Fashion of French, Germanic & Other Royals and Nobles Part 1: Oct. 2007 - June 2018

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I like the second one with the gold blouse.
The pink shawl doesn't look right with her black and red outfit.

Here are some more pictures of GLORIA and her daughters.

GLORIA and her daughters:,pd=2,w=266,mxw=600,mxh=400,h=400.jpg

Some more photos of a punky GLORIA at "Wetten, dass..?" (24-02-1986):

Fürstin Gloria von Thurn und Taxis 24.02.1986 - Fotos - *rtn - radio tele nord - News und Bilder aus dem Norden.

If anyone has links to videos, PLEASE post them here.

Other GLORIA pictures:


Enjoy and many greetings, :)

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The new style of Gloria is terrible conservative and ill-fitting most of the time. She looks older than she is.
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Elisabeth looks gorgeous in that red dress, Gloria looks very nice as well.
I think that was Maya's birthday party where every guest had to wear something red, Prince & Princess Michael of Kent also were guests at this party. :flowers:
^ None of these pictures are working.
Now they work. I had to fix the links. Since the links are very long and take two lines each, the Forum did not recognize them correctly when I entered them the first time. :)
Happy Birthday to Princess Gloria, who has written an interesting biography.

Thank you for all the pictures (the dress with the teddy bears is indeed hilarious :D). Happy 50th Birthday to Princess Gloria!
I wonder if she still has those rubies? I don't think they were part of the sale.
^ Haven't seen them in ages. Thanks for sharing! :flowers:
I only like Maria Theresia's dress. It's very pretty and feminine. Gloria's chain-necklace looks horrible IMO.:cool:
Actually I don't find MT's dress very flattering. Somehow.
I think that the three outfits are a disaster :ermm:
Actually I don't find MT's dress very flattering. Somehow.

That's why I said I only liked the dress, not the way it looks on her.:D Generally, their fashion is a bit... how could we call it, dear? :rolleyes: Give me a hand here.
Different? ;) Weird? From another galaxy?

Yes, I agree - the dress per se is nice. :p
MT's dress is nice, but her body doesn't have the right shape for it. I don't want to say that she's fat, but her body and the dress don't fit together.
Elisabeth's dress is ugly. She tries so hard to be a fashionable women, but it just don't work. Her hair is like spaghetti...nearly as worse as Maxima's hair.
Gloria looks good for her age and her shape. She looks thin in that dress and the necklace is big, but gives her outfit a modern twist.
^ OMG! This group desperately needs a stylist or at least an advisor. They just don't know it yet.;) Thanks for the chuckle anyway!
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