Duchess of Cambridge Jewels 3: January 2016 -

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I think the point of the 'cant see' is that it obscures the detail. Yes, the broach is so huge that her hair isn't hiding it all, but with it loose messy around the broach, you don't get a full view of the detail of it.

Which is interesting because I was looking at a photo gallery from this event and her hair was out of the way in the majority of the photos. There were just a few that showed her hair covering (or partially covering) the brooch. Even though her hair was down, it appears that she tried to be mindful of the fact that she was wearing it.
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The first pictures I saw her hair was back and I saw the broach. When I saw the comments about her hair hiding it, I went looking for photos with it in front. Certainly you get more pics with a good view. I simply understand what some people were saying, in the photos her hair is over her shoulders, you cant see the full detail.
The Duchess of Cambridge, Honorary Air Commandant, joined members of the RAF Air Cadets to mark their 75th anniversary for her first official engagement of the year.

She wore an Air Cadets Dacre brooch, known to be the highest award any female cadet can achieve.

The brooch can hardly be seen, the hair should have been up!!


A beautiful and regal brooch.

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Great to see a good photo of her wearing that tiara.
That's the second time right?
Its just nice to finally see good a full shot of Kate in the tiara rather than the half car pictures we have seen thus far - i'd imagine once the documentary is aired we will have a better idea of Kate in action in this tiara
No - she has worn it to one Diplomatic Reception - December 2015

Oh yes this is the event where none of us could really see her dress but we could see the tiara when they drove by in the car!

So excited we got a good picture of her in the tiara! What an unexpected treat

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Nice to see this photo, although it is rather grainy. I guess that it's a screen shot. The tiara suits the Duchess very much and she has very nice hair with it.
Has the Queen worn her wedding bracelet since the Duchess of Cambridge was seen in it?
I'm just gonna say it - Kate looks better in that tiara than Diana ever did.
I agree. I think it looks much better with the sleek up do, then with Diana's feathery hair cut.
Also her dark hair is IMO a better contrast with the diamonds and pearls. I would have loved to have seen Diana in one of the sapphire, emerald or aquamarine tiaras in the royal collection.
On the theme of I am just gonna say it ... this is what she should of done for her wedding hair/tiara. So pretty. Very romantic. :flowers:
On the theme of I am just gonna say it ... this is what she should of done for her wedding hair/tiara. So pretty. Very romantic. :flowers:

I agree, I thought her wedding hair was far too casual looking and looked out of place amongst the rest of her ensemble.
Yes, I think those aquamarine earrings look better when Kate wear an updo.
Every Kate's blog covered what she wore, including earrings, those are her Temple of Heaven Girandole earrings by Cassandra Goad, worn many times before.
It is amazing that the Duchess of Cambridge has already worn 3 different tiaras in only 4 different occasions. I can't imagine that she will wear other tiaras any time soon, because that is not the way things are done in the BRF. But I do think that the spell is no broken, so to speak, and that the Cambridges will now attend State Banquets on a more regular basis.

I'd love to see the wedding tiara again. In a nice up-do and without that very dense veil it would looke lovely, imo. And of course I'd like to see Queen Mary's lovers knot tiara probperly on her, not like in those car pics. That must be another stunning sight. All in all I love diversity, so I hope that Kate will rotate her tiara on a regular basis, so that we can appreaciate the variety of them.

in this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-4Yx4rmb6Ac )
we get a stunning look at her wearing the Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara at 0:33
Not a fan of the earrings. They look too big. Beautiful stones, and happy she had her hair back to show them off, but still just seems too big in proportion. The bracelet is stunning.
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