Engagement of Prince Harry of Wales and Meghan Markle: November 27, 2017

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Yes she thought an announcement today also.

Is there a thread for Miss Markle's style in general? I guess not, yet.
And engagement portrait of the couple is expected to be taken and released, no details yet.
Royal Wedding in May 2018
The British Royal Family will pay for the wedding. Meghan will be getting baptised and confirmed before her wedding. Windsor Castle is a place “close to the couple’s heart” .
Meghan will spend the next few months travelling around UK and getting to know its people - starting in Nottingham on Friday.
Exact date to be confirmed. Meghan will also apply to become a British citizen but retain her US citizenship while she does. They want their wedding to be 'fun and joyful' and involve the public.
Friday will be a fun day ...can't wait to see the pics from that.

According to Emily Andrews the wedding will be televised.

I have to say, that Meghan didn't come to play around, she's stepping right into work, staying for the citizenship test etc. Looking good to me, so far.
I honestly don't know which threads to post what now... seems like a few of the threads are merging content since we got the news of location and the wedding month.
congratulations to the couple they are making very beautiful couple and i am sure their babies will be beautiful too.
Harry and Meghan waving to cheering crowd after photocall:

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle waving to cheering wellwishers as they... Stock Footage Video | Getty Images

I thought the best picture was when they walked back to their cottage with their arms around each other! They are clearly supportive of one another!

One thing I just noticed is that when they were walking back and walked past their staff that was standing around, the staff were all so happy. I'm sure it's been a busy few days for the royal staff that's in charge of the roll out of this, but it seems that they are very supportive and happy for the couple as well.
:previous: I was glad to see that as well. The staff is happy and very probably relieved.

It also tells me that Harry's staff has had a chance to really get to know Meghan and they like her, otherwise their faces would tell a different story.:cool:
Telegraph is reporting that their mutual friend that set them up is Violet von Westenholz.
Who is she...not heard of her?


A high society type that knows both of them. She works for Ralph Lauren, and there is a picture of her and Meghan from when Meghan attended the Ralph Lauren party at Wimbleton. She declined to confirm or deny she's the match maker when Telegraph reached her. Just said she's happy that they are happy.

Revealed: Meghan Markle's mysterious matchmaker and close friend of Prince Harry whisked actress to Wimbledon after setting her up on dream date
Who is she...not heard of her?


Daughter of a Baron, sister of a woman once rumored to be a possible Harry girlfriend (which probably only just means that they run in the same circles and were unattached at the same time...but it does mean someone from that family runs in his circles). She does PR for Ralph Lauren. Meghan posted a picture of herself with Violet and a couple of others at Wimbledon that July when she first went out with Harry.
Thanks for the info loonytick and Jacqui
:online2lo: Ok, just made it through all 40 pages of the thread. phew! :wacko:

Having watched the interview and read the transcript, I am now utterly convinced that rumours of them meeting in May are way off base.

I'd always eyed those rumours with suspicion because of the short time he was in Canada in May 2016 + the fact that she was very likely in Mexico. Then Meghan was very specific that it was the beginning of July in the VF article, but left some room for interpretation with the "six months" comment.

But watching the interview convinced me utterly that they did not meet in May.

That is not a guy who would have waited two months after their first meeting to have a second (and third) date at the beginning of July. He, very clearly, recognized what he wanted and moved heaven and earth to make it work. And she, likewise, recognized what she wanted and committed to the incredibly taxing lifestyle that their relationship clearly required.

So I don't believe the "bombarded her with texts" in May and June. (Nor, frankly, do I think he was dating that model once he met Meghan or that there was any overlap with her ex-boyfriend.)
OMG! I just went on YouTube and saw this. I'm so happy! And it was on my birthday!
Maybe i’m In the minority, but I truly dislike the Diana / Catherine engagement ring, i find it too much. I much prefer the one Harry gave Meghan, or the one the Queen received from Prince Philip.
I do dislike the gold band, I feel white gold or platinum would have worked better.
I love her coat.

My day has been a shitty one (my cat is has cancer and isn’t currently hospitalized) so a shine of something happy.
I’m happy for them, and also a bit jealous.
I used to like Diana's ring when I was a child, then I grew up... I like Meghan's ring and I like that Harry put so much thought into it.
Well the duke and duchess of Windsor come to my mind ... Technically he was still a senior member of the BRF ...
I didn't like it either Leopoldine.

@Marg I was also struck by how short she was; I thought she was taller.

We have to remember that the boys are actually really tall. It doesn't show with Catherine because she's about 5'9" I believe, plus she wears heels a lot of times. So it seems that the boys aren't as tall, but really they are very tall.
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