Fashion and Style of Royal Men, Part 1: April 2003 - April 2016

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I think the best dressed man is Prince Charles! No doubt about that! Honestly though, I quite like the eccentric looks of Prince Joachim!
I definitely agree that Prince Henrik and Prince Joachim of Denmark have the most eccentric style. King Philippe of Belgium can also wear some interesting outfits sometimes!

I don't pay that much attention to the men's fashion though to know who is the best dressed, but I often think King Felipe of Spain looks smart and I like Prince Carl Philip of Sweden's style.
I love the eccentric style of Joachim . It is not usual that you expect to see. Sometimes funny, but I like it. I think Prince Charles and King Felipe the most well-dressed.
On the other hand not to say dowdy but his style is alwayw so unwrinkled so official even and casual appearances. I mean the Prince Daniel.
Harry looks good in just about anything he wears. He is comfortable too in what he wears and doesn't worry about them and gets totally involved in what he is doing. I really had to smile seeing Harry getting down on his knees to kid level. Kids just naturally warm up to the guy even to the degree that one asked if he is a clown. Like a clown, he does spread happiness wherever he goes.
Well, now, as is known I am one of Harry's biggest fans. However, I don't think good tailoring or clothing in general is one of Harry's main interests. There was a certain notorious blue suit, before this one, which he wore constantly. I don't like saying this but sometimes it looked as if he'd pressed it himself, and not very well at that.

On a few occasions, I am sorry to say, it looked as if he'd dropped it on his bedroom floor the night before and just picked it up and put it on. It was his favourite suit and he wore it everywhere formal when he wasn't in a tux or in uniform. I used to say that if he got lost on his way to engagements the suit could have known the way by itself!

It got so bad that I, and other Harry admirers, jokingly suggested writing to him asking that the suit be donated to a charity bin ASAP!

I agree that Charles's tailoring is always immaculate. Although Harry doesn't possess valets like his father, it does look as if he has turned over a new leaf and bought a new suit, perhaps with Charles's advice. I am hoping he turns over a new leaf with regard to the care of it as well.

Still love you, Harry!
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That suit is outstanding! :flowers: The color is perfection, and with 4 buttons on the cuffs. He is his father's son, for sure. Might he and Prince Charles consult, do you think? ;)

Well, a suit fit for a man 45 +, rather not for a person in his early 30s...
IMO Harry should consult the CP of Denmark who´s always dressed distinguished but still not like he was already about 60...:whistling:
I think in relation to clothing, Harry doesn't care much because he is simple and super stripped (I don't know if that's the right word in English), for me he is always flawless, perhaps the great admiration I have for him doesn't allow me to find fault in it. And I think he so gorgeous, which to me everything he wears looks good.
Harry should consult the CP of Denmark

GOD forbid.. Crown Prince Frederick manages to look like a sack of spanners on most occasions...
GOD forbid.. Crown Prince Frederick manages to look like a sack of spanners on most occasions...

:p Purple pants, too. But I do like the Crown Prince Frederick. He is one cool dude! :flowers: Harry could emulate him to good effect, though I like Charles' influence myself.
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:p Purple pants, too. But I do like the Crown Prince Frederick. He is one cool dude! :flowers: Harry could emulate him to good effect, though I like the Charles influence myself.

To be honest, I hope he never emulates anyone else. I love Harry just being himself.
Well, having discussed the sartorial wonder that is Harry, some thought his always wearing blue suits boring compared to Freds more modern suits, so:

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Black, it seems, is reserved for royal funerals;
th-23-1.jpg Photo by gigi_ho | Photobucket

Here's Harry, glitter notwithstanding, what's wrong with his suits?;

The only obvious difference I can see is that the BRF men do not wear the cutaway shirt collars or pointed shoes that are more on trend in Europe. I think the only royal who consistently wears anything other than blue is Prince Charles with his penchant for grey and most of them are double breasted.

Harry is wont to undo his jacket and put his hands in his pockets and Frederik is wont to stand in the military 'at ease' manner with his hands behind his back. Unfortunately, the (UK/European) habit of only doing the top button up pulls the jacket open above and below the button.

And just to prove there are always exceptions;
Hmm, this is opening up a whole new world to me because like a lot of other people I haven't followed the gents' clothing much before and one tends to think "dull, ill-fitting suits" and I always though Frederik looked great whatever he wears.

But in the photos above (thanks Marg), I can see that both Fred and Harry have their good days and bad days, just like the royal women!

Harry's dark blue suit with blue tie looked fantastic, really smart and impressive. Blue suits him better than grey I think.

I do prefer Frederik's style as he mixes and matches things up a bit. But he can look a little scruffy at times with his hands in his pockets etc. Even so, that is sometimes preferable than to stand too formally (and uncomfortable-looking) with hands behind back unless he is standing to the national anthem or something.

With regard to casual-wear, the British princess seem to very conservative.

ETA - here is a pic from the Mirror newspaper of William and Harry helping out on DIY SOS:

Harry actually looks pretty cool.
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To be honest, I hope he never emulates anyone else. I love Harry just being himself.

He is his father's son. Makes sense he would take after his father. :flowers:
Today Harry visited the Paignton Rugby Club

and at today's NAM vs GEO game

I see that men's suiting suffers from the same colour and shade problems as their female counterparts - indoor or outdoor lighting and taken with or without flash.

The photos above were taken on the same day, wearing the same clothes. The tie is what gives it away. In the first engagement, the photos are taken outside and the suit looks greenish grey, his shirt nondescript creamy white and his tie a bit of fuzzy pallid blue.

Later in the day, photos taken in the Box show him wearing his lovely blue, almost linen weave, suit and the same beautiful blue geometric tie, showing he's wearing exactly the same clothes. The tie is what is the evidence! Well, that and a pretty solid belief that Harry has not become so sartorially precious as to run home and change his suit and tie between the two daytime events.

All this makes me wonder how many other guys we've dissed for their lack of elegance.

I was thinking the same thing yesterday! It happens quite often Quite often in the women's fashion threads when and the same outfit can look completely different depending on the light and even the camera angle!
I think that's one of Henrik's more luxurious oriental-styled jackets isn't it? He has quite a selection, I believe, including a purple satin number. I suppose it's all a tribute to his years in Vietnam, and they are probably very comfortable to wear. Tuxedos can get a bit boring!
Thanks, Spheno :flowers:

Let's look some more at PH's :king3:attire.

We will start quietly with a tie only PH could away with wearing:
But stylish, that it is!

Moving on, let's marvel at this jacket:

One of his Hugh Hefner jackets. Very practical when one has become... eeh... has become more rounded and mature:

PH belongs to those men who are not afraid of wearing necklaces:

PH is a man who is always dressed up for hunting:
Even now, several years later there are still deer, foresters and small dogs who receive therapy after seeing those stockings.

PH is also one of the few gentlemen whose headgear wear him, not the other way around, as you can see here:

However, this attire, although being slightly inspired by the national costume of the Faeroe Islands, is so far unsurpassed! Had Liberace seen this he would have been green with envy:
To fully describe this outfit would require words not yet invented in any language.
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I love Henrik's outfits! :D The unusual outfits tell me he has a personality. I'm drawn to eccentrics. I'm sure I'd argue with him about certain things like why he should not be king, but at least he's interesting! So much more interesting than those boring blue suits that William and Harry wear. I can't stand that mid-blue shade for suits. I favour charcoal or black. If they must wear blue, make it navy!
:previous: Quite :D

Fortunately PH :king3: has two sons...
While Frederik, expect for the odd red pants, haven't really come out of the closet yet, so to speak.
Joachim has on several occasions given in to his inner hippie.

There is of course the now legendary camouflage tuxedo:

Then there are times when he goes into Bond mode and dress up as his favorite villain, Dr No.

Just like his papa, Joachim also favor casual evening wear, like this jacket:

That applies to pants as well, like these pale red pants:

However, being a gentleman Joachim also dress up for hunt. Here he and his father are wearing very stylish ties:

There are naturally other gentlemen within the DRF.

Like Nikolai:

Or Frederik in full wedding gear, complete with a noticeable vest:
(Large file)

But such a thread needs to include uniforms.
Joachim in full dress uniform of the army:

And in the gala uniform of the army:

Frederik prefers the navy uniform.
Here the dress uniform of the navy: (Large file)

The dress uniform of the army:

The service uniform of the army: (Large file):

The full dress uniform of the navy:

The mess uniform of the navy:

The gala uniform of the navy as a captain:

The gala uniform of a rear admiral:

The navy gala uniform in tropical climate:

The gala uniform of the Guards Hussars: (Large file)
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Just like his papa, Joachim also favor casual evening wear, like this jacket:
"Casual"....:D The famous Hugh Hefner jacket...!

Light or pale red:

Pink, as in Joachim's pants:

To help you to describe Joachim's pants using the correct colour next time he uses them, Muhler :flowers:
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Wow, is this Frederik? He looks like his grandfather King Frederik IX on that picture!!

It isn't actually. But it's hard to find a pic of Frederik in the navy dress uniform. He usually wear the full dress or gala uniform.
Perhaps someone can help? :)

That's right, Nordic. :)
Pale red, just like Joachim's pants.
I didn't post of pic of Frederik's pink pants for comparison though. :ermm:
I'm a huge fan of Prince Charles's fashion, but what really get to me is that the British royal men like wearing the same stale and boring suits over and over again. You would think they would mix up their looks every now and then.
:previous: It is. Thank you Polyesco :cool:
Thank you, Muhler & Polyesco, for the wonderful photos of Joachim and Fredrik. :flowers:

I'm particularly fond of Joachim's camouflage tuxedo and Dr No jacket. :D Both princes look very smart in uniform! And in general they demonstrate a willingness to wear colour and things that are "different" that I think the British royal men would do well to follow. I'd be delighted if William turned up in a Dr No jacket. I might begin to think he actually had a personality! But the Danes have the precedent of Henrik's choices, and that gives them an advantage.
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