Fashion suggestions for Princess Mette-Marit

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very pretty top, would wear it with looser pants - picture - amanda wakeley ss07
carolina herrera ss07 - picture
oscar de la renta ss07 - picture
oscar de la renta ss07 - picture - this is just beautiful, color and cut
the cut is weird but flattering, like the ribbon,ysl ss07 - picture
Wow - you've all chosen beautiful clothes for her! We can only hope she sometimes browses these forums! :)
Elie saab couture s/s07 - the color is fresh, will look great in a long dress for a tiara event
Elie saab couture s/s07 - this would do a great pregnancy dress
Elie saab couture s/s07 - this is stunning
Elie saab couture s/s07 - this is beautiful, elegent and MM has the height to pull it off imo
GA couture s/s07 - the jacket/top would look great with a pencil skirt or with nice loose pants
jasper conran s/s07 - i like brown on her, and the belt color wont make this a boring outfit at all
Marni s/s07 - id love to see MM in something like this for summer
all from
I love the 4th elie saab dress and the jasper conran one would look perfect on MM
Alberta Ferretti fall- winter07
grey outfit (skirt,top, coat) - this is beautiful full set, put together well. Could wear it with a black top to contrast colors abit.
shaded dress - like the stone details around the waist.this would work well for a small dinner.

Chanel fall-winter07
Tweed suit - i could just see this on MM. but not too sure if it would work with a hat
Blue tweed outfit - i know the skirt print is old, but seems it back in fashion for the next season. I think its a change & the color with black is great. well, at least with this if MM wanted she could get her black boots out, the leather jacket has to go.

olga7777 said:
Hi I have been looking photographs of the Cibeles Pasarela, when I saw these dresses I thought that Mette-Marit would look great on them, as they have a cut she has previously worn and she looked gourgeous on it.

I hope you like them :flowers: Ortiz/Pasarela Cibeles/RobertoTorretta14.jpg Ortiz/Pasarela Cibeles/RobertoTorrett15.jpg Ortiz/Pasarela Cibeles/DevotayLomba9.jpg Ortiz/Pasarela Cibeles/DevotayLomba8.jpg

The first two dresses are by Roberto Torretta, and the third and fourth are by Devota y Lomba. Both are Spanish designers and the dresses are from the Autumn/Winter 06-07 coleccions. :flowers:

I think the first one here looks like the one MM wore on the gala concert in honour of King Harald in Oslo City Hall on 23 February this year. Does someone agree?
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First silver/grey is similar to one of Maxima's from which shehad worn one of 2004 weddings (Spain?)
Second reminds me one of Caroline's from last year.
I like the third - golden/yellow/green.
Mahato said:
I think the first one here looks like the one MM wore on the gala concert in honour of King Harald in Oslo City Hall on 23 February this year. Does someone agree?

Yes it looks very similar, but as I remember it was a different color. She couldve always brought/ordered it in the color she did. Actually, if it is/similar dress, it looked better on MM

magnik said:
First silver/grey is similar to one of Maxima's from which shehad worn one of 2004 weddings (Spain?)

she wore Valentino outfits in spain (pre-wedding dinner was the long eggplant purple. wedding day was the coat with short embroded dress)

Second reminds me one of Caroline's from last year.
That was a Chanel creation :)

Intresting how designers come up with similar ideas for a season or copy looks from each other for different seasons
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Christian Dior resort 08Lepord one shoulder dress - would look nice with a small hat or a flower head peice.
Andrew Gn fall 08 evening dress - i like the emroidery, contrasts well with the dress color.
Emporio Armani fall08 grey suit - this is nice since MM likes grey, this isnt too grey also like the oversized jacket.
S/S 08 shows
Alberta Ferretti - coat is lovely, would look nice with a skirt or a dress
Carolina Herrera

Spring/summer 08 collection
Celine - it does look abit messy but in a neat way
Celine - a black outfit with a zipper through the front of the cardigan, I think its nice for an evening or so, also lovely with a colored bag.She could always use the cardigan with a pair of jeans or pants
aquascutum - love the soft pastal colored print on the side
Andrew Gn - coat that would look great with about anything from grey to black
Elie Tahari - i like the colors for MM as well as the twisted look of the outfit.
Elie Tahari - a very casual look, nice for a family outing or a family photoshot in the garden etc
Elie Saab - Style is beautiful, very elegent, but not too sure of the color
Elie Saab f/w07 - this owuld be a winner imo :wub:
Luca Luca - great skirt & printed top
Valentino - imo, the top is lovely with a pair of nice wide leg pants which would work for an evening event/concert or with a long silk skirt
Valentino - simple balck dress with lovely detailing on the shoulder

Coat - Nice to pair it up with a skirt

Öhman design
Outfit - this seems fun, also very M-M since she likes to stick to black, white etc i think this would be a nice outfit & would work with boots

Rett og Slett
Coat - without the ribbon on the neck
Skirt & top - like the combination also the skirt style looks weird
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Gosh when I saw a few days ago Mette wearing some big leather boots with a refine skirt I told to myseld that she needed an urgent fashion adviser very soon!
Spring 2008 Couture - Armani Privé

A black gala dress - this dress looks very grand. Lots of fabric used for the lower part of the dress. Embroidery details look very pretty.
Skirt & Top - The balloon skirt effect would look good on MM since she is quite a tall lady. The combination of White on the top adds a younger look to it.

Valentino Haute Couture spring/summer08

Balck suit with white details - Since MM loves her black this is a lovely mix of black & white
Strapless long dress - The loose chiffon looks great, the soft print adds to the dress. This imo would look very nice on MM

Elie Saab Haute Couture spring/summer08
One shoulder dress
(all pictures
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I think Mette has the potential to be a great stylish beauty without giving up who she is. But more than anything she needs good undergarmets. She sags quite a bit. She also needs to know how to dress her shape better. I think she often wears too many fussy things. Like feathers stuck in odd places etc. It detracts from her so much.
I think Mette has the potential to be a great stylish beauty without giving up who she is. But more than anything she needs good undergarmets. She sags quite a bit. She also needs to know how to dress her shape better. I think she often wears too many fussy things. Like feathers stuck in odd places etc. It detracts from her so much.

I concur. Mette Marit is beautiful and I would like to see her a bit more daring when it comes to her choice of clothing. Nothing to bold, but perhaps something like this or this. It's still in keeping with her conservative style, yet slightly different from the Mette Marit norm.

The one thing that I wish she would fix, is her posture. She slouches too much.
Thank you for your work, dazzling. I love all your choosen dresses.
Pre-fall collection 2008

DVF skirt suit - looks very well tailored also a great length
DVF printed dress & Cardigan - lovely print & color. I think MM should add some print. The tie is also pretty and would shape her waist well. I also like the cardigan combination with it.
Carolina Herrera a skirt & top - I think the skirt fabric is really pretty, the cut would work with her figure, the top is simple which keeps this look elegent. Also a CH pant suit with a coat which is very classic, the beading on the top/sweater is very elegnet, could dress it up or down & a long coat dress which is very flattering imo.
Louis Vuitton - off white skirt suit with a bright printed top, love the look, love the color. I also think White is a color that suit's MM very well. I like the small slit in the skirt.
Alberta Ferretti Pre Fall 2009

Green long dress - I like the emroidery on the sides and I think the color works well for MM

Outfit - The overall is lovely, i like the wrap/toe cardigan and the length is great
Printed skirt & whole look - This would work really nice on MM, it was about time she wore more print and color
Naeem Khan ready to wear s/s 2009

One shoulder dress - The loosnes of the dress and print would work on MM's figure. The color is fun, bright yet not flashy

Lanvin ready to wear s/s 2009

One shoulder short dress - I like the double color effect and MM has been seen in something similar (style) but brown and green and the idea of the dress worked well on her figure.

Tibi ready to wear s/s 2009

White & black dress - This is a classic dress. The white/creamy white in the dress doesnt make it too dark. Could work with a nice black coat or a nice sweater for a summer event.

Tracey Reese ready to wear s/s 2009

Mustard printed dress - MM seems to stat away from color and print but the soft print in this dress is safe to wear and the color isnt too bright. If would want to tone it down, the a pair of brown shoes & bag would tone the look down.

Tuleh ready to wear s/s 2009

Blue dress or skirt & top - This is simple, elegent and a great color for MM. This could work for an official or a daily event depending with what you match it up with.

Valentino ready to wear s/s 2009

Long teal dress - This is stunning. The drape on it would look really nice on MM since she does have the height to pull something like this off. The color is soft yet stands out.
Fall 2009 & Resort 2010

Andrew Gn - Coat with patent trimmings, which is very pretty and very elegent. Would look nice with a hair piece
Bcbg - Black dress
Burberry - Grey coat, easily matched with many of MM's black skirts/dresses or pants. Its not a coat youd always see.
Carlos Miele - Black evening gown, would look nice for not such a big event, doesnt work with a tiara IMO
Dris von Noten - Printed dress pinned to the side, the colors are lovely and with MM's height this wont shorten her. Its nicely colored for her.
Etro - Quite dressy, would be nice for attending a concert or so, the skirt is beautiful. This is black one of the few colors MM loves to wear, its not boring at all.
Jason Wu - Simple skirt with a lovely sky blue top, its a nice skirt.
Marchesa - Starpless gown with an embroidered belt, lovely style especially with MM's height but would be nice in another color
Marchesa - Red evening dress with a lovely cut
Monique Lhuilier - Srapless cocktail dress with an embroidery belt which is quite pretty.
Tuleh - Lovely color and lovely print. This would look great over a nice simple black dress.
I would love to see this dress by Georges Hobeika couture F/W2010 on MM. She pulls off white really well and she is tall enough to pull off the draping on the front.
The beadwork as a belt is very pretty as well.
Valentino ready to wear summer 2011

Black lace cocktail dress - I love all the work on the dress. MM is a fan of black, this can be very pretty.

Ruffled jacket - I love the color of the jacket and the ruffles that are kept simple. MM would look nice in this with a pair of pants or even a printed/plain skirt.

Black dress - I can see this on MM, it lovely and quite dressy for a dinner or an awatds event.

Cream & black dress - This is another dress I can see MM pulling off nicely. I like the black on it. Its quite a cool and fun dress.
I really like Mette-Marit, her backstory, her challenges and her appearance (tall Nordic blonde)...I think physically she resembles Princess Diana, who is no longer with us to consult, so I think the other person who is closest to her body type is Michelle Obama, tall, hippy with skinny limbs...And the things Michelle has been wearing would really suit Mette-Marit: the A line patterned skirts, the shift dresses, the bright colours...She needs help from the big guns Anna Wintour and Michelle Obama...Maybe some American designers, like Thakoon, Jason Wu, Narciso Rodriguz, etc...With a bit of Hugo Boss thrown in, because they make shift dresses with interesting details, like origami like pleats, boat necklines...

Mette-Marit should definitely channel Michelle Obama with regards to attire...I could see MM in a lot of outfits that Michelle has already worn...Or better yet, just poach Michelle's stylist ;)
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