Danish Monarchy and Royal Family

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May 14, 2007
United States
"My Home Is My Castle" 2004, Princess Alexandra of Denmark Documentary

Around May 2004 Princess Alexandra did a documentary film (directed/produced by Martin)
If any one could post this it would be appreciated
Yes, please post this if available. Thank you.

There is a sprinkling of photos of Alexandra and Joachim in different parts of Schackenborg and its grounds. Also, one or two rooms now that Marie his the new princess (she was interviewed a few times at the time of the wedding).

It looks homey, pleasant. Hope the video of Alexandra and Schackenborg is still around.
Kronprinsparrets nye hjem

In addition to the recent series on the Danish monarchy, DR1 also aired a one-hour documentary in February on the renovations to the Crown Prince couple's palace in Copenhagen.

Web page
Kronprinsparrets nye hjem - dr.dk/DR1

You can either access the video by clicking on "Se documentaren" on the website or by copying and pasting the address below into a web browser window:

it does not work for me
it does not work for me

What doesn't work? Getting the documentary via the website or by the address I provided?

To check again, I just copied and pasted the address into a web browser, then pressed play and it worked for me.
sorry still does not work for me!!!
Change the web browser you are using to see if that works. Firefox is the one I use.

When I just tried to access this documentary using Safari, I couldn't bring up the video player window by clicking on the "Se dokumentaren" link on the main page. The full address didn't help much either. So I strongly recommend using another web browser.
"Crown Princess Mary on the job" (2007) TV Documentary:

Documentary about Queen Margrethe II of Denmark.

I really enjoyed this one and would never have come across it on my own.

She truly is fantastically charming in multiple languages. ?

I wonder, does she still get to go shopping in Denmark (I know she does in London) or has security just gotten more invisible? ;)
Documentary Prince Felix and Nikolai of Denmark with Countess Alexandra

Queen Margrethe tells the story of Empress Dagmar (2006).
Documentary "Mary Elizabeth Donaldson" in 2004:

Crown Princess Mary - 2022 Documentary
Special documentary/interview for her 50th birthday.
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