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Royalblog.nl has an article on an upcoming book over Maxima, called "Het fenomeen Maxima - De vrouw, de icoon, the koningin in spe" (The Maxima Phenomenon - The woman, the icon, the queen in...).

The author is Piet Lekkerkerk, and according to my humble capability of understanding Dutch, it will be released around Maxima's birthday (May 17th). Apparently, it is only available in Dutch. Royalblog also has a picture of its cover.

Het fenomeen Maxima, Lekkerkerk, P. - Van Stockum

Q.: What does "spe" means? I couldn't find it.
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In spe means something like in the future or in the making.

Considering it is in paperback and the author and publisher aren't that well-known I wonder what kind of book it will be. Not another picture book with some sugary texts around I hope, as we had our fair share of that last year (Maxima 5 years Princess of The Netherlands and such).
The author is Piet Lekkerkerk,the man of "Vorsten Royale" as it is called these days...
In spe means something like in the future or in the making.

Considering it is in paperback and the author and publisher aren't that well-known I wonder what kind of book it will be. Not another picture book with some sugary texts around I hope, as we had our fair share of that last year (Maxima 5 years Princess of The Netherlands and such).

Thanks Marengo,

Without reading it I foresee that it is more of the same old books on Maxima. After all, what else can you say right now that hasn't been said for her 5th anniversary as a Princess, for instance? Maybe it includes an update on the subject of the Dutch identity and Maxima's words about it... theories about her access to the throne and when will this happen ... the current state of her popularity in the Netherlands and such.

Nothing new, I presume. I hope I am wrong...
There is a new book, only in dutch, from Piet Lekkerkerk "Het fenomeen Maxima, De vrouw, de icoon, de koningin in spe".

Does someone read it ?
Its a shame so many of the books are only in the mother tongue of the princess in question. I came across one about Maxima at a book sale a few weeks back but of course it was in Dutch which I dont speak a word of, and the way I figured it I already had most of the pictures saved to disc anyway, so as a student I didnt feel i could justify the money... :bang:
The House of Orange Nassau

Just out now, 2 interesting titles about the House of Orange: 1 Carolina of Orange Nassau, Ancestress of the royal houses of Europe and 2 Dynasty (Portraits of the House of Orange-Nassau)
I believe the book: 'Dynasty, Portraits of the House of Orange-Nassau' first appeared in 2016. It is about state portraits of the family & was published for an exhibition in the royal palace of Amsterdam.
You are right, are you a fan of the Dutch royal family? I have a few books about the Dutch royals, in English & in Dutch plus books of other royals related to the Dutch, like the Luxemburgers and of course with the Bourbon Parma, Nassau, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Waldeck Pyrmont and to other European royals, Keep in touch!!!!!!
New book about Queen Maxima.
For years, Queen Máxima has been the most popular member of the Dutch royal family. But how well do we really know the queen? Royalty journalist Rick Evers followed her very closely for a year and offers in Máxima. More than Majesty, a unique view behind the palace doors, which normally remain hermetically closed.
Even when the cameras are off, he sees how Máxima dedicates herself with heart and soul to, among others, the United Nations, the Orange Fund and as honorary chairman of Méér Muziek in de Klas. What makes her so successful and so immensely popular?
Based on exclusive conversations with the queen and the people around her, Rick Evers sketches a revealing portrait. Máxima appears to be a workaholic who wants to reach, inspire and motivate as many people as possible with her work. At the same time, she is involved in the broad outlines and the smallest details of her husband's royalty. She constantly balances between her work as queen and her duties as the mother of three daughters. We have never come so close to Máxima.

"Special and hitherto unknown facts [...] Máxima, Meer dan Majesteit (More than Majesty) is a standard work about the work and life of our queen. It gives us a look behind the palace walls and shows us what the royal world really looks like." Jeroen Snel, Blue Blood

"Highly recommended and an enrichment. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to know more about Queen Máxima." Justine Marcella, Vorsten and RTL Boulevard.

paying the european way

Have tried many times to get the latest Queen Maxima photo book from the Dutch publisher, to no avail, I live in Melbourne Australia, and most European countries , including The Netherlands DOES NOT EXCEPT credit cards, only when you have a bank account with a Eurpoean bank, in my case ING, I insist to pay with credit cards, as I have done for years, lokally & on Amazon, this is the most stupid system of the european system, incl. The Dutch!!!!!!!
The first of a two-part biography of Queen Máxima will be presented today. The author is journalist Marcia Luyten.

The first part is called 'Motherland' and will focus on the years before Máxima met Willem-Alexander. It will cover her years in Argentina and in New York.The second part 'Fatherland' will be published in 2022 and will focus on Máxima's Dutch years.

As the Queen is turning 50 years old this year there are also two other books on the market.

The author was hesitant in accepting the assignment. As Máxima is still very much alived she expected that people around the Queen would not be willing to talk to her. This changed when Máxima gave her permission to former school-collegues, friends and family to talk to the author. In the first part a lot of attention will be given to the political situation in Argentina at the time and the position of Máxima's father. She will focus on his conservative points of view, his position in the Argentina's class society and his care for his blended family.

Source: royalblog

"Amalia. De plicht roept": New book about Princess Catharina Amalia and what will change in her life after her 18th Birthday.
Princess Amalia is celebrating her eighteenth birthday this year. A lot is going to change for her. Duty calls and the carelessness of her youth is gone. It is special for every Dutch person to come of age. But what does this mean in a crown princess? Amalia has to succeed her father, but can she get out of it? Peter Rehwinkel deals with these and other constitutional questions. I am sure Amalia will study in the coming years. According to the Oranjes, she can now enjoy life: "It is no longer possible later." The Dutch royal family is under attack. A normal salary is more than enough for a young princess. Nevertheless, a look behind the scenes - for example at the Council of State - shows what is asked of Amalia after her eighteenth birthday. Already those who see the princess are impressed by her: "We need not doubt the presence of our future queen." What choices can Amalia make? Also when choosing a partner? This book answers the Netherlands' first Princess of Orange, and all the others. Peter Rehwinkel is mayor and former member of the House of Representatives and the Senate. He has a PhD in constitutional law and has written several books. He is regularly asked for constitutional comment by the media.




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Queen Maxima of the Netherlands

Does anybody knows books about Princess Máxima of the Netherlands?
Thanks:) .
3 Books about Queen Maxima of the Netherlands (in the Dutch language)

1 Maxima by Justine Marcella.
2 De Magie van Maxima by Josine Droogendijk.
3 Maxima Meer dan Majesteit by Rick Evers.
Interview with Marcia Luyten, who wrote a book about Queen Maxima, which inspired a series that will premiere next year.

The biography "Máxima Zorreguieta, Madre Patria" by Marcia Luyten delves into the childhood of the Queen of the Netherlands and her family. How a girl from Buenos Aires became a princess and then Máxima of the Netherlands.

Just to ensure no misunderstandings occur: the biography was written in Dutch, not in Spanish. So, the title is 'Máxima Zorreguieta, Moederland' (which translates to 'Motherland). She is also working on a second part that focuses on her time in the Netherlands. This first book ends just before she meets Willem-Alexander.

These biographies are written with implicit approval of the queen (she allowed close family members to talk to the author - the book itself is not authorized by the queen).

Much to my surprise I have seen the book in several book shops last week when I was in Buenos Aires. They are selling the Spanish translation there. It must be a recent translation otherwise they would not be interviewer the author now.
These biographies are written with implicit approval of the queen (she allowed close family members to talk to the author - the book itself is not authorized by the queen).

Isn't that the same thing? If she okays family and friends to speak to the author?
From 2025 onwards four new biographies about the Queens of the 19th century will be published. It comes after the succesful and praised project of the three biographies on the thrree Kings, of ca. 2015.

Monica Soeting is writing the biography about Emma of Waldeck-Pyrmont, 2nd wife of Willem III.
Leonieke Vermeer is writing a biography about Sophie of Württemberg, first wife of Willem III.
Petra van Langen is writing a biography about Anna Pavlovna of Russia, wife of Willem II
and Alpita de Jong is writing a biography about Wilhelmina (Frederica) of Prussia, first wife of Willem I.

The project was launched in 2022 by Boom publishers and the (formerly Prince Bernhard) Culture Fund. I can not remember the announcement.
It fills a gap in our historical biographies as especially about Wilhelmina and Anna we know next to nothing. In the one or two tv series about the royal family Queen Wilhelmina is portrayed as a bourgeoise while Anna is painted as the haughty daughter of the Russian emperor. Not in line with the historical sources, claim the authors.

I remember reading that at the end of this summer a biography of Louise de Coligny, 4th and last wife of WIlliam the Silent is expected too, though I can not find any information on that at the moment. For now the name is perhaps mostly familiar due to the many streets and schools that carry her name.
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