Danish Royal Family, Current Events 1: April 2003 - March 2008

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Who do the Denmark brothers look like? Queen Margrethe or Prince Henrik, to me either one looks like their father, what do you think?
royal lover said:
That would be nice to post something. I tried earlier but didn't get any response--I'm new to this anyway. I really think that Crown Princess Mary of Denmark has something very special (Like Jackie Kennedy). She has the "it" factor; she has "angel" as they say in Spain. I hope that she has an equally nice personality.
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crisiñaki said:
Who do the Denmark brothers look like? Queen Margrethe or Prince Henrik, to me either one looks like their father, what do you think?
I think that Joachim resembles his mother; more so when he was a child. In some of the pictures of him he was almost the spitting image of his mother when she was a child (unfortunately, I'm not good at locating pictures otherwise I would try to find an example :) ).

crisiñaki said:
Who do the Denmark brothers look like? Queen Margrethe or Prince Henrik, to me either one looks like their father, what do you think?
I think Joachim looks very much like Margrethe (probably a lot to do with the height) and Frederik looks much like his father.
Dronningens Christiansborg i børnehøjde

Polfoto 16-02-2006 I hele vinterferieugen kan børn komme på særlig omvisning i dronningens lokaler på Christiansborg. Det er bl.a. Tronsalen, Fløjlsgemakket og Riddersalen, der kan ses fra børnehøjde, og børnene får at høre, hvad der foregår til en gallamiddag og får med udgangspunkt i Bjørn Nørgaards gobeliner i Riddersalen fortalt nogle af de mange spændende beretninger fra Danmarks historie. Her er det besøgende i dronningens bibliotek torsdag.(Jens Dige/POLFOTO)

ps. can anyone translate the text, please?
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Exhibitions related with Royal Family of Denmark

21 MARCH 2006

source: Hola.es

Danish Royal Family fans whom, in addition, love the hats, are lucky.

Next Friday, 24 of March, they will be able to enjoy in the museum of Amalienborg the exhibition: Two queens and one princess, feminine hats of the royalty throughout 70 years.

A sample of about 100 hats worn by the Queen; by her sister, princess Benedicta, and by the mother of both, Queen Ingrid, as well as of some new born hats that the museum has received as a gift from the Royal Family. Each one of them constitutes in itself a small work of art and it's testimony of an old tradition craftswoman who, at the present time, is losing itself. Most of the hats are Danish and their authors were prestigious hatdesigners like Vagn, Grethe Borg, Per Falk Hansen or Ingeborg Larsen.

... Definitively the hat has been conceived not only to protect us from the inclemencies of weather, or sun, cold, wind or rain; also they perform a social function . They indicate status of its carrier, as well as the fashion of the time. Thus, by example, the hats of the exhibition, precious treasures of an elegance already extinguished, make a route by the French fashion of second half del century XX.

Here is the link in spanish
They criticize that the National Museum of Denmark exposes works of Queen Margarita with works of Rubens

The election of three works of queen Margarita of Denmark to comprise of a exhibition in the National Museum of Art next to consecrated painters since Rubens has caused a controversy in this country on the artistic qualities of the monarch. Three landscaping pictures donated by the queen to the museum in 2003 hang now next to names of the stature of Rubens in a sample that gathers part of the most select catalogue of the museum.

Exhibition on Royal Hats at Amalienborg Museum
Polfoto 23-03-2006 Hatte kan være mange ting, også royale. Museumsinspektør Gerda Petri (billedet) har fået fremstillet et såkaldt hatte-træ hos en lokal smed til udstillingen "To Dronninger og en Prinsesse" på Amalienborg Museet. Udstillingen viser ca. 100 kongelige damehatte båret af dronning Margrethe, dronning Ingrid og prinsesse Benedikte gennem de sidste 70 år. Der var engang hvor kvinder ikke gik på gaden uden hat, men nu bliver hatte mest brugt ved festlige lejligheder, selvom flere modebevidste kvinder også er begyndt at gå med hat. Hattene på udstillingen er fortrinsvis danske og overvejende udført af kendte hattekunstnere som "Vagn" og "Grethe Borg". (Jens Dige/POLFOTO)

photos from Polfoto
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Before the DRF appear on Marselisborg, they went to Easter Sunday Church Service.
(pictures from sipa via brunopress)

and on the main event...
Better version of the pics by Albert Nieboer, via Corbis

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Ekstrabladet has made some (not so) basic math on the prize of the public engagements of the members of the family the last 3,5 months, they have also included pictures of everyone on duty and an article esp about Frederik, not to be taken to seriously but here it goes.

The Lazy Prince get 216 000 DKR pr engagement
Not to busy. Frederiks cancellation to the Swedish Kings 60th birthday is not due to him being overworked, shows EB investigation of the Heirs work load

Enjoy it when Crown Prince Frederik presents himself to the public, because it short and rarely, and very expensive for the tax payers.

When Frederik in the beginning of next week flies to Capri to relax with some sailing on more southern shores, it is not because of a packed agenda

Just as the rest of the royal family is Frederiks every-day far from the everyday hustle and bustle his subjects has, so the work load cant be the reason Frederik chooses to ignore his royal duties and goes sailing instead

EB has looked at the royal agenda since the beginning of the year and until April the 19th, that is the last 3,5 months

And here the numbers show that Frederik can excuse his cancellation at the royal birthday in Sweden with work stress, of the first 109 days Frede was out in the public working on 18!

I that period the taxpayers put in his account after we removed Marys money 3 902 500 kr in apanage. When we share that sum on his public engagements it shows that Frederik is only surpassed by his mother when the list over the countries best paid entertainers is being made, Because no less that 216 000 pr public engagement is the prize the taxpayers has to pay to see their Crown Prince in action, and then EB has on top of that been so kind to include the christening as one duty, and we think very few would consider a happy family occasion work, but we will let that one go….

When we talk about workdays the numbers also show that its not long hours he works when he is finally out and about, as an example we have included the stay on the balcony for Margrethes birthday a one duty, and this little show costs the taxpayers 775 000 kroner, because Margrethe, Henrik, Mary and Frede was working on this occasion.

But also when Frederik is also on work the taximeter runs without it taking to much from Frederik, because it was not exactly an overload that was placed on Frederiks shoulder whn he on Januar 10th showed up to see a new 3D movie in Copenhagen, the cost on the taxpayers; 216 000 kr to see Frederik go in to the dark movie theatre, or he spent half an hour giving out money on Amalienborg on the 28th of March

Of course he spent some more time together with Mary in Germany for two days in February, but compared to normal workers he should manage

Frederik prize per public engagement is only smaller than his mothers. It costs the Danish taxpayers 436 000 kr to see their monarch work, and much of it is behind closed doors on Amalienborg meeting ambassadors and others in audience. Margrehtes high prize has to be seen in the light of that it is her apanage that pays for the court which has relation into all the parts of society, when the taxpayers poor 82 million down in the royal treasure chest it is expected that they represent Denmark abroad, But not Frederik, despite his salary which few CEOs can match he thinks he does not have to be present when the Swedish royal house calls


Even is she is the royal houses superstar Mary is affordable, her prize is ONLY 28 000 kr pr public appearance, its also worth noting that Alexandra that is far more popular than Henrik costs 47 000 whilst Henriks prize is 95.000

Ekstrabladet has also made some dubious math over what the PUBLIC engagements costs the taxpayers (they disregard unofficial work and behind the scenes) they have counted the engagements they have performed in 2006 until April 19th and then shared that sum on the amount of money they have gotten in the same period, the money listed below is what they get pr year. Margrethe and Frederik is the one who covers most of the staff costs and maintenance with their salaries so naturally their sums are much higher than the rest, their counting is on them, I have not checked it.

Prize pr engagement
Gets pr year 55 300 000
Engagements last 3,5 months 37
Pr engagement 436 000

Gets pr year 13 800 000
Engagements last 3.5 moths 18
Pr engagement 216 000

Get pr year 6 000 000
Engagements last 3,5 months 19
Pr engagement 95 000

Gets a year 1 800 000
Engagements last 3, 5 months 11
Pr engagement 47 700

Gets a year 1 900 000
Engagements last 3.5 months 15 (it seems they count his two week trip as just one engagement)
Pr engagement 37 000

Gets pr year 1 540 000
Engagements the last 3,5 months 16 (on maternety leave for most of it)
Pr engagement 28 000

Gets pr year 900 000
Engagements last 3,5 months: 10
Pr engagement 26 000

Pics credit Ekstrabladet

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they are also very popular in denmark :-D
Will the whole royal family be present for the reception at Marselisborg Castle tomorrow? (Including Benedikte, Elisabeth, and Alexandra?) Is this considered a tiara event?
soCal girl said:
Will the whole royal family be present for the reception at Marselisborg Castle tomorrow? (Including Benedikte, Elisabeth, and Alexandra?) Is this considered a tiara event?
The official calendar doesn't mention who will attend the reception, so we don't know yet. Princess Benedikte and Queen Anne-Marie have attended in some of the previous years, so let's hope they will this time as well.

It is not a tiara occasion, just a normal reception for some influential residents of Århus and its surroundings, a royal summer tradition for some years now.
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Thanks for the info norwegianne, but isn't a gathering of the Danish Royal Family suppoused to be here even when is a russian royal reburial? I'm asking because I'm kind of confused since I only saw danish royals on those pictures, now I'm lost. :lol:

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October 25
The Reigning Couple, TRH The Crown Prince Couple and TRH Prince Joachim and Princess Benedikte attend an evening party for the Government and Parliament at Christiansborg Palace at 20.00.

From polfoto

Princess Benedikte looks stunning. Not sure about Queen Margrethe wearing her Fred wedding outfit. Benedikte definately steals the show tonight.
Yes, thank your for the photos. I agree Princess Benedikte looks stunning. :)

I also thought Princess Alexandra looked really nice. Love her dress/shoes.
Thank you Lula!
I hope you don't mind, but I had to share your wonderful pictures (your post) with others. Thank you!
They all look great! And I think Benedict is almost always the best dressed of the 3 Danish sisters. She has so much style and elegance.
BTW, I'm wondering why Alexandra was at this event since she's divorced from Joachim. And I wonder if that would change if and when he ever re-married.
I think all the ladies look lovely...although Mary looks a little pale...but it might be that the color of the dress doesn't compliment her complexion IMO. Although I do love the cut. I would also agree that HM dress is okay....its kind of weird....I liked it at Fred''s wedding..but not feeling it so much at this event.

In reference to Alexandra...I would imagine she was invited because she is still a member of the Royal Family and at the Queen's invitation. I am pretty sure that if she or Joachim remarries...she will stop attending such events. Although I do wonder if as a Countess she would still be invited....is anyone familiar with the Danish Nobility?
Thanks for the pics
Is my impression or Alexandra, Mary and QMII are recycling dresses?:ermm:
I'm not sure about Alexandra's dress but Mary and QMII dresses are recycled.
Princess Alexandra is still entitled to attend such events as HH is a Knight of the Order of the Elephant, family aside :flowers:
I like the fact that the royal ladies choose to recycle their outfits!
Think they all look great
i think that dress really suits mary. if i'm right, it's the second time she uses it... i still think however, she should have combined it with silver shoes like alexandra did instead of black shoes and black bag.

i thought it was such an strange way how they made their entrance. in one photo it shows alexandra first, followed by joachim and benedikte, followed by frederik and mary...
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