Fan videos, Fanart & Wallpaper for Felipe, Letizia, Leonor & Sofía

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here you go
Feliz Navidad


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Josefine, those look really great!

Maybe next year you should fill an application to make the SRF's Christmas card;)
Thanks, Josefine! They're really, really nice! :)
I don't know where to post this


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Anna and Josephine~ I love yor fan art. Also Anna I can't wait to vist your site!
anna graet fanart i hope we will se some new with so many new photos
Josefine said:
anna graet fanart i hope we will se some new with so many new photos

Thank you Josefine, I'll work on that as soon as my computer is fixed;)
Do you intend to make a new photo-video again anytime Anna? :)
Sue- said:
Do you intend to make a new photo-video again anytime Anna? :)

Yes I do, I just need my computer fixed.

Here goes a fan art I did yesterday while using my brother's computer....


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Fan videos for Felipe, Letizia, Leonor & Sofía

Hello everyone,

This thread is intended for our creative members to post their picture-videos made for the Princes of Asturias.

Please send feedback when you download and watch the videos. This would be greatly appreciated by the authors.

The videos can be uploaded through: (the link lasts for 7 days or 25 downloads, whichever ends first) (the link lasts as long as the video keeps being downloaded. It expires after 30 days of inactivity)

have fun!
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I am going to have to think about my suggestions but just wanted to let you know that I'm very excited you are making another video. The previous F+L one as well as the one for Valentines Day were both great!
ideas for felipe and letizia vedio

Felipe is a sportsman and active person... maybe you can make a video of him sailing, sking, or him in uniform etc.... with an upbeat music playing in the backgroud.....

I hope this helps.... and I can't wait for it.....

I would like to know what software you used to make the last video....

Marezdote and Queens, thanks for your replies.

Thank you Marezdote for your kind compliments and I'll wait anxiously for your ideas.

Queens, the video is supposed to feature the couple and is made with pictures, that makes the use of an upbeat song a little out of the contents (pictures showing too slow against the song rythm.

I use Windows Movie Maker

Remember people, think super-romantic!;)
I like the sailing conceit. How about "Stranger on the Shore"? Sure, it´s an instrumental but it´s a beautiful song. Slow enough but it moves. And it´s really romantic.
As song occurred to me "Brown eyes" of Destinys Child. The text and the melody are very romantic I think. Only the brown eyes may be something mismatching... ;)
For it I would choose pictures of special moments of the couple like they are embrace, look each other in the eyes or holding hands...

It's cool that you collect suggestion for this Anna :)
Can you post the steps of how to make a video. Much appreciated!
I think someone or an admin should start a thread. Then Anna, myself, and others can gladly help.
My song ideas are...

1.The Way You Look Tonight by Sinatra
2.When You Say You Love Me by Josh Groban
3.At Last by Etta James
4.Can't Take My Eyes Off of You
5.Crazy Love
Wonderful choice of songs people. Please keep them coming, together with pictures suggestions for it.

As for the ones who want to learn how to make the videos, I'm beginning a tutorial on Windows Movie Maker.
the story title:Height journalist.

Hy Anna, i'm glad you're going to make a new video.I have a nice romantic story i fantasy hearing the song of Celine dion:If you asked me to.That song i can listen to during all the night.And everytime i listen to that song, i came up with images of a journalist ( letizia) who after her bad sentimental experiences, finaly finds real love in her live.So the story refex letizia during her profesional work, and then showing how felipe came up in her live. And the song sounds like this:

If You Asked Me To

Used to be that I believed in something
Used to be that I believed in love
It's been a long time since I've had that feeling
I could love someone
I could trust someone
I said I'd never let nobody near my heart again darlin'
I said I'd never let nobody in

But if you asked me to

I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart

And stay here in your arms forever
If you asked me to
If you asked me to

Somehow ever since I've been around you
Can't go back to being on my own
Can't help feeling darling since I've found you
That I've found my home
That I'm finally home
I said I'd never let nobody get too close to me darling
I said I needed, needed to be free

But if you asked me to
I just might change my mind
And let you in my life forever
If you asked me to
I just might give my heart
And stay here in your arms forever
If you asked me to
If you asked me to

Asked me to, I will give my world to you baby
I need you now
Ask me to and I'll do anything for you baby, for you baby
If you asked me to
I'd let you in my life forever
If you asked me to...
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I loved it Lapopdiva!

I can't wait for the video..:) :cool:
Anna~ I had saved the previous videos you did on my computer but I then accedently deleted the first F+L one you did. I was wondering if you could post it again. It's OK if you can't but I just thought I would ask. Thanks!
GOOD job!

lapopdiva and Anna,

You are SUPERB. GREAT job!

I love this couple and Leti is indeed a beautiful woman with a brain!
Thank you everyone for the kind compliments, the credit is all due to lapopdiva who had this great idea, I just helped a bit.

Please keep on posting your suggestions and I'll keep on making the videos!

Think romantic people, mega-super romantic!;)
Anna I have an other video! It's very long.This time i made a video for felipe in the time he was searching for real love, jejeje.
I thing i'm gonna post it here in two parts.
I have a problem, when posting the post y see it very large in here.I first made it in Wordpad than a copy it here, i see the letters very large.I thing i'm gonna send it to you're email.
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marezdote said:
Anna, I know this is a thread for suggestions for your video so I hope it is OK I'm posting here. If not let me know and I will move it.
I guess I can speak for Anna, to say that your contribution, as well as anyone else's, is very welcome.
Congratulations for this first attempt of yours, Marezdote! It's really great! :)
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