Former Ruling Families of the Pacific

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Jan 23, 2010
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I would be intrested to hear/learn on any members that know of French Polynesia's Royal Families... I do know about them, but I would like to learn
what other members here in TRF know/find...
Thank you, Vai Sekona
Which royal families are you referring to?
The Pomare Family...
I believe that the Pomare Family and the French had a great deal to do with the downfall of other Cheifly families (Pomares' were one of many-families- with the French became supreme.)
I decided to document "Former Ruling Families" of Polynesia.
I do know that there is frequent contact between all of these families... so as soon as I start to get the information down, I will start to list names and places, if you also know, or would like to help are very welcome to...
enjoy/have fun/thank you, Vai Sekona
I started to collect information...
I will give the "Former Kingdoms(FK) Names", {its Present Name}
and the Presumed King or Queens'-(PK/Q) name or last King or Queen...

"Aotearoa" {New Zealand}
PK-Tuheitia Paki

"German Samoa, Western Samoa" {Independent State of Samoa}

"The Kingdom of Hawai'i" {U.S. State- Hawai'i}
PK/Q-Quentin Kuhio Kawananakoa

I will continue to update... V.S.
Hello in different Polynesian languages...(lol, a little bored...)

Tongan: Malo'e'lelei
Samoan: Talofa
Fijian: Bula
Tahitian: Ioarana
Hawaiian: Aloha
New Zealand: Kia ora
Marquesan: Kaoha
Rapa Nui (Easter Island): Iorana
Niuas: Fakaalofa
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The island of Futuna has a new King

71-year-old Polikalepo Kolivai, who is a traditional chief, was crowned king of Sigave during a traditional ceremony following his designation by the district council of chiefs.
According to Oceania Flash, his appointment by the council of chiefs has sparked criticism from at least two rival clans on the island, which say they were not consulted and that the right procedure had not been respected.
They say therefore they won’t recognise the new King.
Although itself a republic, France recognises the three kingdoms of Wallis, Alo and Sigave and grants them some influence on local matters.
News Content - Radio New Zealand International
More - here and here
List of kings of Sigave - Wiki
Wallis and Futuna - Wiki
Prince Raanui Daunassans-Pomare, part of the royal Pomare dynasty of Tahiti, visited late last week to cast his eye over the painting of the Tahitian princess, which he last saw hanging in the villa of his grandmother, Princess Takau Pomare, in Nice.
Te Papa spent more than two years negotiating with Christie's to buy the painting, which was put up for auction by Prince Raanui's siblings – unknown to him.

According to Wikipedia, Poedua was a Raiatea princess, daughter of Orea or Orio, King of Ulietea in Tahiti. She was taken hostage together with father, brother, and husband during the third voyage of James Cook in exchange for two sailors that deserted on to the island. The hostages were enticed on board HMS Discovery and imprisoned till Orea secured the return of the deserters.- Source
Royalty of Tahiti

Many people may not know that Tahiti and many of it's neighboring islands were once Kingdoms with their own flags, laws, government, and royal families before they were annexed by France in the 1880s. I'm going to post some info about royalties from this region as I start looking into their history.

To begin with from the first Western contact to 1880, the Society Islands (the island group, sometimes just call Tahiti even though that just one island) were made up of FOUR different kingdoms. ancient Kingdom: Kingdom of Tahiti, consisting of Tahiti, Moorea, Meetia and the Tetiaroa group. Kingdom of Huahine, comprising Huahine proper and Tupemanu. Kingdom of Ra'iatea, comprising the islands of Ra'iatea and Tahaa. Kingdom of Bora Bora, comprising the islands of Bora Bora proper, Motuiti, Maupiti and Mapateia. I always thought they were eventually united just like Hawaii was. But no, unlike Hawaii, these islands were never united for more than a few years when their kings and queens married each other. For the most time, until they were annexed by France, they were seperate kingdoms just like what Hawaii would have been like prior to the 1750s.
Pomare: Royal Family of Tahiti


Crown of King Pomare III of Tahiti

Some Stamps with King Pomare I, Queen Pomare IV, and King Pomare V. And postcard with royalty of Tahiti were common in the 1900s

Palace back in the days and Pomare V's tomb


Modern day replica serves as town hall. So they torned the original down
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Royalty of the Marquesas Islands


Queen Vahekehu at 75 The Queen in her youth
Vaekehu Moanatini and sister. descendants Moanatini, the nephew of Queen Mother Vaekehu (don't known which Vaekehu or Vahekehu is which)
Tomb of Vaekehu Moanatini with her two husbands and children


Vahekehu: Le roi et sa famile...........and .............Temoana, chief of Nuku Hia
Queen Joanna Mara'u Ta’aroa Tepa’u Salmon was actually of part Jewish descent from her father Alexander Salmon (Solomon) who married her mother Tahitian princess Taimai, the adoptive daughter of Queen Pomare IV.
The picture in the second video of Queen Pomare IV is actually her niece Princess Moetia Salmon, Queen Marau's sister. Here is a photograph of the Salmon family of Tahiti taken by Madame Sophia Hoare.

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Princess Pomare protests against "false Pomare"

L'actualite de tahiti et ses îles
Here the google translate version:
Google Translate.

Princess Yvannah is the descendant of Ariipaea Pomare, the legitimized son of Prince Hinoi and a woman who he never married. Prince Hinoi was the son of Prince Teri’i-tua Tuariva Pōmare or Prince Joinville, who in turn was the son of Queen Pomare IV. Prince Hinoi's descendants take precedence before even King Pomare V's children according the dieing wishes of Queen Pomare. Her uncle, Leopold Pomare is the legitimate heir and he lives in France with his children and grandchildren while in Tahiti false claimants like Joinville Pomare XI, an adopted member, and Tauatomo Mairau, the descendant of the brother of the husband of Queen Pomare IV (talk about distant). It is refreshing to seem a royal descendant defend another without claiming anything herself.
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Is this last one a joke or what? I mean a paper crown????

So I guess the guy in the paper crown wasn't a joke. He is Hau Pakumotu, another claimaint who says he is a descendant of Pomare V.
Royal Family of Nauru

Until the early 20th century, Nauru, in the Pacific, had its own indigenous monarchy. In the late 19th century, Nauru came under the Imperial Crown of Germany, but significantly kept its own monarchy.

There is even a late 19th century photo extant of the King of Nauru standing next to the German flag.

After World War One, when Germany lost its colonies, Nauru became part of the British Empire.

Australia fulfilled an administrative rôle prior to Nauru's independence in 1968 as the Republic of Nauru.

In many developing countries, it has become fashionable to avoid reference to tribal identities; in Nauru, however, these are asserted in the national flag, which contains a star with many points, each point referring to Nauru's traditional tribes.

As a parliamentary republic, Nauru has undergone frequent changes of President - sometime several times every year. One wonders if a local figure who did not rely on a shifting Parliamentary majority would command support and bring greater stability to the system. There has been talk of constitutional changes, but these are a matter for Nauruans.
After a four year vacany the kingdom of Alo in the French overseas territory of Wallis and Futuna has a new king under Petelo Sea. The throne has been vacant since 2010 when Petelo Vikena abdicated.
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