Frederik, Mary and Children Picture Thread 1: November 2004 - September 2014

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A funny little note from TV2...

They write in their article that while Mary last Thursday packed the Mary Foundation's backpacks along with volunteers the press constantly asked her to look up so they could get some good pictures. Eventually Mary had to say with a laugh: "Well, I also have to work..."

Ah, how nice to have found a forum where there are some positive things said about Mary. Nice story. :flowers:
Great find Roskilde:flowers:.
Indeed,they look alike
Have you got any other picture of Queen Ingrid as a child?
Thank you again Roskilde:flowers:

As much as I find similarities in the first picture as much as I find nearly none with this one except the hair;)
They're lovely together!

And Maggie I think you in English would say to 'interlock fingers', but not sure. But this couple do it a lot when they are holding hands. Husband and I too.

And hey, the woman beside Frederik isn't it Malou Skeel?
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