General News about Frederik, Mary and Family 1: August 2007 - February 2008

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I believe they tend to go around the time of HRH Crown Princess Mary's birthday. Unfortunately, they didn't go this year.
Yeah, they usually go around her birthday, if they didn't go already, I doubt they will.
I remember, in 2006 they went there directly after their visit to Germany (which was on 17/18 February).
Frederik is not in DK until 25 Feb (Joachim is regent), so I actually believe they are on winter holidays right now.
I expect a holiday photo shooting any day. But perhaps I will be disappointed? :)
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Yes they always have winter holidays and Frederick loves to ski, so perhapes they are now on their winter ski holidays and maybe we can get to see Mary skiing this time ;) It will be lovely. Lets ask for some photographers in Verbier now :D
Cute photos! I love the skirt that Mary wore to the christening.
Nice skirt indeed! Lovely photo of the family from Hello mag.
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