Crown Princess Mary Scholarship Event: 2005-2018

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Mary seems happy and I like the top.
But her hair does not look good this way and the skirt is somehow oldfashioned.
The scholarship event is an annual event established for a five year period. 2005 is its second year in existence.

Crown Princess Mary Scholarship was one of the wedding presents given to the crown princely couple on the occasion of their wedding. Two scholarships of DKK 10,000 ($A 2,200) are handed out to deserving students (for living expenses) who wish to study at the University of Copenhagen.

This year the scholarship was granted to Danielle Conlan from University of Tasmania and Joseph Kelly from the Queensland University of Technology.
Mary looks wonderful!! :D Her hair really makes her look younger and that top is very good against her colouring

And its a nice event, hopefully it will go for many a year!
soCal girl said:
Mary looks absolutely gorgeous! I love that pinkish color on her and the way her hair is pinned back makes her look fresher and younger. Has she worn any of these pieces before?

She has worn the skirt several times before but the one time I remember (and found picture for) was in April 2004, when she along with Queen, Prince Consort and Crown Prince visited the Arhus Kunstmuseum (AROS). The top was worn during the 2004 Olympic games. &
Mary presents Scholarship

Sorry to be the killjoy here but I think the outfit is awful I like the dusty rose color of the blouse, but it is too short, empasizes her new bustiness (she was very small there before her pregnancy) in an unflattering way, and makes her look dumpy. With some occassional reservations, I usually love Mary's outfits but this is uncharacteristically unflattering.

I wonder if she is loving having those larger breasts and wants to show them! But the outfit is ungraceful. The long hair, the fine pleating and buttons and peplum botton of the blouse together with the tweed skirt - all makes for too many unconnected things for eye to take in.

I would have preferred a plain black skirt with this blouse, or, much as I love the color, a cream color if she insisted on wearing the tweedy skirt, and a longer peplum on the bottom of the blouse, regardless. The whole effect shortens rather than elongating.
I like it that everyone has diffrent taste , other wise the world would be such a dull old place, must say I really like Mary's out fit , I think it really flatter's her.
love the colour and everything, but as I said its good that everyone doesnt agree about stuff.
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Princess Mary has chosen a very classic style for attending this event..such a great combination and perfectly dressed for the ocassion ;)
Mary's outfit

I think it's great how she can mix and match her clothes so well so that it looks like she is wearing a new outfit most of the time. I suppose though that having a large and fabulous wardrobe helps make it easier!!!
I personally love the dusty pink colour and the shirt!
more from deadline press :
20060425 - Denmark - Copenhagen
Princess Mary arrives at Copenhagen University and presented 10.000 Danish krons Scholarship to Danielle Conlan from Tasmania University and Joseph Kelly from University of Queensland

She looks nice, but she would look a little better if she would cut her hair some.
I actually really like her long hair - she has beautiful thick hair...
she looks elegent, a style icon in the making for sure.
purple_platinum said:
also from deadline press

Thanks for all the lovely pictures. The Crown Princess looked serene and beautiful.
Eliza said:
I actually really like her long hair - she has beautiful thick hair...

I'll second that.

The hair should stay the way it is.
Mary's speech today:
Dear Phoebe and Sam

Congratulations on your Scholarships.
For many years, Australia has been a popular student exchange destination for Danish students. Fortunately, in recent years an increasing number of Australian students have chosen Copenhagen as their preferred destination to study abroad; encouraged – I am told - by the previous positive experiences of fellow students and the possibility to study in English in an “exotic” country which does not have English as its mother tongue.

The growing number of Australian students at the University of Copenhagen also makes the group of applicants applying for the Scholarship even stronger – and in light of that, your achievement of being awarded the Scholarship is even more impressive ...
Here is the entire speech:
D.K.H. Kronprinsparret - The Crown Princess Mary Scholarship 2007
Thanks for your pictures Madeleine! As always, they are of very high quality! Mary looked very elegant. Loved her entire look!
Photos from me:

Royal Photos by Madeleine Glindorf


Madeleine, as always your pictures are a real treat. you seem to have the rare talent to bring out the best in the portrayed person and this under rather difficult circumstances as the Royals are not posing for you alone.

I do hope that one day the Royals recognize your talent as well and invite you to a private session knowing there will be wonderful pictures for their own enjoyment!
I do hope that one day the Royals recognize your talent as well and invite you to a private session knowing there will be wonderful pictures for their own enjoyment!

Absolutely, wouldn't that be a treat for Madeleine and us. You would certainly take some amazing photo's I'm sure.:flowers:
As always, thanks for sharing them with us.
Lovely white blouse, very elegant and distinct
Thanks for the pics...Mary looks lovely...simple but elegant... She seems to enjoy the moments spend with award students...I love to see her smiling...
I think this is an event where she always looks great.
Mary always seems to be so exited at this event. She looks very relaxed. I loved her outfit, very appropriate for an event such as this. Thanks for all the lovely photos.
A few large, unwatermarked pictures are found on the royals blog
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