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Nov 30, 2003
In today's newpapers I read an article about a new book about the Royal Family from the Netherlands. It says (sorry for the bad translation :wacko: ):
"There is a new book about Mabel Wisse Smit and her role in the Royal Family from the Netherlands. Het liefje van Oranje (title of the book) makes prince JF's fiancee look very good. The author, Bert van der Veer, has kept it decently.
Van der Veer is putting the queen (Beatrix) a lot of words in her mouth - 'kriegeltjes! appears to be her favourite word - but it never becomes undecent. Most members of the royal family are not made fun with.
Although: princess Margarita looks like a paranoid bird, thatexpects a microphone under every saltshaker in an Amsterdams café. Crownprincess Maxima too: she looks like a stupid chicken that takes note on prince Clause's funeral that the Netherlands have miltary people too.
But Mabel Wisse Smit is a real heroine according to van der Veer.
are there some titles about royals of the netherlands
Princess Maxima books?

Does anybody knows books about Princess Máxima of the Netherlands?
Thanks:) .
Only in Dutch

[font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Maxima, Willem-Alexander en Amalia, [/font][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]H. de Iongh [/font][font=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]ISBN: 905911177X

Book from well-known Dutch republican
[/font] Lieve Maxima, W.Oltmans, ISNB:9067281360 (English: Dear Maxima,)

-De geheime mailtjes van Maxima en Mabel , Jaap Jongbloed, ISNB: 9080826731 (English: Secret mails from Máxima and Mabel)

About pregnancy and birth
-101 beste tips voor Maxima, ISNB: 9021545004 (101 best tips for Máxima)

Book for Maxima about state knowledge and laws
-Memo's voor Maxima, Wijnen, H van ,ISNB: 9050185800

i wonder what do those books explain... the one of maxima and mabel must be worth reading! any of those can be found in english in the internet?
Books about Dutch Royals?

Does anyone know if there are some good books about Dutch Royals, especially Queen Beatrix and the late Prince Claus?
maybe any kind of biographys?
Here are the names of 2 books, from amazon.comBeatrix Regina 1984. by Fred J. Lammers. and The Dutch Royal Family by Sozanne Cornelisse
Any new books about Princess Maxima coming out or have come out?

De Telegraaf has published a new book on Princess Máxima, to celebrate her 5th wedding anniversary (next February 2nd). The book (by Alex de Vries and Menzo Willems) contains 300 photos and it's entitled Máxima: 5 years as Princess of the Netherlands, but takes the following subtitle: Willem-Alexander: 40 years preparing to be king.

It costs 13,95 € (shipment included), but is only available within the Netherlands.
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I'm sure.

Btw can anybody advise me on good books (in English preferrably) about the Dutch Royal Family (not only Maxima) ? Thanks!
ahh to be able to speak and understand Dutch. Does anyone know if these three books would be available in English?
Thanks in advance,
Linda 85
I will certainly look up the 2 book suggestions already provided but I noticed that those don't seem to be that recent. So I was wondering if there was any other book that someone could suggest. I would really like to explore the history of the royal family. It's great to study only one royal but I would prefer a book with a great overview of this RF.
I think there are only a few books on Dutch royals available in english.

There are several on the Stadholder William III, whow as also King of GB. The book 'Orange and Stuart' by Pieter Geyl is rather informative.

Furthermore there is 'A stranger in The Hague', about Queen Sophia, nee Pss of Wurttemberg. It contains her letters to Lady Malet and is written by mr. Jackman and Hella Haasse.

The autobiography of Queen Wilhelmina 'Lonely but not alone' is available in english to.

Alden Hatch wrote a biography on Prince Bernhard in the 70-ties, with which the prince cooperated. I forgot the exact title.

The should be some books on Willem I (the silent) to. And I have a book in my collections which contain the memories of Countess Cornelia van Wassenaer, who was a lady-in-waiting of Queen Anna. Her memoires describe the visit to St Petersburg by the Princess of Orange and her suite.
Are all those these books only sold in the Netherlands and Europe? There is no way to get them in the USA?
Oh, I wish these books were available in the US!! I used to love all of the beautiful picture books made about Princess Diana in the 80's (Trevor Hall did some nice ones). Maybe an author reading this could take note and make some new ones of the 'young' European Royals? ;)
Princess Maxima is gorgeous and I love her sense of style--a fashion book would be really nice.
Today I saw another book on maxima by Marc van der Linden. It contains 250 pictures of Maxima, and some information to. Only available in Dutch though.
For those interested in the Dutch RF and who not speak Dutch there is some good news: Drs. Aernout van Cruyningen has written a book about the Dutch RF and its history in English. The book is called ´The Dutch Royal Family´ and can be ordered at van Hoogstraten bookshop in The Hague. For more information you can look at the website of Mr. van Cruyningen, here.
Great news! Thank you, can you actually buy these books living here in the USA?
You can become a member of the site, and after that it will go like amazon etc, I believe. They will probably mail it to your adress. But I am not a member so I am not sure.
Dutch Royal Family Book Purchase

Hi - I went to the site for this book and registered. But it asks you to confirm your order before it tells you what the shipping costs are going to be! I can't see on this site how you can find the shipping costs before you commit to buy..........???
Lady Katharine
I actually have no idea. But it shouldn't be a shocking amount, probably a few Euro's. If you want to know the exact amount you might want to contact the bookshop, though I don't see am email adress, there is a fax number.
I recently bought the guide to the dutch royal family and they gave me the cost before I confirmed the order. I had to pay through paypal first though before they sent me the book. I also think they give you an email address in regards to your order.
I actually have no idea. But it shouldn't be a shocking amount, probably a few Euro's. If you want to know the exact amount you might want to contact the bookshop, though I don't see am email adress, there is a fax number.

At the bottom left under "Information" it says "contact us",click and you can e-mail from there.

"van Hoogstraten" absolutely is THE bookshop to go/order.Wonderfull family/people,almost old world charm and kindness.
I can highly recommend them for all orders/information on any Royal related books.
A new book has apparently come out or will come out about the family Orange. This is the website where there is info but in Dutch.

Familie van Oranje
I went online and registered an account for van Hoogstraten Bookshop - payment required is by Paypal - forgive my ignorance, but is that the same as just using a credit card?

Thanks in advance.
No they take money out of your bank account. That way they are sure they get the money.
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