Diana, Princess of Wales Picture Thread 2

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I beleve it is. I saw a group of thise pictures a while back.
Yes, it's Diana; she looks different because her make-up is heavier than usual and her hair is done up differently.
I learned the hard way that if you don't set your photobucket account to "private", your pictures can turn up anywhere.:rolleyes:

this is mine,do not know how they make it too the net as from group i am in i did the words and rose too add too picture.
Does anyone have pictures of the Prince and Princess of Wales when they were in Eygpt as part of their honeymoon?
3. July 25th, 1983 - Visit to Canberra War Memorial

Canberra in Australia? the Wales tour of Australia and New Zealand was in Mar-Apr '83.
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That photo is genuine.I believe Terence Donovan took it. It is from a group of rare photos which I tried to find on other threads to no avail. But there are alot if threads to look in. The dress that Diana wears in that picture was in the Christy's sale of 1997. Anyway, does anyone have any photos of Diana wearing this dress to events? I have seen one.
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Thanks for the pics GillW That is some dress, how about that bustle and bow and train. A good reason to get those emeralds out. What dresses did she wear with her emeralds other than green?
Thanks for the photos! I believe she also wore her emeralds for her last ever evening event that she attended in early July, 1997 when she wore a black dress with her emeralds. Does anyone have or can anyone direct me to ( the picture threads are so long and complex and some old posted links don't work), the formal photos of Diana in the blue Versace gown with her hair slicked back ( not put up)- I believe it was taken by Patrick Demarchelier- and also, the formal photos with her hair slicked back, likely from the same session in a navyish- black evening gown ( not sure of the designer)? They are seen in Diana: A Portrait, for one. I would really like to see those esp. the one of her in the black gown with her hair slicked back. I believe those images were taken in the early- mid 1990s, but does anyone know the specific year the images of her I mention above with her hair slicked back were take? Much thanks!

I had never seen the phone one. Who took it, and when? Paparazzi, I suppose? Just guessing.
I've never seen the one of her wearing the black dress or I'm guessing it is a dress- you can only see the neckline and it glitters.. anymore photos of that? I try to look through all the photos, but if already posted, can someone direct me to them? I'm new to this site, but I love it- it is Princess Diana paradise- I'm a HUGE fan of hers. I was 11 when she died, but 8 when I first got interested in her, back in 1995- the last two and a half years of her life, though I was very young, I followed her life avidly.

It certainly is a photo that puts emphasis on the strain in their marriage at the time. It is kind of like a preview to the images of the their trip to Korea in 1992.

Various pictures of Diana
I like the photos of her in the navy leggings- so 1980s! But it is a fashion which has come back.I had never seen those pictures before.:)

I think her blue eyes are her best feature.
Yes, and I always liked it when she followed that 1980s trend and put blue eyeshadow aroud her eyes- it made them look bluer.
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I'm looking for close-ups of Diana from these dates:

1. July 16th, 1981 - Garden party
2. July 26th, 1983 - Opening Grimsby District General Hospital
3. July 25th, 1983 - Visit to Canberra War Memorial
4. June 13th, 1981 - (don't know location)
5. July 29th, 1981 - Departure for honeymoon

Thank you!:angel:
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does anyone have any close-ups of the dates in the previous post?
I really love her outfits.:angel:
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I wish someone would just make a collection of books with every picture taken of Diana. I would buy it! Be worth the price.
Thanks for the lovely pictures of Princess Diana, Jordan.:)
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I was wondering if you all could help me find pictures of Diana wearing a hat, with the hat either completly or partially covering her face. I think these are beautiful and dramatic pictures. Thanks.
any photos of Lady Diana at Royal Ascots? I love her hats and white gloves. :) Isn't she lovely?
Lovely pictures
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I wish someone would just make a collection of books with every picture taken of Diana. I would buy it! Be worth the price.

I agree- I've thought that since 1998 when all the picture books about her came out right after her death. But likely there were too many photos ever taken of her to collect in one place- how would you find them all??
Think it through. Hundreds of engagements, tours and other public appearances, dozens (and sometimes scores) of press and paparazzi photographers with motorised cameras clicking and whirring away furiously. Do the maths. :D

Realistically, the published photos will be the best available, with a few treasures in private archives which may or may not be made publicly available at some stage.
I hate it when people publish the same images of her over and over though- there are rarer photos of her at official events etc and some of these I've only seen in a few places. Sure, some images are iconic, but I like the more rare photos, esp. of her at evening events in the 1980s, early 1990s.
Unfortunately, over time most things get reduced to basics. The picture libraries get culled and we end up with, as you've said, the same old cliche images. That's why the picture books published during Diana's lifetime will become valuable resources for some of the less-favoured photographs.
So the picture libraries don't keep the rarer photos of her?
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