Death and Funeral of Prince Henrik of Denmark: February 13 and 20, 2018

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I cannot stop crying...What a terrible loss...Rest in peace, dear prince Henrik...!

My deepest condolences to the danish royal family and the prince's family...
Condolances to Her Majesty and all the family. At least the grandchildren had the chance to get to know him over the years and will have many happy memories of their beloved grand dad.
He will be missed. I was very fond of him. He won't be forgotten.
The angels will look after him now.
May God rest his soul and may his family find consolation in the thought that he didn't have a long illness and that they may find strength in this sad hour in their unity and love.
My condolences to the family. Prince Henrik was a colorful figure, and we have spent many hours debating his actions and motivations. I'm sure the Danish royal house will be a much quieter place in his absence.
May he rest in peace; respectful and sincere condolences to his loved ones.

My condolences to the Royal family.
Ach, such sas news to wake up with. Very glad that he was at home and with his family.
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I'm relieved for his family.

They had the opportunity to say goodbye in peace, with no hurry. All of them, the children included.
And they got to say goodbye while (we may hope) he was responsive and knew who they were.
He, we may hope and I think so, also had time to say goodbye to his family. - Perhaps it was his brother Etienne de Monpezat, he was waiting for? Or perhaps just coming home?

He got to die in his home, Fredensborg. A place he and QMII were so very fond of, a place with so many happy memories.
He died with his family around him and he died knowing that he was loved and will be missed. Probably also with his beloved dog with him.

It was fast!
He seems to have had a good time in Egypt and then within three weeks he's gone.

Now his family can remember him as the loving, fun loving and warm grandpapa, he was. Rather than the shell of a man, who has all but faded away.

So I'm not only relieved I'm also glad, despite their current grief.
It was a good way to die.
You've summed it up perfectly, Muhler. This is a utterly sad day for the family, Denmark and sympathisers around the world. But despite everything it's a relief to hear that Prince Henrik had a farewell like this - at home and with his loved ones.

May he rest in peace!
What happens now?

That is naturally something that is already very much in the forefront in today's papers.

Judging from what happened when Queen Ingrid died, he is most likely to lie in Castrum Doloris. Queen Ingrid lay for three days, so that's an indication.

He may lie at Fredensborg Palace Church or at the Naval Church in Copenhagen, which is closely affiliated with the DRF. Or perhaps Copenhagen Cathedral.

The court has had time to prepare for what will almost certainly be a state funeral.
If we use Queen Ingrid's funeral as a guideline. After the service in a church, because regardless of PH's religious leanings, he will be buried from a state church, he will likely be transported to the main railway station in Copenhagen and then transported in a train pulled by a steam locomotive to where he will be laid to rest.

Where is the question.
Did PH change his mind in regards to Roskilde?
Did he specifically want to be buried somewhere else?
Or will the DRF contribute his outburst to dementia and stick to Roskilde, which was originally planned?

Here in DK, the flags will go up around now and be lowered to half mast.
When darkness sets in the flags will go to the top before being taken down.
Dannebrog must never be lowered from half mast and as you know Dannebrog must never fly in darkness.
Rest In Peace Prince Henrik ,it came sooner than I was expecting ,how sad for the queen and Royal Family.
May he rest in peace, it is great that he can stay with his loved ones in the last journey of his life.
It's now 08.00, the flags are going up all over DK and then lowered to half mast.

The flags will fly from half mast until 20th February.

That could indicate that he will be laid to rest on the 20th.
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The court mourning means no members of the DRF will take in festive occasions or celebrations.
May he rest in peace. I'm very sorry for the family, hope they'll find the strenght to go through this loss.
It's incredibly sad news to hear and I am taken aback at how quickly Prince Henrik's condition worsened these last weeks.

I feel so sorry for Queen Margrethe who always seemed stoical and forgiving whenever Henrik had a tantrum and just got on with things always with a smile. But I think they were exceptionally close and loving.

Two things struck me today, one being that Henrik was a fantastic grandfather and his grandchildren will surely miss him terribly. The other is that only a year ago, Princess Benedikte was widowed as well and when one looks back at the royal wedding photos in the 1960's and all those thousands of photos since, we see the whole of a marriage from beginning to end.
My deepest condolences to Queen Margarethe II and the entire Danish Royal Family.
Rest in peace Prince Hendrik.
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Condolences to his wife and family. R.I.P.
I hope he changed his mind about his resting place. He might have had clear thoughts
I remember my father in his final days wanting to "go home" and talking about my sister "coming to take him home". I'm glad Prince Henrik got to have his wish as it must mean so much. Deepest sympathy to the family and all who knew him.
[...] The other is that only a year ago, Princess Benedikte was widowed as well and when one looks back at the royal wedding photos in the 1960's and all those thousands of photos since, we see the whole of a marriage from beginning to end.

This wil be a severe blow as well to the very frail King Constantine of the Hellenes, who has now lost both his brothers-in-law (Prince Henrik and Prince Richard).
I am glad that you came home to the enviroment and surroundings you loved most and that you could go forth from this world surrounded by the people you loved most.

Sending my deepest condolences to Queen Margrethe II, Crown Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim and the entire danish people in this time of greaf.

Rest now Prince Henrik
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