General News about Frederik, Mary and Family Part 17: January 2018 - June 2020

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I know it's trite to say but for all the stress and strain, their courtship really does sound like something from a Mills & Boon romance novel. For all the Royals we cover we can be pretty sure their courtship wasn't a cakewalk.

Real life has a nasty way of intruding at the worst possible time and I would pretty much bet that buckets of tears were shed and not just by Mary. But here they are over 16 years into their marriage and they are still holding hands and sharing those famous loving looks. Long may they continue.
They have a lovely romantic story and I have followed them from the engagement. At first it was really hard to find good reliable information on them and then I found The Royal Forums after using Danish royal watchers, which was a good site.

Many thanks Roskilde for sharing with us.
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For page 27 thanks to all for links and info. It was great to read.
Thank you Roskilde, that was a lovely read. 17 years later I am still excited and happy to read the tiniest snippet of this couple. May they have many happy years together.
Frederik's going sailing in Danish waters for a while:

He will be sailing with the experienced sailor Mikkel Beha aboard his large sailing boat.

Frederik looks forward to enjoying DK from the sea and to tell his family about his experiences when he returns home.


The trip will be filmed and shown on TV.
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Frederik's going sailing in Danish waters for a while:

"The trip itself is being documented by a camera crew who is on board to record for the upcoming TV 2 program 'Course against Danish coasts'.
A corona-friendly version of the popular 'Course to Far Shores'.

Along the way, Crown Prince Frederik will experience both sailing and diving with the Beha family, who do as they usually do - just in Danish waters.

"We have not made any royal program for the Crown Prince, but we share the love we have for Denmark with him. We experience Denmark from the seaside and see the pearls our country offers, and we go ashore and talk to many different Danes, ”says Mikkel Beha Erichsen from Wallenberg in a press release.

Together, the flock has already visited some retired fishermen who, with a thick dialect, have shared their stories of a harsh and sometimes dangerous fishing life, according to the TV host, who seems to enjoy having a royal visit on the ship."
How nice! DRF Instagram post.
"I have boarded the Beha family ship Wallenberg, where we will spend the next few days on an adventure to a number of coasts in northern Jutland.
There is no doubt that the waters here at home are incredibly beautiful, especially in the summer, and I look forward to sharing stories and experiences about our lovely summer country with my family when I get home"

"Crown Prince Frederik is the carrier of Denmark's history, and he is incredibly knowledgeable about our country, which he has visited on land and from the Royal Yacht Dannebrog throughout his life. He is a huge capacity to have on board when he gives us important historical scratches of Danish history. "

No doubt Frederik is very knowledgeable.
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Surprise visit by Mary in Ringkøbing town on her way home from her official event:

Mary and Ander Aggers* in one picture :wub:øgt...insessen-aflagde-overraskende-besøg-på-torvet

"It was a surprise! On her way home after the inauguration of Naturkraft, the Crown Princess had time to make her way past Ringkøbing Torv, where she greeted her father-in-law's sculpture - and a local acquaintance of the family - Anders Agger.

It took some time before people walking around the square in Ringkøbing to notice that it was indeed Crown Princess Mary, who at 13:30 stepped out of the black car that made the stop on Torvegade, and then stepped over the cobblestones to the bronze sculpture "Miss Ringkøbing". When it first dawned on people, the cell phones came out of their pockets and photographs were taken.


* Anders Agger is a respected and popular journalist who makes some fantastisk tv-series. It was, by the way, Anders Agger who produced the serie “Kongehuset Indefra” where we followed the DRF. It was send in 2009.

And Frederik on a surprise visit as well during his days on board Wallenberg with the Beha family:

Hirsholmen’s only resident - soon 78-year-old Jørgen Nielsen - received a surprise visit on Thursday by Crown Prince Frederik and Mikkel Beha.
The guests enjoyed the sun outside Jorgen Nielsen's house while he told tall tales from the islands.
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Thanks, Polyesco. :flowers:

So this will result in a series of episodes to be aired on TV from 9th July.
Unfortunately for non-Danes it will be shown on TV2 and they rarely give access to foreign viewers.
From Billed Bladet magazine:

"Crown Prince Frederik is now reunited with the family and they have all arrived at Fredensborg Palace. The Crown Prince returned to the palace with his eldest son beside him, while Crown Princess Mary drove behind with Princess Isabella in the front seat of the car.

After Crown Prince Frederik spent a few days sailing with the Beha family aboard Wallenberg and visiting Danish coasts and among other things. been to Læsø,
the Crown Prince went ashore in Skagen on Saturday morning. And here, apparently, Crown Princess Mary and the family joined after the Crown Princess's visit to Naturkraft, outside Ringkøbing on Friday.

Anyhow, the family gathered as they today return home to Fredensborg Palace late in the afternoon. Crown Prince Frederik sat at the wheel of his own car, wearing a floral summer shirt and smart sunglasses, and with Prince Christian in relaxed t-shirt and attitude beside him in the passenger seat and at least one of the twins in the back seat."
Thanks, Eya. ?

So they spend the weekend in Skagen, alternatively at Trend, an hour or so from Skagen.

M&F are very familiar with the town of Skagen as they have often been on summer holiday there with friends, both before and after they married.
Several of their friends have AFAIK a summer house in or near the town.

They can also have stayed at the Skeel family.
They have a large estate not that far from Skagen.

Let us have a look at that part of the country.
M&F were lucky this weekend. The weather is good, albeit windy and with some rain yesterday - and for once with very few tourists.

Let us start out a few years back, when M&F, children and friends went to the beach:

The town of Skagen is located almost at the very norther tip of Denmark:

And sometimes when the wind is right the Baltic Sea clashed with the North Sea at the tip and you can stand with a foot in two oceans.

The area was originally a fishing community in a faraway windswept part of DK, hence the charming and low houses. - The main windows BTW faced towards the streets. Because that's where the action was. The sea was where the wind and cold came from and it was like having a view to your workplace - not that interesting.
It is still also very much a fishing community: Skagen_1240x868.jpg

The light is spectacular, especially on summer nights, hence why painters found and descended on the place in the late 1800s.

But it is a windy place! This church from the 1300s is now buried in sand, so that only a part of the bell-tower is above the sand. And even that was half buried beforehand.

Unsurprisingly it's a favorite place to go sea-bathing - also in the winter:

Like I mentioned previously the Skeel family lives at Birkelse estate, also a place where M&F have been often.
In contrast to say English manor houses, Danish manors and estate did not hide away barns, stables and other such buildings. here they were a source of pride to be displayed to visitors, before they finally (suitably impressed) reached the main building.
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:previous: Thanks Eya.

So a good guess is that Mary had the kids with her to Jutland last Friday and they spent the weekend in Jutland when Frederik went a shore already Saturday, and then they drove home to Zealand today.

Christian, Isabella, Vincent and Josephine have two weeks left in school before the summer holiday begin. Last day in school is Friday 26. June.

Frederik and Mary usually empty their official calender all or almost all the weeks their children have vacation.

According to the local newspaper in Gråsten the Crown Prince family arrives for their annual summer holiday stay in Gråsten around 1. July.

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This is the account of 78 year old Jørgen Nielsen, the only resident on the island Hirsholm, who the other day got a visit by Frederik and Mikkel Beha, skipper of the boat he hitched a ride on.

It wasn't a surprise visit as such. He had been informed that Mikkel Beha, a TV-crew would come. And at 16.00 they did.
"At 16 I got ready and put on some neat clothes. It was after all the Bea-family (globetrotters) and TV2 that came. But then the Crown Prince was there as well. I wondered, how do I deal this here with him? I didn't know zilch that he was coming along.
Well, that was no problem, because they came sailing in and he walks into the pier/boat-bridge. I say -howdy- and put out my hand. It was completely laid back.
They got the big tour. The ten-crown-tour as I call it. They got some anecdotes and it was a totally relaxed tour, because there is only me and then eight holiday goers on the island right now. So the two bodyguards walked a bit out in the periphery.
I tell you it was an experience. I wouldn't have been without it - and here in my old days. Imagine meeting him in real life. That's something special.
He was a helluva guy. A fantastic young man who just walks right into people and was dressed casual. A quiet and calm guy. Perhaps he took it as a bit of a holiday. He seemed very relaxed."

- I can assure you that people from that part of DK do not offer praise lightly!

Jørgen Nielsen has lived permanently on the island since 2004.
There used to live 225 people on the island.

Here are some photos:ÅRN5.jpg
The main residents:
There is even a church there, of course with a church-ship:

The average stress level on the island is around -176.
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