Earl and Countess of Wessex: Visit to Barbados and Jamaica - Feb 27-March 5, 2014

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I love the orange dress a lot! I love how Sophie is not afraid of bright colours.

Look forward to seeing lots more photos of this visit. I'm impressed that a Rex photographer photographed their visit. :)
Love Sophie with the kids, as always.
Beautiful beautiful pictures :flowers:
This website has a lot more images if you search "Wessex".


I like Sophie's third dress she has worn there. It's a nice shape and design.
She looks amazing in all the three dresses I really love the spotty brown she looks fab
Sophie did not wear a dress yesterday when she attended The Female Entrepreneurs Forum, which is different but I like different.


They presented her with various gifts, however I noticed they got her title wrong and put Princess Sophie on one of the dishes. That's awkward, but a natural mistake although someone should have done their research.

Also some images of Edward and Sophie attending a special buffet.

I love the brown abd white dress any idea who iti s Anna?? Love the black and white as well ...
I like it that though she is squinting in the sunlight - she is not wearing sunglasses. It's respectful to those who have turned out to see you. :flowers: I appreciate the effort. It's the kind of thing a fairytale princess would do. ;)
Amazing words abouth HRH Countess of Wessex:
Observing A Royal | PRMR Inc

Wonderful. I agree with him totally, and I have not even met the woman!
I Agree with him- being Royal to me is being down to earth and compassionate- no matter how grand ones Title, and that Sophie most certainly is!:D
Wonder what he would think of some other people I know of...;)
I also like that Sophie's protection officer is professional, but also kind.
When you see protection officers on TV, protecting The President of the United States, for instance, it looks like something out of CSI, dark sunglasses, and microphones in the ears, and the like.
Kind of unapproachable. Not criticizing them in the least, because they do very important job, and they do it well, and their job is to protect the President, not chat to people he meets.
But if I was meeting royalty or the President even though I understand the reason, I think I would find The presence of protection officers unnerving- The thought that I was being watched. Because I would never Harm the Royals, or the president. But understand they have to treat everybody the same, not take chances.
Still a little unnerving I would think. In another way, I would be glad they were there, not just for the Royal, or the president, Whose safety is their first concern, of course, but to protect all of us from any danger.
So nice to know that Royal protection officers are professional and do their job well, but don't seem intimidating , and are friendly with a good sense of humor.
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They are dancing. I love it. Shame it's not together but anywho. I love that they are dancing. :)
They are dancing. I love it. Shame it's not together but anywho. I love that they are dancing. :)
I think their great strength, from a working royal POV, is that they always seperate and try to interact with as many people as possible. It's all the PR work they did before they became working royals. They know how to PR!
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