Frederik, Mary and the Media: A Discussion of Sorts

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I am pretty sure that most posters would take the opportunity to make photos of Fred & mary if they'll have the chance. But would you describe yourself as a paparazzi? , probably not...:rolleyes:

It depends how intrusive the general public would be. If they were stalking her, yes. If they were right there all the time, yes. If they were right next to her every second, yes. If they take one or two photos discretely and go on there way, no. The same goes for photographers. All royals and celebs expect to get photographed when they go out to a certain extent. But then there is overboard which I have described above.

I would not call every photographer paparazzi. There is quite a difference between a photo journalist and a paparazzi photographer. A photo journalist will sometimes follow a subject around as part of their assignment, usually with that person's permission, but not always (ie undercover/investigative work). I know quite a few photo journalists (including Pulitizer Prize nominated) who would be very offended at being called paparazzi.

Paparazzi is a photographer who is always following their subject, trying to catch them in an off moment, sometimes baiting them into saying something to the paparazzi so they can then say the person reacted to them, usually not working with an accredited news organization, and then trying to sell their pictures to the highest bidder.

I don't mean to go off on a tangent, but there are many hard working people in the media who actually do verify facts, report only true facts and double check their sources, etc. Not everyone in the media is like a worker at the National Enquirer or TMZ.

I think the CP couple was hounded during their trip by the paparazzi. However, I think they should have arranged a photo call with the media soon after Fredrick arrived so they could try to have some peace and quite. Waiting until they got to Sydney was a mistake and caused a daily feeding frenzy among the paps until then. One thing to keep in mind is that paps very rarely agree to "take pics at a scheduled time and then leave me along"...otherwise they would not make much money.

Sorry Parrothead if you misunderstood my post. I did not call all photographers, paparazzi. I used to model so I have many photographer friends. I said paparazzi were the journalist equivelant of tabloid reporters. I am sorry if I did not clarify it further.

Well she knows they are there so it is better to smile than make a nasty face or remark. All the Royal Princesses are the same way. It is part of their job for their country. At least Mary always looks nice and pleasant.

I agree. If she looked sullen or angry that would not be good. She is being nice and professional.
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Re: Short video clip Sydney govt. house

Jyllands posten has a short video clip with a link on their home page. In it you can hear CP Frederik and CPss Mary speaking english with danish subtitles.

The clip is little over a minute long in duration.

Thank you, Marmi for info abt the photo and story credits for the starlounge article.

Does anyone know the top 5-10 danish news agencies, photo agencies, and also pan-scandinavian news and photo agencies that have reports on the Danish royal family?

The ones that I know of are Scanpix, PolFoto, DR, JP, Politiken, ANP, Colourpress,ALL OVER, Steen Evald, and Madeleine Glindorf.

The reason why I ask is that BT doesn't always have a writer listed for some online articles on their website. deepest apologies!! I did misunderstand you and my tangent wasn't very appropriate. Sorry!!
Well, looking at all those paparazzi photo's I must say that Princess Mary doesn't do much to avoid their camera's, in fact she is looking straight into them at most of the pictures. I guess that these shoots can be called "unofficial photoshoots"?

Do you remember that photo early this summer at a wedding, where she was pulling the sweater she was wearing up?? She was not looking at the camera and there were posts chastizing her for being snobbish, looking away and not smiling........Sometimes she just cannot win......
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