Danish Royal and National Flags

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And about the royal flags which were transferred from the former monarch's residence to the new monarch's to mark the abdication and accession:

The flags are made in the colours of the Dannebrog, in red silk with a white silk cross and gold embroidery in the middle of the cross. The two gala flags, of which only one is transferred on 14 January, are larger than the other two. The gala flags date back to 1847 and have a large royal coat of arms embroidered over the middle of the crosses on the flags and so-called flag spears at the top with the monograms of Frederik V and Christian VIII, respectively. The two other flags are two of The Life Guard’s four battalion flags in all. One is from 1924 and has Christian X’s embroidered monogram over the middle of the cross and in the spear, and the other battalion flag is from 1983 and has Queen Margrethe’s embroidered monogram and Frederik IX’s monogram on the flag spear.

Each flag has three long, identical ribbons, which are attached to the flag spear, and which are given for a special effort in battle. The ribbons are made of red silk with gold-embroidered texts. Embroidered on one ribbon is “Kjøbenhavn 1658-1659 - Nyborg 1659 - Lund 1676 - Malmø 1677", on the second “Helsingborg 1710 - Gadebusch 1712 - Stralsund 1715 - Isted 1850 - Dybbøl 1848 og 1864" and on the third “Amalienborg 9. april 1940". The texts refer to The Royal Life Guard’s participation in the Swedish War, the Scanian War, the Great Northern War, the 1st and 2nd Schleswig Wars and in the fighting at Amalienborg at the beginning of the Second World War.


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