niece and goddaughter Helena Sommerlath Sohns and her husband Jan. The christening was held by Holmfried Braun, the pastor of the German-speaking Protestant parish in Mallorca. The ceremony took place in the rooms next to the main altar and was attended by about 30 guests.
After the christening, the company, including the Queen and Victoria, went to eat at the Campino restaurant on the Club Golf de Andratx in Camp de Mar. The evening before, the German and Swedish relatives had dinner together at the Restaurant Mar y Mar in Peguera in Peguera.
Royaler Glanz_ Schwedens Königin Silvia und Kronprinzessin Victoria in Palma
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According to the swedish press king Carl Gustaf, queen Silvia, Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar are on a holiday in Brazil.
Queen Silvia and Madeleine have work events with World Childhood Brazil on 8-10 November next week.

Expressen writes that when Madeleine arrives in Brazil, parts of the family have already gone home, including Victoria.
- She is at home then, the autumn holidays are over, says Margareta Thorgren.
But Thorgren doesn't want to say if the king is still in Brazil when Madeleine arrives, she says that they don't comment on the king's private part in this.
After the mission in Brazil is over, the Queen and Madeleine go home.
- After that, they return to their regular jobs, in Sweden and in the USA, says Thorgren.
Prinsessan Madeleine och drottningen återförenas i Brasilien
Holocaust survivor, author and psychologist Hédi Fried has passed away at the age of 98 years.
Hédi Fried, or Hédi Szmuk as she was then called, was born in Sighet in Romania in 1924.
She was only nine years old when the Nazis took power in Germany in 1933. On May 15, 1944, she and her family were deported to Auschwitz in Poland, the largest of the Nazi extermination camps.
Hédi Fried survived the time in Auschwitz and then Bergen-Belsen. Both her parents were killed in the camps.
When the gates to freedom were opened in 1945, she was 21 years old and was together with her sister Livia Fränkel in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.
In July of the same year, she arrived in Sweden. In Sweden, she married, had three children and trained as a psychologist.
In various ways, Hédi Fried has spent her adult life telling stories about the Holocaust and the rise and deeds of Nazism. Something she has been awarded several prizes for.
In 2019, she received the Seraphim medal, Sweden's oldest merit medal.
In 2015, she was awarded, together with Emerich Roth, also a survivor of the Holocaust, the Raoul Wallenberg Prize.
Hédi Fried är död – blev 98 år gammal

The King delivered the Seraphim Medal to Hédi Fried in 2019:
Victoria has met Hédi Fried many times. Among others, they both attended the 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz in January 27, 2015.
Princess Christina with Hédi Fried
Sofia with Hédi Fried

On the occasion of Hédi Fried's passing, HM the King has made the following statement.
"My family and I have received the news of Hédi Fried's passing away with sadness. Hédi Fried was one of our country's leading public figures. She educated generations of Swedes about the evil of the Holocaust and the inviolability of human dignity.
We appreciated her kindness and wisdom on the occasions when our family had the privilege of meeting her.
We remember Hédi Fried and her work with gratitude and respect."
HM The King
Uttalande av H.M. Konungen med anledning av Hédi Frieds bortgång _ Kungahuset

Micael Bindefeld posted to his Instagram this lovely portrait of him with Hédi Fried.
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Queen Silvia was interviewed by Bild when she was in Germany last Saturday.

The queen told the German newspaper how much the grandchildren mean to her.
- I really like spending time with my grandchildren. They are completely different, quick as weasels and say funny but logical things. I just love listening to them!
In addition, the Queen reveals that Estelle, who is now 10 years old, has received her first own mobile phone.
- Sometimes she sends me little messages in different languages, which is always very nice. She also writes quite well in English.
And if Silvia needs help when it comes to social media, it's Estelle who jumps in.
- She is very skilled at it and always helps her grandmother, says the queen to Bild.
Estelles gulliga sms till mormor Silvia – har fått en mobiltelefon
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Svensk Damtidning's article about where in Sweden you might meet a member of the royal family:

Haga Palace/Haga Park
- Victoria and Daniel often walk in Haga Park with dog Rio, exercise or play with the children. There is also the Haga Ocean Butterfly House - a popular excursion destination where children and adults can watch butterflies, sharks and exotic fish in a tropical rainforest environment.
Ulriksdal Palace
- Victoria has been seen there on outings with Estelle and Oscar. Victoria and Estelle bought flowers and herbs and had a "fika".
Drottningholm Palace
- The king can be seen walking with his dog Brandie, and he and the queen were seen cross-country skiing on Drottningholm together with the crown princess family.
Östermalm and Royal Djurgården in Stockholm
- You can meet Carl Philip and Sofia out on a pram walk or jogging, but you can also run into the king in tracksuits or Madeleine, when she is in Sweden.
- The classic inn Ulla Winbladh was Princess Lilian's absolute favorite restaurant.
- Exclusive interior design store Svenskt Tenn on Strandvägen has been a purveyor to the court since the 1920s.
- On Strandvägen 1 there are two restaurants side by side frequently visited by royalty, Strandvägen 1 and Milles - both are favorites of Madeleine and Chris. They they usually buy food and other necessities at Sabi's Fältörsten.
- Victoria usually eats with her friends at Strandvägen 1, many of her friends live nearby. She has also often had dinner at the super classic restaurant Teatergrillen.
- On Nybrogatan are trendy cafés Crème and Mocco, maybe Sofia will come in for a coffee.
- Victoria and Estelle have also been seen at museums: the Mediterranean Museum, where they seem to be particularly fond of the Bagdad Café restaurant, and Moderna Museet on Skeppsholmen.
- The exclusive fashion stores in Bibliotekstan are also a good tip. There is also the children's clothing company Livly's flagship store, a favorite among the princesses.
- Östermalmshallen, there you basically always bump into a celebrity and you can even meet royalty. When the Haga Princesses are in Sweden, they always have lunch together there, and Bertil and Lilian were regular customers.
- Ejes Choklad on Erik Dahlbergsgatan is a purveyor to the court. Queen Silvia loves jelly raspberries and over the years has ordered lots of them from Ejes, the mixed chocolate pralines are also said to be a royal favourite.
Out of Stockholm
- the royal family spends a lot of time at Solliden and you can bump into them in Borgholm. If there's a big concert in the castle ruins, the royal family is usually there. When Victoria, Carl Philip and Madeleine were younger, they often partied at Strand Hotell and nowadays they sometimes have dinner at Hotell Borgholm.
- At Easter, the royal family has often been to their cottage in Storlien in Jämtland to go skiing
Ökenäs gård
- Carl-Philip and Sofia also spend a lot of time at their private country estate in Sörmland, Ökenäs gård outside Trosa.
- When Victoria and Daniel's private holiday home on Fågelbrolandet on Värmdö is ready, it will be possible to meet them at the nearby Fågelbro Golf & Country Club.
- Daniel's hometown Ockelbo is also a haven for the crown princess family.
Hemliga listan! Hit ska du gå om du vill se en kunglighet _*Svensk Dam
The King told yesterday at the county visit to Jämtland county, the they will spend Easter at the King's cabin in Storlien.

The King mentioned the cottage during his visit to Jämtland county.
- As you may know, the Queen and I also have a special connection to the county through a mountain cabin in Storlien, which has been in the family's possession since 1932. My parents were there many times and here our children also learned to appreciate winter sports and now our grandchildren ski the same slopes.
SVT Jämtland then received confirmation that this year's Easter will also be spent in Storlien.
- Absolutely. We go there with parts of the family, says the King in the interview.
Kungen bekräftar glad nyhet_ familjen får drömpåsk _*Svensk Dam
What does this mean? What would be the reason that after 200 years of the Bernadotte dynasty, royal cultural heritages were not already secured for future generations of monarchs? Were there heritages which, like the well-known case of the Galliera Foundation, were regulated to follow the male line and therefore needed to have their arrangements changed to follow the senior line? Or were there new laws regulating inheritance or estate taxes which would have mandated the family heritages to be divided between all the King's children, an event which therefore needed to be avoided by entrusting the heritages to new foundations?

I'd say that the very end of this post by LadyFinn provides some answers to your questions.
Regarding the changes being made because of new inheritance taxes the answer is a simple - no. Sweden doesn't have an inheritance tax since 2004.
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Both king Carl Gustaf and crown princess Victoria visit the Armed Forces exercise Aurora 23. Aurora 23 is the main exercise of the Swedish Armed Forces in 2023, and a total of about 26,000 people from 14 different countries will participate in it.

Victoria on April 28 in Hagshult Air Base
Officiella program _ Kungahuset

The King on April 29 in Bromma
Officiella program _ Kungahuset
Carl Philip, Sofia, Alexander and Gabriel attended "Var är smörgåsen?" ("Where's the sandwich?") at the Royal Opera:

** instagram gallery **
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Victoria, Estelle, Oscar, Carl Philip, Sofia, Alexander and Gabriel visited the Royal Opera and saw "Var är smörgåsen?" ("Where's the sandwich?").
Today the Royal Court posted to its social media:
This weekend, Princess Estelle, Prince Oscar, Prince Alexander and Prince Gabriel went to "Where's the sandwich?" at @kungligaoperan in Stockholm.
The opera is newly written by Pija Lindenbaum for Unga på Operan (Young people at the Opera, activities for children, young people and schools) in collaboration with composer Niklas Brommare.

Photos from Facebook of the Royal Opera
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The Royal Court has published its Annual Report 2022

In 2022, the royal family received 1,781 requests to events. The King and the royal family completed 978 program items.
The royal couple invited a total of around 2,500 guests and The Crown Princess couple approximately 210 guests during the year.
Verksamhetsberattelsen 2022
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The King awarded H.M. The King's medals for contributions within Swedish sport on April 17. One of the awarded was freestyle skier Henrik Harlaut, who told to Expressen that it was super fun, it was really cool. That was unbelievable. When he got the news about the medal he thought it was awesome. He became very proud.
This is the second time Harlaut met the king. But unlike the medal ceremony after the Olympics, he had time to talk more with the royal couple.
- Now there were only four of us, it felt much more personal and you could talk more naturally and talk about everything possible. It was freaking cool.
What were you talking about?
- They have a cottage in Storlien and they had been up during Easter. There had been a lot of snow and he told me that he liked to ski (..)

Henrik Harlauts avslöjande om kungafamiljen_ ”Var häftigt” _ Vintersport _ Expressen
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King Carl Gustaf and Carl Philip attended the premiere of ballet Manon at the Royal Opera on Friday evening. Before the performance, they met Lady Deborah MacMillan, ballet director Nicolas Le Riche and CEO Fredrik Lindgren.
Sir Kenneth MacMillan has made the choreography to the ballet and Deborah MacMillan is his widow.
Photos from Instagram of the Royal Opera.
The family as a brand
How does the Swedish royal house use social media to communicate with the public? What images do they want to give of themselves? Docent in media and communication science Kristina Widestedt from Stockholm University has long been interested in the interaction between the royal family, the public and the media. (..)
Familjen som varumärke - Stockholms universitet
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The King, the Queen, Victoria, Daniel, Carl Philip and Sofia were on Sunday at Berga Castle in Hårsfjärden.

"This weekend, Terrassorkestern played at Berga Castle for the royal family. Both the king, the queen, the Crown Princess, Prince Carl Philip, Prince Daniel and Princess Sofia were there. For the coffee, Terrasorkestern performed a much-appreciated Medodikryss crossword puzzle. The Crown Princess took home second place and Prince Carl Philip third place, and the coveted prize was Terrassorkestern's latest CD. The winner was the King and there are few things that beat a Terrassorkestern record. To his great delight, he won a double CD with spark ball engine sounds. A fantastic and memorable evening in every way."

This was quite a secret party. When Svensk Damtidning reaches the orchestra's Sofia Hagelin, she is happy, but of few words:
- It was a private arrangement - but I can reveal that the royal family loved the music!
Kungafamiljens galna partyhelg_ Tre fester på raken! _*Svensk Dam

The man who is giving a prize to Victoria looks very much like Jan Salestrand, the Chief of HM The King's Military Staff.
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Svensk Damtidning claims to know that the Royal Family celebrates Midsummer at Haga Palace. Usually they celebrate in Solliden, but in Midsummer Eve morning Victoria and Daniel attend the unveiling of a work of art at the Stockholm City Hall's 100th anniversary. On Saturday, Midsummer Day, the King and Queen attend at the celebration of 500 years of the Royal Guards.

Margareta Thorgren confirmed yesterday to Svensk Damtidning that the royal family will not celebrate traditionally on Öland this year: "The family celebrates Midsummer privately and in the evening there are no official engagements, but as I said it will not be on Öland in view of events on Midsummer Day and Midsummer Eve".
Victoria, Daniel, Estelle and Oscar have invited the royal family to Haga, according to Svensk Damidning's information. Friends of the royal family will also be at Haga.
This would be the first time the royal family celebrates Midsummer at Haga in a very long time, the last time was when the King's parents lived there.
Svensk Dam avslöjar_ Här firar kungafamiljen midsommar _*Svensk Dam
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The royal family's new focus: gang violence
The increase in gang crime affects all, and the problem is also raised in the royal court. Both the King and Victoria have had, and will have, meetings with the police and other authorities. Margareta Thorgren says that the recent reports about shootings and gang crime, where many young people are involved, are terrible. The entire royal family is following the serious development and is involved in various ways in these difficult issues (..)

Kungen och kronprinsessan i kamp mot gängkriminalitet
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Well, you can't say they are unaware or don't tackle the really hard problems. I wish them the very best of luck/
SPA's video of the Royal Family's best galas in 2023

The King, Queen, Victoria, Estelle and Oscar were seen watching the Nutcracker at the Royal Opera yesterday:

More photos from the visit to the Royal Opera to see the Nutcracker. Also Carl Philip, Sofia, Alexander and Gabriel were there. Photos from the Royal Opera's Facebook.
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