Dutch Summer Photo Sessions (2005-2012)

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A very big thanks to everyone who has taken the time to post pictures! They are a great treat! :)

Amalia and Alexia in their yellow sun dresses are superadorable! I just want to spend all day pinching Amalia's cheeks!

The Queen looks like the ever proud and beaming grandmother — as well she should with these two beautiful granddaughter of hers!

I know that only Willem, Maxima and their daughters are in this photoshoot, but do Constantijn, Laurentien, Johan and Mabel and their kids ever vacation in Tavernelle? Either at the same time with the Queen or during another time in the year? I've never heard of other family members holidaying in Italy here.
beautiful that you all post so much nice pictures, thank you !!!!
The family looks great together, althoug I think Maxima's hair is unnaturally blonde.
But the thing me most wondered: It looks as if Alexander lost his overweight, didnt he?? He looks more sportive and not so fat in the pictures. Bravo Alexander, you turned into a healthy handsome guy.
I'm not so enthousiastic about this session...
The sun is too bright, and that is not so good for pics...
They should have sceduald it earlier or later in the evening.
The girls however are very cute!!
Alexander should try short sleaves for a change...:D
Just wonderful pictures. I think it's wonderful to see Maxima and Beatrix enjoying themselves together more like mother and daughter than mother and daughter-in-law. Amalia and Alexia look really happy and healthy. I'm so glad that the DRF release these kind of pics.
From nu.nl

Well, the best time for an outdoor photo shoot is probably around 10 am, but this one perhaps started later which explains the extra light & not so good sky. However, once again, the Dutch RF gave us a great photo session. The children are so cute in their matching dress. Beatrix seems really happy to join the young crownprincely family in Italy. It would probably be more jubilant if Constantijn & Friso with their respective family could spend a bit of time in Tavernelle too, especially with the new addition of Leonore & Zaria. Seeing the Dutch RF grow more & more, i can only hope that sometime in the near future, Beatrix would do a photo shoot with only her grandchildrens like Juliana & Bernhard once did.

In the meantime, here's some more from facetoface :

more from reuters (via yahoo) & facetoface





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I LOVE this family!! Everyone is soo happy and vibrant. I can only hope that I would be a great mother as Maxima is (in about 10 years, of course :p). She and little Amalia look to have such an amazingly close relationship. And WA is beaming like I've never seen him beam before...Beatrix just looks soo proud and content, she really must see how encredibly happy her son is!! They all look so good!! :)
The Dutch photoshoot in Tavernelle, Italy was very successful.
They appear to be the happiest royal family on the face of the earth.
What a wonderfully happy family they seem to be. I love the way CP Maxima and Queen Beatrix have their arms around each other.
Girls are growing so fast!So nice tradition of family photosession each year.
What beautiful little girls. Amelia has a great personality, its nice to see her and know she will be a great Queen one day. Both of them are just sooooooo cute!!!! I didn't know much about this family before this forum, so thanks everyone!!! Thanks for all the pictures.
from rtl without watermarks:)


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From ANP without watermarks :)


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It's nice to see royals looking so approachable and natural. This is a very warm and loving family.
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