Crown Princess Victoria's Daytime Fashion Part 2: June 2009 - March 2010

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It does look nicely fitted though---a very neutral and "safe" outfit, a classic.
It's nice outfit but it smells a little bit of Princess Caroline.
It is a more formal or safe outfit, one of the ones which makes her look older, but they are necessary for some occassions. I really like the colour of it, and I hope she recycles the jacket with other pants (prob white or cream, but black would be ok)
I really loved this suit.Its color is soft and makes CP Victoria look so sweet.
I don't like this outfit. Shoes are even nice but I'm not sure if the're for her.
Victoria looks simply normal. Her legs looks different than normal.
I have to agree that is not one of Victorias best outfits.
Baggy clothes don't suit Victoria. Nice hair though. :)
I don´t like her outfit. It´s too casual. I think I wouldn´t like it even for a casual event.:nonono:
Nice shoes, though.
I agree with everyone else. The dress is okay, but I'm not fond of the sheer look. The print is nice, but I don't care for the fabric.
The shoes are trendy, but the outfit is just and only casual outfit for the beach or for going out to the cinema or for a drink...
The other day she was wearing a nice but yet very formal suit, too formal even for the church, I 'd say...

Victoria has to find the balance between extreme casual and extreme formal !!!
At first glance, I didn't care for this dress. The print is kind of loud. However, the shape of the dress is nice, and the shoes are lovely.
I absolutely love this dress. The tribal print lends a striking graphic element to what could have otherwise been a boring dress. It's important for royalty to stand out in a crowd and this dress helps Victoria do that.
I love the shape of dress. The color is nice. The shoes looks lovely.
I have a problem. What can I say?
I like this black&white dress. But...
I don't like Victoria in this dress.
That's not dress for her. Too big white stripe as for her.
And I would do soemthing with sleeves.
I don't like her hairdo with this dress.
Victoria looks very muscular and big in this dress. Specially her arms.
So Victoria only brought one pair of shoes for the trip? Or are they different shades of the same style?
I find this quite surprising from the CP!
Myroyal’s Blog
the shoes are the same but with different colors!
I am also surprised that it is Oscar de la Renta. It doesn't look like his typical creations. The print is just so loud on the dress. I don't care for it on the model either.
So Victoria only brought one pair of shoes for the trip? Or are they different shades of the same style?
I find this quite surprising from the CP!
Myroyal’s Blog

The black and white dress looks awful on Victoria but the print dress looks very nice. Shame about the shoes, a clearer change would have been nice. :flowers:
I'm afraid I don't like any of the three dresses worn in London.
The multicolored print dress is quite some psychotic nightmare, and the dark blue & white embroidered Oscar de la Renta makes her look like a Thai cocktail waitress from a posh holiday resort.
That leaves the black & white Diane von Furstenberg chiffon number as the best... but this one is just not her. Somehow it doesn't suit her at all.
Seems to me that CP Victoria is currently on a (very expensive) search for her own style, but so far there is next to no consistency and no personal touch in her choices.
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