Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 9: June 2014 - April 2015

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I'm glad that she recycled this beautiful dress so soon. It is very much her style: simple but yet elegant. The coat is just great and the colour looks very good on Victoria. Maria Nilsdotter's jewellery suits well to this dress.
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I really like the dress, pretty colour and the length is ok imo. I wonder why she keeps wearing such oversized clothes like this coat etc, no surprise the press keeps the rumour mill going.

The necklace is really ugly, it makes Victorias neck look reaaaally big. The style reminds me of Wilma Flintstone...
Whilst I love the colour of her coat, I'm not a huge fan of Victoria's latest outfit in general. I feel that whilst I like it, the colours of the coat and shirt clash a little, but that's probably because the shirt is patterned too. The rest of her outfit is rather nice however, and I like how we're starting to see less of her ponytails now.

And according to MyRoyals, her coat is from LK Bennett, whilst her shirt is from Stella McCartney, and her shoes are from Tabitha Simmons (for photos of the items of clothing on the models/not on Victoria, see here, but scroll down a little).
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The pants don't work here. What's going on this week?
I just love how her choice of clothing give me the sense that she is truly comfortable in her own skin. She dresses casually elegant, which is how I would imagine her personality being. Lovely choices for a lovely person.
I think this outfit looks awful. Too much going on and the pants don't fit with her booties, which I hate.
I wish that the blouse was a solid color. The style fits Victoria well, but the coloring is off. The booties don't work with this look either. Overall, just a bit 'blah'.
Victoria on Sunday at the archiepiscopal ordination of Bishop Antje Jackelén, wearing a beautiful white dress with nice hat. The white ribbon at the hat makes the outfit look less severe.
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That white outfit is lovely. I also love the hat.

July 14, 2014 - Victoria on her birthday in a white dress matched with a cardigan and sandal heels in a very similar colour with hair tied in a bun.

Her overall look was nice but IMO the top button of her cardigan should've remained unbuttoned and

Full view ** Heels

That outfit is very beautiful and elegant. I love the color combination and the shade of pink.

Victoria today at the delivery of the prize "International Swede of the Year". She looked very good in this Karen Millen dress and nude shoes. Great colour. These kind of simple dresses suit Victoria the best.
KAREN MILLEN Dress - Neon Scuba | Bloomingdale's

Clutch from by Malene Birger.
Koonia reptile clutch - Clutch bags - By Malene Birger

I love the dress! Great cut and shade of pink. Victoria looks fantastic.

Victoria met the IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano and ambassador Nils Daag on 9th June, recycling a nice Mayla outfit.
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And Victoria visited Astrid Lindgren's Children's Hospital on 12th June, on the lilla Pippi-dagen (little Pippi-day). She recycled the beautiful Malene Birger dress she wore at the banns of marriage of Madeleine and Chris last year.

I love both looks! The first outfit is very lovely and the second outfit is exquisite. That pink dress is so whimsical and stunning. The colors on both outfits are so beautiful.
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I like the dress, but that hat looks ridiculous on Victoria!
:previous: Wow, that's more than a little harsh. I think she looked perfect for the occasion and really loved that she wore it because it's not that often we get a chance to see her with a real "Hat".
I love both looks! The first outfit is very lovely and the second outfit is exquisite. That pink dress is so whimsical and stunning. The colors on both outfits are so beautiful.

They are both exquisite outfits, and the colors are beautiful, but that cardigan is too tight across the bust, IMO.
Crown Princess Victoria marking 200 Years of Peace in Sweden 2014-11-10.

I don't think I have seen this dress before but I really like the way it looks on Victoria even with the little mini Maxima sleeves. If anyone has any better photos I'd really love to see them because this one has me intrigued.

Lady Finn said:
Link copied from the Current Events thread

Gallery from the concert
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I also like this dress, the details in the sleeves and collar are nice. You can make the IBL photos bigger, here is the same photo as a bigger version
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There will be a video of the seminar released tomorrow, I hope to see the dress in it better.

EDIT Photos without watermark
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:previous: Thank you, these are wonderful and, as you can see, my linking skills are pretty minimal. I spent all this time just trying to do it and bang! Just like that, here they are courtesy once again of the multi-skilled Lady Finn. :flowers:

Victoria's gown is really lovely and I love the "shadow" collar that matched the slightly ruffled cuffs. The black of the collar allowed her to use those stunning blue earrings and made using a black clutch to offset the blue of the earrings, dress and shoes.

Very interesting.
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Thank you Lady Finn for the pictures, you always come through.

I think this is a really pretty dress on her, I love the cuffs, they don't overwhelm her like they do on Queen Max. I also like the contrast of the 2 colors, blue and black, never saw that before together and it's nice. Only thing is her hair again, it's to severe on her. It seems so tight pulled back like that, wish she would just soften it up a bit. Other then that, she looks beautiful and has such a handsome accessory on her arm, her hubby.
great dress !! love the sleeves on the dress
I don't care for this dress on Victoria. It seems too tight across the bust line and the seams are pulling.
I really like the navy dress. The style and color suit Victoria, and the ruffles on the sleeves add a little something extra.
I think the top Victoria wore today to their visit to Folkhälsomyndigheten is her Hugo Boss top shirt worn in her official photos for the pink ribbon campaign. The black Jacket is from by Malene Birger.
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