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May 20, 2019
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Today in Royal History is the 51st birthday of Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau born Prince Johan-Friso Bernhard Christiaan David van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, Jonkheer van Amsberg. He was the second child of Princess Beatrix of the Netherlands and Claus von Amsberg. He was a member of the Dutch Royal Family but because of his marriage without an Act of Consent in 2004 to Mabel Wisse Smit, he lost his membership of the Dutch Royal House, was stripped of his 'Prince of the Netherlands' title and was barred from the line of succession to the throne. This marriage brought the couple two children namely Countesses Luana and Zaria.


On 17 February 2012, Prince Friso was buried under an avalanche in Lech, Austria. After one and a half years of hospitalization, he died on On 12 August 2013 due to complications.
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On this day, October 11, 1969 ~ Birth of Prince Constantijn of The Netherlands, the son of Queen Beatrix

On this day, October 22, 1751 ~ Demise of Willem IV, Prince of Orange at Huis ten Bosch in The Hague

On this day, November 6, 1650 ~ Demise of Willem II, Prince of Orange. He was the father of King William III of England.

On this day, November 14, 1567 ~ Birth of Maurits, Prince of Orange

On this day, November 14, 1650 ~ Birth of Willem III, Prince of Orange at Binnenhof Palace

On this day, November 18, 1774 ~ Birth of Wilhelmine of Prussia, Queen of The Netherlands, the wife of King Willem I, in Potsdam

On this day, November 23, 1890 ~ Demise of King Willem III of The Netherlands

On this day, December 6, 1792 ~ Birth of King Willem II of The Netherlands at The Hague :xmasbell::xmasbell::xmasbell::xmasbell:

On this day, December 12, 1843 ~ Demise of King Willem I of The Netherlands

On this day, December 19, 1554 ~ Birth of Philip Willem, Prince of Orange :poinsettia::poinsettia:

On this day, December 23, 1544 ~ Birth of Anna of Saxony, Princess of Orange. She was the wife of Prince Willem I of Orange.

On this day, December 24, 1660 ~ Demise of Mary, Princess Royal, Princess of Orange, the wife of Willem II, Prince of Orange

On this day, December 28, 1522 ~ Birth of Margaret of Austria, Regent of the The Netherlands

On this day, January 10, 1967 ~ The wedding of Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven
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The couples religious wedding took place at the mow redundant Grote of Sint-Jacobskerk in the Hague ,the church has a long history and association with the medieval Counts of Holland.
On this day, January 10, 1967 ~ The wedding of Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven

I recall the day vividly as we were off from school.

Pieter was,as we know,the first `commoner ` to get married into the Duch RF.
No titles granted,as Juliana wished a normal situation.But now,after so many years if there would be one person who would deserve a title it would be Pieter van Vollenhoven.So truly respected and loved,wise and a humour that leaves all in stitches.A dear father,uncle and husband and a confidant of the King with whom he has a very special relationship.They still,after all these years celebrate their wedding day with their best men and closest friends,Margriet wearing her wedding dress every time...One doesn´t hear that often of Ladies who wear let alone fit in their wedding dress 53 years after the ceremony...:lol:
On this day, January 12, 1759 ~ Demise of Anne, Princess of Orange. She was the wife of Prince Willem IV of Orange.

On this day, January 18, 1795 ~ Birth of Anna Pavlovna of Russia, Queen Consort of King Willem II of The Netherlands

On this day, January 20, 1619 ~ Demise of Eleonore de Bourbon-Conde, Princess of Orange. She was the spouse of Filips (Philip) Willem, Prince of Orange.
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On this day, January 29, 1584 ~ Birth of Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange
On this day, February 19, 1817 ~ Birth of King Willem III of The Netherlands
At the time of his birth he was the grandson of the 1st King of the Netherlands,and his mother Anna Pavlovna of Russia was a daughter of Paul I of Russia .

Here's a painting from 1817 of Prince Willem Alexander Paul Frederik Lodewijk Nassau van Oranje as a child.


On this day, February 20, 1618 ~ Demise of Filips Willem, Prince of Orange
On this day, February 20, 1618 ~ Demise of Filips Willem, Prince of Orange

The last Roman Catholic Prince of Orange,he is not buried at the traditional resting place of the house of Orange at the Nieuwe Kerk , Delft but instead at the RC Church of Sint-Sulpitiuskerk in Diest,Belgium.
On this day, March 8, 1748 ~ Birth of Willem V, Prince of Orange in The Hague
On this day, March 8, 1748 ~ Birth of Willem V, Prince of Orange in The Hague

His mother was Anne, Princess Royal and Princess of Orange who herself was a daughter of George II of and Caroline of Ansbach.The Princess at one stage was a potential bride for King Louis XV of France but the French insistence that Anne must convert to Roman Catholicism caused the negotiations to fall apart.

On this day, March 14, 1647 ~ Demise of Frederik Hendrik, Prince of Orange
March 16, 1815 the Kingdom of the Netherlands is created at the urging of the powers of the Congress of Vienna. William IV, Prince of Orange was named king of the new kingdom and Luxembourg. He took the name William I.

William had been forced into exile during the Napoleonic wars. He was in Prussia and met with Alexander I of Russia. Alexander promised his aid in returning the Netherlands to an independent state, with the aid of Prussia.

William I was married to Wilhemine of Prussia, a cousin. Her father was Frederick William II of Prussia, and she had been raised at the court of her great Uncle Frederick the Great. While their marriage was a political one, it was also a great love match.

The couple had four children (and 2 miscarriages). Their son William II would serve as an aid de camp of the Duke of Wellington at the Battle of Waterloo. William II married Anna Pavlovna of Russia, a younger sister of Alexander I who had helped William I reclaim his country.

Their son Frederik married his cousin Louise of Prussia. Louise's father was Queen Wilhemine's older brother Frederick William III of Prussia. One of their daughters married Charles XV of Sweden.

William I and his wife had 2 daughters. Pauline died at age 6 after getting ill when the family had to flee from French troops in 1806. Like her brother Frederik, the second Marianne married a child of their maternal uncle Frederick William III. In her case she married his youngest son Albert. Marianne bore her husband five children. But she left her unfaithful husband 3 years after the birth of her youngest, to live with her lover and former coachman, Johannes von Rossum. Seven months after her husband divorced her she bore a son to Johannes, also named Johannes. Not welcome in Prussia or home in the Hague, she lived her life in Italy. She and Johannes were together for 30 years before he died. Their son died in 1861, and Johannes died in 1873. Marianne died ten years later, and was buried next to the love of her life and their son.
Thanks for that reminder. The country only lasted for a short time, until that fateful night in a Brussels theatre on July 21st 1830. The King had even bigger hopes originally as he dreamed of having the entire area from the Dutch border to & including the Duchy of Nassau under the rule of his younger son Prince Frederik. Sadly the Prussians got it, which eventually plunged Europe in disaster.
Wilhelmine of Prussia was the 1st Queen consort of the Netherlands and died at Noordeinde Palace in The Hague in 1837.

Hortense de Beauharnais was styled Queen consort of Holland from 1806 - 1810.
On this day, March 20, 1934 ~ Demise of Queen Emma of The Netherlands

On this day, March 24, 1558 ~ Demise of Anna van Egmont, Princess of Orange. She was the first wife of Willem I, Prince of Orange.

On this day, March 25, 1734 ~ The wedding of Prince Willem IV of Orange and Anne, Princess Royal of Great Britain in London, England
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On this day, March 24, 1558 ~ Demise of Anna van Egmont, Princess of Orange. She was the first wife of Willem I, Prince of Orange.

Her name was Anna van Buren ?

And March 20th 2004,70 years to the day of the demise of her grandmother Queen Mother Emma
saw the demise of HM Queen Juliana 1909 2004.
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Anna held a number of personal titles which then passed to the House of Oranje-Nassau upon her death.
Anna was Countess of Buren,Countess of Leerdam,Countess of Lingen,Lady of Egmon.

The Princess is buried at the Vault of the Grote Kerk in Breda.

Her name was Anna van Buren ?

And March 20th 2004,70 years to the day of the demise of her grandmother Queen Mother Emma
saw the demise of HM Queen Juliana 1909 2004.

Actually it is Anna van Egmond / Anne d'Egmont indeed, daughter of Maximiliaan van Egmond / Maximilien d'Egmont and of Françoise de Lannoy.

Koninklijke Nederlandse Academie van Wetenschappen:
Anna van Egmond (1533-1558)


The Palais Egmont and the Parc Egmont in Brussels are named after this family: https://images4.persgroep.net/rcs/J...=2dc96dd3f167e919913d808324cbfeb2&quality=0.8

Anna is a cousin to Lamoraal, Count of Egmont and cousin-by-marriage to Philippe de Montmorency, Count of Horne, close comrades-in-arms to the Prince of Orange, who were both beheaded in Brussels:
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On this day,24th of April 1533 : Birth of William I, Prince of Orange also known as William the Silent.

William was born at Dillenburg castle and was the eldest son of son of William, Count of Nassau and Juliana of Stolberg-Wernigerode.


On this day,May 5th 1582 : Death of Charlotte de Bourbon,Princess (consort) of Orange .

Charlotte de Bourbon was the daughter of Louis de Bourbon, Duke of Montpensier and Jacqueline de Longwy. Her father was a Catholic Royalist commander during the French Wars of Religion and her mother was one of queen Catherine's ladies-in-waiting.Her father had Charlotte placed in the l'abbaye de Jouarre to be raised as a nun.Charlotte escaped the convent in 1572 and announced her conversion to Calvinism.Charlotte married William of Orange in 1575 .Charlotte died in Antwerp and is buried at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Antwerp.


June 29, 1911- birth of Prince Bernhard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, husband and prince consort of Queen Juliana.

Bernhard Leopold Frederik Everhard Julius Coert Karel Godfried Pieter Prinz von Lippe-Biesterfeld was born in Jena, Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach in the German empire. He was the eldest son of Prince Bernhard of Lippe and his wife Baroness Armgard von Cramm. At the time of his birth he was only a count, as his parents' marriage was considered morganatic. In 1916 his Uncle Leopold IV retroactively accorded their marriage dynastic status, and in doing so made Armgard a Princess and her sons gained their Prince status. Biesterfeld was added at the time to mark the new cadet line of the family.

He had a younger brother Prince Aschwin who was born in 1914. He was a Nazi supporter so he lost contact with Bernhard for years. He lived in NY for decades were he worked at the Metropolitan museum of art in Asian art. He married French Simone Arnoux but had no children. When he was dying from Parkinsons his brother convinced to move home to the Netherlands where he died in 1988. He was a godfather to Prince Constantijn.

Though after WWI the family lost their principality, the family retained wealth. Bernhard spent much of his childhood at his family's new estate Castle Reckenwalde which was in East Brandenberg (now Poland).


He was of poor health as a young man and the doctors never thought he would live a long life. He was reckless and often got in car accidents. He attended boarding schools and graduated in 1929 from a school in Berlin. He went on to study law at University of Lausanne.

He joined the Nazi party while he was in university, though he denied just how deep he became involved. But he was never radical in political thought though he did show sympathy to Hitler in the early days.

He worked with the German chemical company IG Farben and would eventually end up working for their office in Paris.

He met Princess Juliana at the 1936 winter Olympics. Juliana's mother was looking for a suitable husband for her daughter who was 17. As he was from a princely house and protestant he was considered a suitable match. They were engaged September 8 1936 and were married in the Hague January 7, 1937. He had signed a pre-nup which was very strict on what he could and could not do. He was given Dutch citizenship and he changed his name from the German to the Dutch spelling.

During WWII he didn't originally want to flee the country with the royals, but was convinced to lead their military mission in London. While his wife and children took refuge in Canada, Bernhard remained in London with her mother. Thanks to George VI he was screened and allowed to do work with British intelligence (originally they were reluctant due to his German heritage and his history). He became a spitfire pilot (like his grandson Willem Alexander h would continue as an avid pilot through out his life). After the Netherlands were liberated he returned with the family and helped negotiate the German surrender there.

In 1948 his wife became queen when her mother abdicated. He served on the boards of a number of corporations. He was active through the rest of his life in trying to get Polish soldiers proper recognition for their involvement in the liberation of the Netherlands. It was not achieved in his life time, In 2006 his daughter Beatrix would reward the Polish 1st independent parachute brigade the Military William order, the highest Dutch military decoration, in recognition of their involvement.

He was ill for many years. He died in 2004, from lung and intestinal cancer. he was buried December 11 at Nieuwe Kerk in Delft. His wife had died in March of that year, and his son in law Claus had died in 2002. Unlike them both, he was transported in the under carriage of a cannon, and there was a definite military feel to his funeral as he was a war veteran.


Prince Bernhard and his wife had four daughters:
-Beatrix: succeeded her mother as Queen in 1980 and abdicated in 2013. She was married to Claus von Amsberg and had three sons, including the current King Willem Alexander. She has eight grandchildren, 7 girls and 1 boy. Her son Johan Friso died in 2013.

-Irene: caused controversy when she married the catholic Carlos Hugo, Duke of Parma. They had four children (2 sons, 2 daughters) and 10 grandchildren (7 girls and 3 boys). In 1980 she moved back to the Netherlands, her divorce finalized in 1981. Her former husband died in 2010.

-Margriet-born in Canada during WWII. married Pieter van Vollenhoven and has four sons. They have 11 grandchildren.

-Christina- she was nearly blind as her mother has meassels when she was pregnant with her (could see some with special glasses). She was married to Cuban exile Jorge Guillermo who she divorced in 1996. They had three children (2 sons and 1 daughter) and have four grandchildren. She was a music teacher and dance therapist. She died in 2019 from bone cancer.

He also had two children from affairs:

-Alicia von Bielefeld: her mother was never identified. She is a landscape architect in the US (born in 1952, five years younger then Christina).

-Alexia Grinda-Lejeune: (born in 1967) was born to French model and socialite Helene Grinda. Was born the same year as Willem Alexander. She was raised by her stepfather Stanislas baron Lejeune.

His paternity was only acknowledged after his death.
August 2 1858- birth of Queen Emma of the Netherlands. She was the great-great grandmother of Willem-Alexander.

Adelheid Emma Wilhelmina Theresia was born at Arolsen castle. Her father was George Victor, Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont. Her mother Princess Helena of Nassau was the daughter of William, Duke of Nassau. Her parents had seven children. She was their 4th child and daughter, her parents having six daughters and one son Friedrich. Her father had an eighth child, a son Prince Wolrad, by a second marriage. Her sister Helena was married to Queen Victoria's son Leopold, Duke of Albany.

William III of the Netherlands was widowed in 1877 when his wife Sophie of Wurrttemberg died. Sophie had born him three sons through their son Maurice had died as a child in 1850. William was anxious to remarry and considered a few women including Princess Thyra of Denmark. He first considered Emma's sister Pauline. Pauline would eventually marry Alexis, Hereditary Prince of Bentheim and Steinfurt. Instead he chose Emma.

There was a lot of protest over his choice. Emma was 20 when they married. Her husband was 61 (41 year age difference). Emma was younger then both her stepsons. William was born in 1840 (39) and Alexander was born in 1851 (28). She would have been more appropriate a bride for his sons.

William gained permission from parliament and the couple were married January 7, 1879. Despite the huge age difference it was a seemingly happy marriage and Emma was said to have a good influence on her husband.

Less then six months after they were married her eldest stepson William died. Though 38 he had never married having failed to marry Countess Mathilde von Limburg-Stirum. Her second stepson Alexander would die in 1884 from typhus at the age of 32. He was single as well.

In 1880 Emma gave birth to her only child, William's only daughter.

-Wilhelmina Helena Pauline Maria: succeeded her father as queen at 10 years old in 1890. She married Duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and had one daughter Juliana.

The king grew ill in the late 1880's from kidney issues, and suffered from dementia the last years. Emma served as regent for her husband in those last years before he died November 23, 1890. Emma would serve as regent for her daughter until she came of age August 31, 1898.

Emma died from bronchitis in the Hague in 1934 at 75. She was buried in Delft. She died four years before she became a great-grandmother, Beatrix born in 1938.

Many of the tiaras we see on the royal women today in the Netherlands originate with Emma.

The Queen Emma Diamond tiara was a posthumous gift from her husband

Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara | The Court Jeweller

The diamond bandeau tiara was a wedding gift to Emma from the Dutch people.

The Dutch Diamond Bandeau | The Court Jeweller

The Dutch sapphire tiara which Maxima wore when her husband became king, was a gift from William to Emma.

The Dutch Sapphire Parure Tiara | The Court Jeweller

The sapphire necklace tiara worn by Beatrice was a gift to Emma from her husband.

The Dutch Sapphire Necklace Tiara | The Court Jeweller

The Mellerio ruby tiara as well

The Mellerio Ruby Parure Tiara | The Court Jeweller
On this day, August 14, 1687 ~Birth of Johan Willem Friso, Prince of Orange
On this day, September 1, 1711 ~ Birth of Willem IV, Prince of Orange
On this day, December 6, 1792 ~ Birth of King Willem II of The Netherlands at Noordeinde Palace
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